Release Notes of Invantive® Runtime 24.0.161

Invantive® Runtime

Invantive Runtime allows execution of plug-ins provided by Invantive on various platforms. The plug-ins can use all functionality of Invantive UniversalSQL, the procedural option Invantive PSQL and Invantive Script to extract, transform, analyze, report and load data. Data can be used from over 75 cloud and database platforms covered by Invantive UniversalSQL, including the popular Dutch XML Auditfile Format XAF. A free license is available for Public Data and XML Auditfile formats.

These release notes describe all bug fixes and enhancements on Invantive® Runtime per released version. The release number consists of three elements: major version, minor version and patch version. The latest version is listed on top of the list, with older releases further down. Notes are listed per patch release for the current minor release. Changes from patch releases are bundled for previous minor releases. The release notes include all changes deemed informative for use outside the product development team. Refactoring, logging, translations and internal code-only changes are not included in these external release notes. A change is considered a bug fix when it solves a problem with previously released functionality. A change is considered an enhancement when the software change extends previously released functionality.

This software, developed by Invantive, is designed to support a variety of business and information technology data processing functions, such as accounting, financial reporting an sales reporting. It is important to note that this software is not designed, tested, or approved for use in environments where malfunction or failure could lead to life-threatening situations or severe physical or environmental damage. This includes, but is not limited to:

Users must ensure that they understand the intended use of the software and refrain from deploying it in any setting that falls outside of its designed purpose. It is the responsibility of the user to assess the suitability of the software for their intended application, especially in any scenarios that might pose a risk to life, health, or the environment.

Invantive disclaims any responsibility for damage, injury, or legal consequences resulting from the use or misuse of this software in prohibited or unintended applications.

Version: 24.0.161

Released: 28-04-2024 16:22:29 (UTC)

State: Production

Manufacturer: Invantive Software B.V.

Brand: Invantive

Operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016 (64-bit)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2019
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2022

Memory Requirements: 1 GB


  • Requires Internet access.
  • Requires all required Operating System updates applied at most 1 month ago.
  • Installation needs administrative privileges.

Software Requirements:

  • Microsoft .NET 4.8 or higher.
  • Screen resolution 1280x1024 or higher.
  • User license for databases used and/or business applications.

Limitations: For use in service area within important safety and usage conditions.

Category: Business


Download (URL): (220 MB)

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Manual (PDF):


  • plugin
  • runtime
  • xaa
  • xaf
  • xas

MSI Product Name: Invantive Runtime 24.0

MSI Product ID: b20d19be-e9de-4381-94af-3193b860ada5

MSI Version ID: b20d19be-e9de-4381-94af-319300001800

Included Components:

Version 24.0.161-BETA, released 2024-04-28.

- Change splashscreen to ''.
- Remove Google Analytics from Manual.

Version 22.1.207-BETA, released 2022-07-22.

- Add Elastic variables.
- Allow providing product specific translations.
- Load translations for all display languages.
- Move to .NET 4.8.
- Upgrade from .net Framework 4.7.2 to 4.8.0.

Version 20.2.196, released 2021-11-09.

- Add new OG images.
- Upgrade to .NET 6.

Version 20.1.467-BETA, released 2020-07-08.

- Make locker readonly.

Bug fixes:
- Fix Producer repository log on using managed Oracle driver.

Version 17.33.109-BETA, released 2020-01-28.

- Add export of XML audit files.
- Install Invantive Producer Runtime plugin samples on upgrade.

Bug fixes:
- Register correct database name when not using Invantive Keychain.

Version 17.31.88-BETA, released 2019-05-10.

- Add General Ledger accounts list.
- Use .NET 4.7 auto scaling for high DPI [ITGEN-4219].

Bug fixes:
- Fix System.Runtime not found exception  [ITGEN-3857].

Version 17.29.24-BETA, released 2018-12-22.

- Add BOM report for Exact Online.
- Add more apps.
- Add new splash screen image with larger text, 256 colors and thicker border.
- Add plugins.
- Add sample.
- Add splashscreen.
- Enable use of Unit4 Salaris without access to main Exact Online division.
- Extend Unit4 Salaris plugin with uploading documents.

Version 17.27.5-BETA, released 2018-10-19.

- Replace icon.

Bug fixes:
- Show actual error instead of NulLReferenceException when Invantive Web Services returns itgencmr008.