Release Notes of Invantive(R) Basics 20.0.148

Invantive(R) Basics

Invantive Basics enables multi-platform implementations of Invantive SQL

Created: 08/04/2021 06:56:09 (UTC, deploy002)

Version: 20.0.148

State: Production

MSI Product ID: df465ee1-adaa-4aed-ba39-3d6b8961a42c

Manufacturer: Invantive Software B.V.

Brand: Invantive

Category: Business

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Included Components:

Version 20.0.147, released 2021-03-10.

Bug fixes:
- Set session I/O uid.

Version 20.0.124, released 2020-11-18.

Bug fixes:
- Do not crash when an invalid value is specified for INVANTIVE_TRACE*.

Version 20.0.118, released 2020-11-15.

- Allow use of 0 and 1 for itgenrst0xx check configuration on environment variables.

Version 20.0.117, released 2020-11-07.

Bug fixes:
- Improve license present determination.

Version 20.0.114, released 2020-11-06.

- Memorize last action.

Version 20.0.112, released 2020-11-05.

- Add local exit logging.

Version 20.0.108, released 2020-10-30.

- Add option to close application on console menus.

Version 20.0.94, released 2020-09-25.

- Improve message on "Key not in a valid state".
- Add OS version to trace log to ease analysis of issues.

Bug fixes:
- Improve Windows 10 detection.

Version 20.0.50, released 2020-07-27.

- Add new_time SQL function and support a wide variety of time zones

Version 20.0.49, released 2020-07-14.

Bug fixes:
- Control: Add check workbook structure tool button to check if all required worksheets are registered.
- Control: Add check workbook structure tool button to check if all required worksheets are registered

Version 20.0.45, released 2020-07-03.

Bug fixes:
- Avoid duplicate inclusion of error.

Version 20.0.29, released 2020-05-22.

- Improve determination of environment variable values on ASP.Net CORE.

Bug fixes:
- Improve concurrency of URL lob cache and other caches by name.

Version 20.0.25, released 2020-05-10.

- Reduce length of disk cache file names.

Version 20.0.18, released 2020-05-02.

- Differentiate discovered database per version.

Version 20.0.14, released 2020-04-20.

Bug fixes:
- Do not start monitor; AWS code does not check whether it was started previously and it autostarts.

Version 20.0.12, released 2020-04-10.

- Add exception class for SQL failures.
- Increase trial duration from 30 to 90 days.
- Disable TLS 1.1 support. SSL and TLS 1.0 were already disabled in 2018.
- Update to .NET Core 3.1.
- Update Open Data license keys to include Producer Runtime.
- Add [ITGEN-4652].
- Add Interbase.
- Improve performance of Invantive Control tables.
- Bridge Online provider.
- Disable Data Replicator on synchronize statement.
- Fine-tune messages for locations where Invantive services are not available.
- Clarify license encryption error message itgenale013.
- Indicate that encrypted value is a license key instead of the default 'password' text on decryption failure.
- Use separate keychain for V2 encryption to allow mutual use of old and new releases on one device
- Ignore more disk cache encryption problems.
- Measure duration of encrypt/decrypt operations for HTTP disk cache.
- Improve symmetric encryption
- Allow use of custom RSA key for encrypting long messages.
- Allow use of custom RSA implementation by setting environment variable INVANTIVE_RSA to "INVANTIVE".
- Add Outlook provider.
- SQL: Add htmltable table function.
- Breadcrumbs and translations.
- Include global state in event arguments to improve window ownership.
- Allow specification of data container alias to derive IUID from in settings.xml on database level using 'iuidSource' attribute.
- Improve null value handling from/to base64 encoding.
- Add Mac OSX support.
- Add analysis features for HTTP disk cache usage per connector in data dictionary.
- Allow check on maximum length of file name and path combined.
- Add Cloud API.
- Restrict number of times a user message is displayed in client editions.
- Add header to Invantive encryption of long messages in IVEC0001 format.
- Split cache files for HTTP disk cache and Data Cache.
- Allow specification of iiid, osuser, sessionid and frontenduser in configuration environment variables.
- Register OData4 URL processed by Bridge Online [ITGEN-4305].
- Added state constructor methods for ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core.
- Memorize content type of HTTP requests.
- Differentiate between maximum accepted and maximum desired URL length for HTTP-based platforms.
- Improve licenses on Linux.
- Upgrade components.
- Improve performance by reduced use of DateTime.Now.
- Allow separate specification of folder with database specifications.
- Display partition code in error message [ITGEN-3990].
- Include SQL fragment causing error in error message.
- Differentiate MIME type for Content-Type and Accept header.
- Improve error message on invalid content for decryption.
- Add utility for parallel tasks with aggregated exceptions.
- Add global support by basing times of Data Replicator on UTC instead of local time.
- Allow specification of billing reference.
- Upgrade to 4.7.2.

Bug fixes:
- Remove checks itgenilr005 and itgenilr006.
- Exclude reference to ClickOnce from license mail.
- Add license and object property checks on synchronize statement.
- Default current page number to 1 when determining the next page URL.
- Improve defaulting of license limits to null instead of 0 to fix itgenyst007 in Data Replicator.
- Avoid InvalidCastException during error handling.
- Simplify aggregate exceptions when possible.
- Improve compatibility of RSA keys between .NET Standard and .NET Framework.
- Avoid IndexOutOfRangeException during thread abortion on compression.
- Change default date format for Excel exports from US to EU format.
- Also deliver messages from last 15 seconds of session to Customer Service.
- Load and check license [ITGEN-4399].
- Avoid ObjectDisposedException during exception handling.
- ProcessQueuedMessages runs multiple times in parallel when Power BI retrieves multiple data sets in parallel from Invantive Bridge Online [ITGEN-4303].
- Improve thread-safety of concurrent dictionaries.
- Delay Customer Service when calling sender repeatedly [ITGEN-4281].
- Improve .NET Core compliance.
- Avoid "Collection Modified" error when querying Audit trail messages.
- Allow use of direct trace during tear-down phase.
- Correct clock measurement against atomic clock.
- Fix NullReferenceException in HTTP caches when answer could not previously be stored.
- Fix race condition in anonymizing URL.
- Fix serialization issue after obfuscation.

Version 17.30.20, released 2019-01-08.

- Add automatic time correction based upon Internet time of Invantive servers.
- Include fetch parameters in session I/O logging.
- More diagnostics on Invantive Keychain issues.
- Reduce clock duration on dependency injection for improved startup performance.
- Allow transport of application across Invantive Web Service.
- Include metric dimensions in history of audit events.
- Add string_split table function.
- Improve formatting of errors with nested errors by adding line feed.
- Increase maximum size of result sets to above 4 billion rows.
- Standardize JSON format for export to ignore null values.
- Add simplification of aggregated exceptions.
- Include software requirements.
- Include more trace messages being logged at application exit in trace.
- Improve performance of HTTP input value extraction using 'name'.
- Extend string library with remove characters from any char array.
- Improve performance of retrieval of HTML INPUT parameters on large HTML pages.
- Add Open Data license to Query Tool and Data Loader.
- Avoid collateral damage by allowing ignore errors during adding values to an exception's data dictionary.
- Add Sample Dummy data source to Invantive Business.
- Allow use of a machine-based key pair for cryptographic operations [ITGEN-3094].
- Register Data Container ID and Log On Code in HTTP response cache object to improve correct matching for re-use of disk caches.
- Add number of HTTP disk and memory cache incorrect version and content counters to providers.
- Add Id and ProtocolVersion to HTTP disk cache files.
- Make trace logging async from program execution and improve throughput.
- Improve performance of trace logging from within Visual Studio by an order of magnitude.
- Enable configuration of startup checks.
- Ignore exception during collection of HTTP properties on exception [ITGEN-2986].
- Allow ignore errors from File Access Information determination to avoid itgenube078 errors in Query Tool on restricted Windows environments.
- Add base class for JSON debugging.
- Add option to remove key for Invantive Keychain from Microsoft Windows key container.
- Add UTC time to system/myinfo endpoint.
- Add thread ID to session I/Os.
- Allow inheritance of inner message codes.
- Allow filtering on data container ID when downloading feeds on Data Replicator.
- Enable trace gathering during startup phase.
- Improve concurrency of Dependency Injection.
- Support for OAuth Code Grant Flow from AngularJS.
- Larger batching of logging messages for massive parallel environments.
- Performance improvements Exact Online for massive parallel environments.
- Forward Customer Service validation messages to end user.
- Allow overruling of OS platform for .NET Core through environment variable INVANTIVE_FORCED_OS.
- Show provider attribute categories in logon screen.
- Reduce memory leak by Webhook Receiver Daemon [ITGEN-2431].
- Allow differentiating log files based on the process ID.
- Send all logging in one go instead of one each time [ITGEN-1161].
- Obsolete TLS 1.0 support.
- Allow platform specific location of Cache, Providers and Log.
- Add Direct Trace to ease analysis of startup problems using the environment variable INVANTIVE_DIRECT_TRACE_FILE_PATH.
- Allow configuration of stack trace logging through environment variable INVANTIVE_TRACE_OWN_EXCEPTION_DETAILS.
- Batch mode for insert on Exact Online.
- Enable delete of Data Replicator messages.
- Add date occurred at server local time to Data Replicator messages.
- Remove dependency on System.Web to allow .NET Standard 2.0.
- Cache HTTP requests also on disk.
- Make compression of HTTP cache configurable.

Bug fixes:
- URL encode '!', '(' and ')' [ITGEN-3256].
- Avoid itgenhhr023 error when testing headless.
- Fix Null Reference exception retrieving partitions.
- Avoid NullReference on untrusted devices.
- Avoid casting errors when simplifying aggregate exception data.
- Ensure that cut out of string always has the right length.
- Avoid NullReferenceException in audit logging.
- Avoid NullReferenceException in tracing during high load in parallel scenarios.
- Avoid repeating line prefix in trace when already printed.
- Add proper escaping of reserved words across all SQL platforms.
- Avoid Method not found: 'System.ValueTuple`2 Invantive.Basics.HttpHelper.DownloadUrlToByteArray(System.String)'.
- Improve unwrapping of aggregate exceptions in error handling.
- Raise error when trying to log direct trace to a directory instead of a file.
- Avoid StackOverflow when enabling direct trace on Power BI.
- Improve web products performance by caching outcome of Info Response.
- Reduce memory allocations by trace on exceptions.
- Earlier start of sending session I/O statistics.
- Error itgencun016: Could not determine Data Replicator messages [ITGEN-2487].
- Prevent using connection pooling on Invantive Estate through the Invantive Web Service tunnel.
- There was an error reflecting type 'Invantive.Data.ResultSet' [ITGEN-2395].
- Enable StringifyFormat.JoinNull to correctly handle enum lists.
- Reduce lock contention on session I/O registration.
- Reduce number of AggregateExceptions thrown with 1 exceptions.
- Reduce number of signature checks on DLLs.
- Define central configuration file folder.
- Fix bug when compressing results where results length = 0.
- Remove leading backslash from machine name when no domain name present.
- Fix determination of domain name for web applications.
- Avoid loss of measured session I/Os not being forwarded during high intensity loads.
- Give ID of new session I/O an incrementing value.

Details of Release Notes:

Version 20.0.50:
Add new_time SQL function and support a wide variety of time zones
#	src/Invantive.Basics/Licensing/FunctionLicenseRequirementsBase.cs

Version 20.0.49:
Control: Add check workbook structure tool button to check if all required worksheets are registered
#	src/Invantive.Basics/Licensing/FunctionLicenseRequirementsBase.cs

Version 17.24.38:
Improve performance of trace logging from within Visual Studio by an order of magnitude.
20K lines
Unattached: 11 sec
Optimized code: 16 sec
Original: >200 sec