Release Notes of Invantive(R) Web Library 20.1.288-BETA

Invantive(R) Web Library

A library to aid in the development of ASP.NET web applications on Microsoft Windows.

Created: 27/11/2020 05:54:55 (UTC, deploy002)

Version: 20.1.288

State: Beta

MSI Product ID: 223e5c57-e0ac-4045-9300-1ba560915ec0

Manufacturer: Invantive Software B.V.

Brand: Invantive

Category: Business

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Included Components:

Version 20.1.260-BETA, released 2020-10-18.

- Replace exception handler by preventive coding.

Version 20.1.226-BETA, released 2020-09-22.

Bug fixes:
- Fix duplicate loading of Outlook connector.

Version 20.1.188-BETA, released 2020-08-17.

- Improve IP address determination of Data Access Point and Online SQL Editor.

Bug fixes:
- Auto-detect language and register on CDN forwarded IP address.
- Include client user IP address in logging for ACL.

Version 20.1.89-BETA, released 2020-06-17.

Bug fixes:
- Use HTTP session ID instead of generated ID for logging.

Version 20.1.44-BETA, released 2020-05-24.

- Log native calls also to disk.

Version 20.1.9-BETA, released 2020-04-16.

- Split system and SQL errors.

Version 17.33.186-BETA, released 2019-11-04.

- Allow overrule of configuration folder location with environment variables.
- Upgrade to 4.7.2.
- Add rate limits.
- Improve startup performance [ITGEN-451].
- Increase maximum size of result set to above 4 billion rows.
- Perform access privileges checks on App_Data folders for every new session till successful.
- Improve read/write checks on web folders.
- Improve compatibility checks.
- Check system compatibility on startup of web applications.
- Move providers.xml to settings.xml.
- Improved logon dialog. Updated credentials storage.
- Support executing a file through @@ in Query Tool as in Data Hub. Also add support for it to Data Access Point [ITGEN-2009].
- Add central definition of application data root folder.
- Change background color and font color of heading.
- Replace skin for PDF manual.
- Relocate assemblies for additional providers to App_Data folder.

Bug fixes:
- Avoid NRE on error handling.
- Error handling.
- Ensure that SID (identity) can be determined on web.
- Set IIID to non-null when validating IP address.
- Avoid NullReferenceException on watchers when license is not installed.
- Add proper escaping of reserved words across all SQL platforms.
- Add checks on App_Data folder being available on application startup [ITGEN-2725].
- Correct determination of base URL for skin.css and images.
- Set application code or Invantive Web apps.
- Re-start Invantive Web apps when configuration changes.
- Correct path of configuration files providers.xml and application.xml.