Release Notes of Invantive Data Loader 17.32.263

Invantive Data Loader

Invantive Data Loader

Created: 14/09/2020 15:43:59 (UTC, deploy001)

Version: 17.32.263

State: Long-term Support

MSI Product ID: 8484118a-71b1-4ed1-bed8-4d421254d84b

MSI Version ID: 8484118a-71b1-4ed1-bed8-4d4220001100

MSI Product Name: Invantive Data Loader 17.32

Manufacturer: Invantive Software B.V.

Brand: Invantive

Category: Business

Download (URL):

File size: 100 MB

Manual (URL):

Manual (PDF):

Memory Requirements: 1000 MB

Permissions: Software Requirements: Tags:

Included Components:

Version 17.31.88-BETA, released 2019-05-10.

- Enable high-dpi with Infragistics 19.1 [ITGEN-4220].
- Upgrade components.
- Use .NET 4.7 auto scaling for high DPI [ITGEN-4219].
- Changes due to adding support for Linux/Unix/Mac OS on Invantive Producer products.

Bug fixes:
- Fix System.Runtime not found exception  [ITGEN-3857].

Version 17.29.4-BETA, released 2018-11-22.

- Add new splash screen image with larger text, 256 colors and thicker border.
- Add splashscreen.
- Add splash screen.

Version 17.28.1, released 2018-10-22.

Bug fixes:
- Show actual error instead of NulLReferenceException when Invantive Web Services returns itgencmr008.

Version 17.26.1, released 2018-09-03.

- Update documentation.
- Improved logon dialog. Updated credentials storage.

Bug fixes:
- Reduce memory consumption [ITGEN-2582].
- Improve performance of Oracle Invantive Producer-based products by reducing audit trail when running on platform with no audit trail.