Release Notes of Invantive(R) Web Service 20.1.288-BETA

Invantive(R) Web Service

Invantive Web Service

Created: 27/11/2020 06:21:19 (UTC, deploy001)

Version: 20.1.288

State: Beta

MSI Product ID: e7e1f783-cca6-48ec-85eb-c08e443c9a62

MSI Version ID: e7e1f783-cca6-48ec-85eb-200101001400

MSI Product Name: Invantive Web Service 20.1.288

Manufacturer: Invantive Software B.V.

Brand: Invantive

Category: Business

Download (URL):

File size: 62 MB

Memory Requirements: 1000 MB

Permissions: Software Requirements: Tags:

Included Components:

Version 20.1.20-BETA, released 2020-04-19.

- Include non-primary key field value of 'field' in update on ActiveCampaign contact custom field.

Version 17.33.108-BETA, released 2019-07-06.

- Allow specification of data container alias to derive IUID from in settings.xml on database level using 'iuidSource' attribute.
- Auto-discovery for multi-platform products.
- Improve startup performance [ITGEN-451].
- Increase maximum size of result set to above 4 billion rows.

Bug fixes:
- Show actual error instead of NulLReferenceException when Invantive Web Services returns itgencmr008.
- [ITGEN-2895] Hang on download -> More logging on forced delay of execution.