Release Notes of Invantive(R) Support Assistant 20.0.148

Invantive(R) Support Assistant

Invantive Support Assistant provides tools to get support on Invantive products.

Created: 09/04/2021 19:18:31 (UTC, deploy001)

Version: 20.0.148

State: Production

MSI Product ID: be5081cf-4378-4f25-ade8-b503577fea53

MSI Version ID: be5081cf-4378-4f25-ade8-b50300001400

MSI Product Name: Invantive Support Assistant 20.0

Manufacturer: Invantive Software B.V.

Brand: Invantive

Category: Business

Download (URL):

File size: 28 MB

Manual (URL):

Manual (PDF):

Memory Requirements: 500 MB

Permissions: Software Requirements: Tags:

Included Components:

Version 20.0.40, released 2020-06-17.

- Upgrade Anydesk.
- Upgrade from Teamviewer 10 to Teamviewer 15.
- Register Anydesk and Teamviewer requests on Customer Service to auto-create a ticket.
- Improve repair VSTO add-ins for new naming.
- Use .NET 4.7 auto scaling for high DPI [ITGEN-4219].
- Analyze configuration for consistency.

Version 17.30.0, released 2018-11-26.

- Add diagnostics on Windows-bound Invantive RSA encryption.
- Reduce memory requirement from 1500 MB to 500 MB.
- Upgrade TeamViewer to 10.1.
- Upgrade components.
- Upgrade Anydesk.
- Add icons.
- Add buttons for various Office products.
- Add option to remove Invantive Keychain container [ITGEN-2872].
- Add menus.
- Include version number in window.
- Upgrade components.
- Publish to Chocolatey.

Bug fixes:
- Ensure temporary executable files for TeamViewer and Anydesk are cleaned after use.
- Fix given's path not supported error on moving Keychain file.
- Resiliency converting to decimal.
- Fixed the only three places where formatting numbers was done.