Release Notes of Invantive® Support Assistant 22.1.83-BETA

Invantive® Support Assistant

Invantive Support Assistant provides tools to get support on Invantive products. It includes various remote control tools (Teamviewer, Anydesk) as well as small utilities such as to re-enable Microsoft Office add-ins based upon Microsoft VSTO. The use of a recent Invantive Support Assistant version can be requested in case Invantive Support needs to analyze on-premises issues with Invantive software products.

These release notes describe all bug fixes and enhancements on Invantive® Support Assistant per released version. The release number consists of three elements: major version, minor version and patch version. The latest version is listed on top of the list, with older releases further down. Notes are listed per patch release for the current minor release. Changes from patch releases are bundled for previous minor releases. The release notes include all changes deemed informative for use outside the product development team. Refactoring, logging, translations and internal code-only changes are not included in these external release notes. A change is considered a bug fix when it solves a problem with previously released functionality. A change is considered an enhancement when the software change extends previously released functionality.

Version: 22.1.83

Released: 01-10-2022 19:14:34 (UTC)

State: Beta

Manufacturer: Invantive Software B.V.

Brand: Invantive

Operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Microsoft Windows 11
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 (64-bit)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016 (64-bit)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2019
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2022

Memory Requirements: 500 MB


  • Requires Internet access.
  • Requires all required Operating System updates applied at most 1 month ago.
  • Installation needs administrative privileges.

Software Requirements:

  • Microsoft .NET 4.7.2 or higher.
  • Screen resolution 1280x1024 or higher.
  • User license for databases used and/or business applications.

Category: Business


Download (URL): (35 MB)

Forums (URL):

Manual (URL):

Manual (PDF):


  • Anydesk
  • TeamViewer
  • VSTO

MSI Product Name: Invantive Support Assistant 22.1.83

MSI Product ID: be5081cf-4378-4f25-ade8-b503577fea53

MSI Version ID: be5081cf-4378-4f25-ade8-530001001600

Included Components:

Version 22.1.79-BETA, released 2022-07-22.

- Add Elastic variables.

Bug fixes:
- Improve retrieving translations on BOL/Cloud.

Version 20.2.224, released 2022-01-05.

- Add timezone functionality.
- Switch to IPv6.
- Upgrade Teamviewer and Anydesk.

Version 20.1.467-BETA, released 2021-06-30.

- Make locker readonly.
- Upgrade Anydesk.
- Upgrade from Teamviewer 10 to Teamviewer 15.

Version 17.33.270-BETA, released 2019-06-04.

- Improve repair VSTO add-ins for new naming.
- Register Anydesk and Teamviewer requests on Customer Service to auto-create a ticket.
- Use .NET 4.7 auto scaling for high DPI [ITGEN-4219].

Version 17.31.6-BETA, released 2019-02-17.

- Analyze configuration for consistency.

Version 17.30.0, released 2018-11-26.

- Add diagnostics on Windows-bound Invantive RSA encryption.

Version 17.26.2, released 2018-09-06.

- Reduce memory requirement from 1500 MB to 500 MB.

Bug fixes:
- Ensure temporary executable files for TeamViewer and Anydesk are cleaned after use.

Version 17.24.16, released 2018-06-25.

- Add buttons for various Office products.
- Add icons.
- Add menus.
- Add option to remove Invantive Keychain container [ITGEN-2872].
- Include version number in window.
- Upgrade Anydesk.
- Upgrade components.
- Upgrade TeamViewer to 10.1.

Bug fixes:
- Fix given's path not supported error on moving Keychain file.
- Resiliency converting to decimal.

Version 17.10.27, released 2018-03-30.

- Publish to Chocolatey.
- Upgrade components.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed the only three places where formatting numbers was done.