Release Notes of Invantive(R) SQL 20.1.394-BETA

Invantive(R) SQL

Invantive SQL is a netstandard 2.1 port of Invantive SQL that allows access to over 60 cloud and database platforms, all acting together as one global database.

Created: 07/04/2021 10:21:25 (UTC, deploy002)

Version: 20.1.394

State: Beta

MSI Product ID: 24467287-923b-4dfa-a638-3992c9af298e

Manufacturer: Invantive Software B.V.

Brand: Invantive

Category: Business

Permissions: Software Requirements: Tags:

Included Components:

- Improve statistics on Exact Online.
- Improve caching and invalidation of active Exact Online divisions.

Version 20.1.393-BETA, released 2021-04-05.

- Add Twinfield metadata table TableColumnSpecifications.
- Execution hints and limit on update and delete SQL statements.
- ActiveCampaign: Improve performance of update/delete.

Bug fixes:
- Do not erase Twinfield year/period in cash transactions.
- Fix itgenefd016 on FoxPro queries.
- Fix insert/update on ActiveCampaign.
- AFAS: Remove version endpoint.
- Fix insert/update on ActiveCampaign.

Version 20.1.392-BETA, released 2021-04-01.

- Exclude AFAS ProfitVersion connector.
- Add Active field to Yuki companies.

Bug fixes:
- Fix itgenboe022 error message when retrieving data from Bridge Online.
- AFAS: Remove call to profit version endpoint.
- AFAS: Remove call to profit version endpoint.
- Refactoring to fix memory issues and invalid results on row_number, rank, and similar functions.

Version 20.1.391-BETA, released 2021-03-29.

- Add public query parameters to session I/O in data dictionary.
- Add public query parameters to session I/O in data dictionary.
- Improve naming of alternatives for non-existing data container aliases.
- Allow selecting to use the REST and/or the XML API of Exact Online.

Bug fixes:
- Apply date format on text to date conversion on Twinfield.

Version 20.1.390-BETA, released 2021-03-23.

- Improve internal server errors on OData.

Bug fixes:
- Correctly alias escaped fields, allow order as alias.
- Create a better Freshdesk URL, fix rate limiting issue.

Version 20.1.386-BETA, released 2021-03-18.

- Enable configuration PSQL logging by INVANTIVE_TRACE_PSQL.
- Optimizations for incremental loading of data.

Version 20.1.384-BETA, released 2021-03-16.

- Raise clearer error when using an invalid client secret.
- Add cloud_http.get_request_relative_path_to_module function.

Version 20.1.378-BETA, released 2021-03-13.

- Optimize performance by reducing global state allocations.
- Optimize performanec by reducing global state allocations.
- Optimize performanec by reducing global state allocations.
- Optimize performanec by reducing global state allocations.
- Optimize performanec by reducing global state allocations.
- Tune metadata collection.
- Improve hints when a non-existing partition is used.
- Do not update derived column values on synchronize.
- Differentiate ActiveCampaign fields that are derived and not for improved update efficiency.
- Limit deals.description to at most 1.000 characters.
- Optimize join performance and improve matching to data sources.

Version 20.1.372-BETA, released 2021-03-09.

- Add columns with number of API calls to SystemProvidersActive@DataDictionary and SystemPartitions@DataDictionary to ease analysis of API usage per instance.
- Add split_part SQL function.
- Add views for payroll components.
- Make XML providers yield more, lowers memory usage.
- Add first data container ID on data container.
- Register date/time of occurrence of dbms_output.
- Fine-tune handling on 503 error received through OData.
- Add Teamleader V2 views QuotationLinesAll and InvoiceLinesAll.
- Add exclude URLs on internetTable table function.

Bug fixes:
- Fix error accessing UserDefinedTypes on SQL Server through OData.
- Correctly size target on synchronize.
- Exclude sitemap URLs not in the stay on site list when applicable.
- Fix retrieving non-partition-specific tables on Exact Online XML.
- Fix retrieving internet table function receiving null sitemap URLs.
- Fix retrieving non-partition-specific tables on Exact Online XML.
- Make XML providers yield more, lowers memory usage, fix retrieving non-partition-specific tables on Exact Online XML.
- Allow internet table on join.
- Fix to_char on dates with format yyyy-mm-dd hh24:mi:ss.

Version 20.1.371-BETA, released 2021-02-28.

- Add Exact Online sync APIs QuotationLinesIncremental, SalesOrderLinesIncremental and SalesInvoiceLinesIncremental.
- Add incremental sync API for quotation lines, sales invoice lines and sales order lines on Exact Online.
- Swagger: include parent properties, also when they reside in another branch (allOf, etc)

Bug fixes:
- Fix Swagger for missing property types on payslip.

Version 20.1.369-BETA, released 2021-02-23.

- Throw error when adding duplicate division in Exact Online.
- retrieve both JSON and PDF response from endpoints returning multiple content types.

Bug fixes:
- IsApiCall made optional on Exact Online.

Version 20.1.368-BETA, released 2021-02-19.

- Add Exact Online GLAccountsIncremental, AccountsIncremental, ContactsIncremental and AddressesIncremental.

Version 20.1.366-BETA, released 2021-02-18.

Bug fixes:
- Make division move date nullable.

Version 20.1.365-BETA, released 2021-02-17.

- Add documentation on cloud_metadata package.
- Allow specifying a file path as (temporary) location for the Swagger specification.

Version 20.1.364-BETA, released 2021-02-16.

- Add German Exact Online Query Tool.
- Extend Exact Online incremental result by analysis information.

Bug fixes:
- Add missing Account field to SyncTransactionLines on Exact Online.

Version 20.1.362-BETA, released 2021-02-12.

- Add error codes to ActiveCampaign.
- Add Exact Online tables DigitalOrderPickingLines and others.
- Include kind request from aggregate exceptions.

Bug fixes:
- Enable retrieval of account information even when the current Exact Online company is not listed in available companies.
- Correct mapping precision and scale for byte on SQL Server.
- Correct SQL Server bit mapping to always boolean from previously sometimes number.

Version 20.1.358-BETA, released 2021-02-11.

- Add messaging tables to Invantive Cloud.

Bug fixes:
- Fix error on tinyint represented as sbyte with MySQL.

Version 20.1.356-BETA, released 2021-02-10.

- Add log file and trace file name path to Data Hub end-user failure reports.
- Compact object tool tip.
- Add cloud_http.append_to_response_body_text for better performance on generating large web content.
- Make maximum number of webhook management errors on Exact Online configurable from the default of 500.
- Add minor indexes on Data Replicator repository.
- Add view ItemExtraFieldValues for Exact Online.
- Retry on itgenoda314, itgenoda316, itgenoda466 and itgenoda039 on OData drivers such as Exact Online when the API server crashes.
- Consider name resolution failure as a pre-connection error on OData instead of post-connection establishment.
- Remove non-normalized columns from Exact Online APIs.

Bug fixes:
- Fix Open Arch comments table making archive parameter optional.
- Fix Data Replicator event log on table in Query Tool.
- Correct database determination of unqualified object on SQL Server for Data Replicator.
- Correct required table function parameter check on ActiveCampaign.
- Fix itgencsy203 on insert on auditevents@datadictionary.
- Percent of deals in ActiveCampaign is optional.

Version 20.1.355-BETA, released 2021-02-07.

- Add new Exact Online tables.

Bug fixes:
- Ensure GUI module always set.

Version 20.1.354-BETA, released 2021-02-06.

- Add ActiveCampaign tables AccountWithCustomFieldValues, ContactWithCustomFieldValues, ContactWithTags, ContactWithBounceLogs.
- Include natural key in error message when update fails on OData drivers.
- Add channels to dbms_output.
- Include response status in native call log.
- Add alternative error format to ActiveCampaign.

Version 20.1.352-BETA, released 2021-02-05.

- Add new rate limiter of 5 calls per second for ActiveCampaign.
- Rewrite chosen division when it is not granted to the app, avoiding use of AccountantInfo.
- Reduce account information lookups.
- Differentiate Exact Online HTTP 403 errors.
- Enable override of default retry settings.
- Reduce to new minutely rate limits on Exact Online.
- Differentiate translation cache file formats.
- Update documentation of Exact Online Sync APIs.

Version 20.1.349-BETA, released 2021-02-02.

- Create backup of downloaded swagger specifications.

Bug fixes:
- Revert to API version 50 for Salesforce since chatter/users/me fails on 51.

Version 20.1.348-BETA, released 2021-02-01.

- Improve error message itgendid219.

Bug fixes:
- Fix Salesforce database registration on Invantive Cloud.
- Rename EmployersByUser to EmployersByUserId.

Version 20.1.345-BETA, released 2021-01-29.

- Add Teamleader view ProductPricesAll.
- Extend length of Exact Online AddressLine123.
- Add Teamleader view SubscriptionItemsAll.
- Allow fields with special characters in AFAS Profit filters and ordering.
- Allow sub-minute resolution on time tracking with V1 API of Teamleader.

Version 20.1.340-BETA, released 2021-01-25.

- Rename Open Data to Public Data.
- Finetune behaviour on Oracle with double data type.

Bug fixes:
- Logius COR: kvkNummer as a text fields.

Version 20.1.339-BETA, released 2021-01-21.

- Raise SQL error when using an unsupported format on to_char.
- Improve COR metadata.

Bug fixes:
- Make EntryMethod optional in Exact Online SalesPriceDetails.

Version 20.1.338-BETA, released 2021-01-19.

- Add Logius COR driver.
- Make mdate optional on ActiveCampaigns.
- DBMS output.
- DBMS output.
- Add ignore-http-503-errors driver attribute for OData-based drivers.
- Extract more types of message from Teamleader logon failure.

Bug fixes:
- Fix "value cannot be null" on Loket REST.
- Exact Online: Fix error when filtering on division on non-partition-specific tables.
- Avoid NullReference when deserializing JSON.

Version 20.1.328-BETA, released 2021-01-10.

- Replace return value to exception.

Version 20.1.327-BETA, released 2021-01-08.

- Differentiate HTTP errors on OData with own message codes.
- Raise itgeneor234 instead of invalid_request when Exact Online API servers can not handle request for new refresh token.
- Improve Freshdesk API performance.
- Add minutely rate limiting for Freshdesk, including endpoint-specific rate limits.
- Add Freshdesk views.
- Add Freshdesk ratelimiters view.
- Make slot-based rate limiter also object dependent.
- Make slot-based rate limiter also object dependent.
- Add RFC3339 data format for table function parameters.

Bug fixes:
- Avoid duplicate forward slash in data container ID of Swagger-based drivers such as Loket.
- Revert exclusion of Account/SalesPaymentCondition and SalesOrder/ShippingMethod on XML Exact Online.
- Fix itgenefd015 for MySQL double/float.

Version 20.1.326-BETA, released 2021-01-04.

Bug fixes:
- Simplicate: fix download document.
- Join: don't fetch entire left side when not indexing.
- Simplicate: fix download document.
- Correct incorrect SQL dates.
- Fix null value and JSON object resolution to JSON table function.
- Fix jsonencode for dates.

Version 20.1.325-BETA, released 2020-12-29.

- Add package functions to providers.
- Chargebee: Server side filtering to improve performance.
- Chargebee: Server side filtering to improve performance.
- Default sorting on listagg.

Bug fixes:
- Give error message when data is being truncated due to the wrong numeric data type (integers).
- Better error message when using a array data type on an unsupported place.

Version 20.1.317-BETA, released 2020-12-24.

- Add view Isses to JIRA Cloud.

Version 20.1.315-BETA, released 2020-12-21.

Bug fixes:
- OData: Do not calculate fields that are not requested.

Version 20.1.313-BETA, released 2020-12-20.

- Allow configuration of compression/sharing strings and bytes.
- Improve performance when there are no filters.
- Optimize calculation of AllFiltersAreAnd.

Bug fixes:
- Add date format "dd/mm/yyyy hh24:mi:ss".

Version 20.1.308-BETA, released 2020-12-17.

- Translate AFAS Profit generic Windows error to pre-defined error itgenaoe026/itgenaoe027.

Bug fixes:
- Change Swagger URL production Robaws.

Version 20.1.306-BETA, released 2020-12-15.

- Add download invoice PDF to Chargebee.
- Handle SSL failures on OData as a non-connection signal.
- Internet table function: Read sitemaps recursively.

Bug fixes:
- Fix Teamleader V1 API product_suppliers returning incorrect contents.
- Show meaningful error message when Teamleader user has limited access.
- Adapt API on production for breaking change on V1 API.

Version 20.1.302-BETA, released 2020-12-13.

- Add fields for Robaws error JSON.
- Allow both start at URL and sitemaps on INTERNETTABLE.
- Explicitly specific V1/V2 API on Robaws test environment.
- Ignore Last-Modified of 1-1-0001 on Internet fetches.
- Add sitemap option to internettable table function.
- Chargebee: Add custom field configs table.
- Add custom fields to main list tables.
- Add custom fields to main list tables.

Bug fixes:
- Report Unauthorized correctly when Robaws returns invalid JSON together with HTTP 401.
- Fix Simplicate hour fractions disappearing.

Version 20.1.301-BETA, released 2020-12-09.

- Enable use of Robaws when development environment of Robaws is down.
- Add main category to providers.
- Add main category to providers.
- Avoid duplicate slash on data container ID name.
- Add timestamp without time zone data type.
- Translate 'Forbidden - The chosen User division is not within division scope.' to an error code.

Bug fixes:
- Correct determination whether parameters are required on ActiveCampaign.
- Correct short name of Roller API driver.
- Avoid missing precision problem on Exact Online.
- Add deletion time warning as documentation.
- Disable server-side filtering on GLAccountsBulk.Code.
- Disable server-side filtering on GLAccountsBulk.Code.
- Fix itgenefd016.

Version 20.1.300-BETA, released 2020-12-03.

- Knack: Add multiple choice view for views, as in tables.

Bug fixes:
- Fix updating/deleting too many rows on Knack.

Version 20.1.297-BETA, released 2020-12-02.

Bug fixes:
- Fix data dictionary data model bug.

Version 20.1.296-BETA, released 2020-12-02.

- Add data cleansing on Exact Online.
- Separately handle kind request and natural key in message windows.

Bug fixes:
- Fix itgenefd016 on GLAccountClassificationRelations.

Version 20.1.286-BETA, released 2020-11-24.

Bug fixes:
- Make GetObjectMetadata more thread-safe.
- Make GetObjectMetadata more thread-safe.

Version 20.1.284-BETA, released 2020-11-20.

- Use token instead of envid when envid is not available on AFAS.
- Add views for Teamleader V2 custom fields.

Bug fixes:
- Extend list of applications that allow 1 or more joins.
- Require either both precision and scale or neither when defining ANSI SQL fields.
- Add Period column to NMBRS table CompanyWorkCosts.
- Fix error on missing column and invalid column name when updating Knack.

Version 20.1.282-BETA, released 2020-11-17.

- Add parameter enum values to Swagger parameter documentation.

Bug fixes:
- Fix bug in Exact Online app store view.
- Fix Data Replicator error: "Table 'dc_incoming_messages' already has a primary key defined on it." due to case sensitivity support added on SQL Server.
- Add missing catalog to Wikipedia.
- Fix required property of excerpt of Discourse.

Version 20.1.279-BETA, released 2020-11-16.

- Chargebee: add customers.

Bug fixes:
- Fix Robaws duplicate field error.
- Do not raise itgensql417 when no alias is used on the facts data source for Data Replicator.

Version 20.1.278-BETA, released 2020-11-13.

- Include classification level 9 and 10 in Exact Online XML API view glclassificationmemberclassifications
- Add retry on open ANSI connection.

Bug fixes:
- Fix for invalid empty result on Knack file/image fields.
- Fix duplicate key error when inserting empty file values.
- Set type of file/image on upload.
- Set type of file/image on upload.
- Set type of file/image on upload.
- Discourse: fix lots of data model issues.

Version 20.1.277-BETA, released 2020-11-10.

- Add workaround for NRE bug in NpgSql 4.1.5 during connection open.
- Simplify GUI action on event registration for Data Hub administrators.
- Improve usability on case-sensitive SQL Server databases.
- Add XML APIs for Finished assembly parts and serial numbers.
- Automatically ignore rule 20 (recursion) when the XML path is explicitly requested.
- Add check itgensql417.
- Add Discourse provider.

Bug fixes:
- Fix object name resolution when using an escaped object name.

Version 20.1.273-BETA, released 2020-11-07.

- Return primary key, row count and native answer from insert.

Version 20.1.271-BETA, released 2020-11-06.

- Add AFAS Profit 15 setting 'analysis-add-default-sort-get-connectors'.
- Memorize last action.

Bug fixes:
- Add default ordering on AFAS.
- Avoid incorrect nullable check on partition name on SystemPartitionTags@DataDictionary.

Version 20.1.270-BETA, released 2020-11-06.

- Drop obsolete Loket table JobApplicantsByEmployerId.
- Retry on several SQL Server errors such as deadlock.

Version 20.1.267-BETA, released 2020-11-04.

- Fine-tune determination of data container ID on SQL Server.
- Knack: add rate limits table.
- Only default to encrypted connections for non-discovered SQL Server databases.
- Knack: Implement rate limits.
- Single write on update and delete when using primary key in filter.
- Extend length of Teamleader forename.
- Enable configuration of maximum number of FoxPro errors per table using max-table-memo-value-errors.
- Differentiate OData errors between system failures and platform failures.

Bug fixes:
- Fix itgenclr096 when determining collation on a SQL Server with case sensitive collation.
- Knack: Fix itgenrst007 null value metadata issue.
- Assume the date format yyyy-MM-dd is local time when converting text to a date/datetime.
- Fix broken insert and update on date.
- Ignore exceptions on canceling SQL commands.

Version 20.1.266-BETA, released 2020-10-30.

- Make metadata cache of configurable.
- Add column to view dc_table_partition_versions for analysis of itgendch808.

Bug fixes:
- Fix data corruption on Exact Online CustomerCooperations.
- Fix like optimization on fields with leading or trailing spaces.

Version 20.1.260-BETA, released 2020-10-27.

- Extend HTTPDownload@DataDictionary to return 50 instead of 4 columns with metadata on the retrieved URL data.
- Make SQL comments valid SQL statement.
- Knack: Multiple choice views.
- Knack: Add upload of files and images.
- Support update and delete on Knack.

Bug fixes:
- Improve SQL Server support on case sensitive database.
- Fix regression bug on SQL Server causing itgenase094 on create table.

Version 20.1.257-BETA, released 2020-10-21.

Bug fixes:
- Fix bug on KDBX errors raising null reference.

Version 20.1.256-BETA, released 2020-10-19.

- Support for SQL Server with case-sensitive collations.
- Add InvoiceLinesById and InvoiceGroupedLinesById to Teamleader.
- Avoid integrity checks failing on Exact Online PlannedSalesReturnLines due to data corruption in some divisions.
- Circumvent incorrect delivery of default GUID provided by Exact Online instead of null value.
- Improve ignore documents on Exact Online with errors.
- Make number of parallel Internet downloads configurable.
- Allow ignore of web retrieval errors on httpdownload@datadictionary.

Bug fixes:
- Unpack CData sections correctly in XML table.
- Fix passing parameters into Nmbrs.
- Fix reading result set JSON files.
- Workaround for Teamleader Invoices by Deal, plus better parsing of '.' as grouping separator in fields (without further words of putting formatting in raw payload).
- Fix OData filtering.
- Avoid itgenodr007 when cleansing Exact Online field data.
- Fix wrong calculation of OData URL filters.
- Fix date formatting.
- Fix date formatting using to_char.

Version 20.1.247-BETA, released 2020-10-09.

- Add session IO pages.

Version 20.1.243-BETA, released 2020-10-08.

- Allow cleansing of data on Exact Online broken APIs.
- Knack: handling multiple choice field.
- Include context on line number of CSV file processed when an error occurs in csvtable executing.

Bug fixes:
- Make ReceivablesList and PayablesList ID column optional.
- Update Teamleader V1 documentation location.
- Make obsoleted Exact Online columns nullable.
- Make obsoleted Exact Online columns nullable.

Version 20.1.241-BETA, released 2020-10-06.

- Add option to opt out of low_cost on selects.
- Retry on MySQL not returning data reader.
- Add data type conversions for numbers to avoid itgenrst004.
- Add lookup of HSTS preload status to Internettable.
- Extend output of internettable.
- Knack show better error messages.
- Knack show better error messages.
- Enable overrule of UI language by environment variable INVANTIVE_ALLOWED_LANGUAGE_CODES.
- Knack: support insert on objects and with most data types.

Bug fixes:
- Remove length type modifier on PostgreSQL bytea.
- Do not raise error when length is specified of byte array.
- Fix Knack connection data type, add expanded data tables.
- Removed fields removed in Exact Online due to performance issues on GetMostRecentlyUsedDivisions.
- Fix error on Loket view EmployerNotifications.

Version 20.1.236-BETA, released 2020-09-29.

- Fix paging Yuki documents.
- Fix paging Yuki documents.

Bug fixes:
- Knack unique schema, table and field names.

Version 20.1.233-BETA, released 2020-09-28.

- Reduce number of columns in Robaws Offers.
- Improve message clarity for MySQL problem with reading columns of an object.
- Fix retrieval of single-row 'detail' entities, add record_id field.

Version 20.1.230-BETA, released 2020-09-25.

- Add Zoom connector license structure.
- Knack: add views and scenes, add user authentication.
- Update Knack metadata.
- Add Zoom provider.
- Differentiate error messages raised by Yuki.

Version 20.1.226-BETA, released 2020-09-22.

- Raise error when loading connector twice.
- Add Knack.

Bug fixes:
- Retrieve times data typed columns correctly.

Version 20.1.224-BETA, released 2020-09-19.

- Move forward Robas time ticket on January 1, 1 to 1970.
- Include source of provider attribute in SystemProviderAttributes@datadictionary.
- Add application scope specific error codes for new Exact Online security checks.
- Include connector information in systemproviderattributes@datadictionary.

Bug fixes:
- Fix missing fields on Swagger.
- Fix NRE on creating an authentication exception.

Version 20.1.215-BETA, released 2020-09-11.

- Extend httpdownload by minimum duration (ms).
- Extend support for quotations on Teamleader V2.
- Additional V2 quotation line and header information on Teamleader.

Bug fixes:
- Fix database numbering on Bridge Online connector.
- Fix NRE on Nmbrs when determining data container ID.

Version 20.1.212-BETA, released 2020-09-10.

- Check on Exact Online customer code 1.
- Allow Creator/Modifier to be missing on Exact Online mailbox, such as with division 1.
- Refine error messages on Exact Online for data scoping.
- Add Teamleader quotations and fix currency exchange rate issues on milestones and projects.

Bug fixes:
- Fix IndexOutOfRangeException in some Exact Online companies.
- Check Yuki domains for access on adminstrations.
- Fix NRE in Yuki.
- Better error message when accessing external fields in inline view.
- Fix loading Teamleader views.

Version 20.1.206-BETA, released 2020-09-07.

- Add hint on NMBRS token.

Bug fixes:
- Make InternetTable table function more resilient when returning results partly [ITGEN-5194].
- Add checks for data types in Excel/JSON/XML etc. tables.

Version 20.1.202-BETA, released 2020-09-06.

- Extend system partitions by new owner of partition fields.
- Extend system partitions by new owner of partition fields.
- Add new fields to Exact Online Current/me.
- Add new fields for Exact Online SystemDivisions.

Version 20.1.201-BETA, released 2020-09-05.

- Add binary HTTP output as cloud_http.set_response_body_binary.
- Consider and same host for internettable table function.

Version 20.1.200-BETA, released 2020-09-04.

- Include request and response in cloud_http procedure names.
- Update documentation cloud_http.
- Add prefix differentiation for HTTP disk cache.
- Add Teamleader tables for migration between V1 and V2.

Bug fixes:
- Correct incremental APIs on Exact Online merging new and old results.
- Avoid itgentln007 when switching from UI language.

Version 20.1.198-BETA, released 2020-09-02.

- CSV encode and decode SQL functions.

Version 20.1.189-BETA, released 2020-08-31.

- Increase default command timeout for ANSI SQL-based connectors to 300 seconds.

Bug fixes:
- Fix itgenuse010 when connectors supported "no selected partitions" mode and 'use all' is executed.
- Fix itgenuse010 when connectors supported "no selected partitions" mode and 'use all' is executed.
- Fix broken paging on CustomerInvoices for

Version 20.1.183-BETA, released 2020-08-28.

- Add Bridge Online response cache maximum age seconds.

Version 20.1.179-BETA, released 2020-08-26.

- Add user information to and improve performance of payslips view.
- Add Ignore 404 setting on OData.
- Add view for payment slip PDFs.
- Auto-choose MIME type for Swagger-based connectors with multiple produces.
- Add special::xpath, special::innerhtml, special::innertext and special::outerhtml to HTMLtable table function.
- Update Exact Online sync APIs.
- Include first employer in data container of Loket.
- Differentiate data container ID for NMBRS depending on first debtor.
- Relocate Yuki to Visma group.
- Add views for 18 en 54 weeks of Teamleader hours.
- Add check itgenvnt008 on that at least one company is available.
- Add check itgengpr105, itgenuse010 and itgenuse011 that partitions are provided with select specific partitions.
- Add check itgengpr104 and itgengpr103 that partitions are provided with select specific partitions.
- Add new deleted types for Exact Online sync APIs.
- Add Yuki views for Contacts and Users.
- Ignore Yuki error 'The domain is not licensed for this functionality' when running cross-domain queries.
- Sort alternative names on itgendid201.
- Relocate Roller API.
- Improve purging of died sessions on Data Cache repository.

Bug fixes:
- Reduce memory allocations on Swagger cache.
- Do not add natural key to error message when already present near end of error.
- Correct label for token on Open Exchange Rates provider
- Fix data issues in Invantive Business documents and transaction lines.
- Return Exact Online currencies for Invantive Business currencies table.
- Avoid StackOverflow on event log purge after more than 35 days of inactivity.

Version 20.1.169-BETA, released 2020-08-10.

- Extend cloud_http package by get_header_value, get_url and get_pool_identity.

Bug fixes:
- Make color nullable in stages of ActiveCampaign.

Version 20.1.164-BETA, released 2020-08-06.

- Add Quotation incremental table.
- Remove check on role loading sync deleted table.

Bug fixes:
- Clear Account column on RevenueByDebtorList, RevenueByDebtorForYear and RevenueByDebtorForYearPeriod when an empty Guid has been provided.
- Clear Account column on RevenueByDebtorList, RevenueByDebtorForYear and RevenueByDebtorForYearPeriod when an empty Guid has been provided.
- Make Account null on Exact Revenue* table functions.

Version 20.1.161-BETA, released 2020-08-05.

- Teamleader V2 adding budget fields on projects and milestones.
- Fix baseURL variable for canonical URL generation help&manual

Version 20.1.156-BETA, released 2020-07-27.

- Add new_time SQL function and support a wide variety of time zones.

Bug fixes:
- Fix error "itgenefn003: The field with name 'ITEM_CODE_ATTR' is unknown." on TimeTransactions using I_EOL_TIMESHEETS_AMOUNT.
- Fix error "itgendcr007: Can't find the column 'DIVISION_CODE' in the current list of columns." on TimeTransactionsExtended.
- Loket: fix NullReferenceException.

Version 20.1.154-BETA, released 2020-07-22.

- Yuki: support changing domains [ITGEN-5137].

Bug fixes:
- Fix determining number of rows affected when one of the results is an empty result set.
- Nmbrs: default date to null.
- Fix OData filtering issue.

Version 20.1.142-BETA, released 2020-07-09.

- Teamleader: cache Migrate ID endpoint results indefinitely.
- Teamleader: Add Migrate ID endpoint.

Bug fixes:
- Fix caching of ExactOnline document attachment files (non-bulk).
- Confluence URL fixes.
- Confluence URL fixes.

Version 20.1.141-BETA, released 2020-07-08.

Bug fixes:
- Fix Producer repository log on using managed Oracle driver.
- Correct description of page-size-rows.

Version 20.1.133-BETA, released 2020-07-06.

Bug fixes:
- Implement rate limit checks on Freshdesk.

Version 20.1.118-BETA, released 2020-07-05.

- Switch object size resolution from KB to bytes.

Bug fixes:
- Avoid cast to decimal giving error.

Version 20.1.115-BETA, released 2020-07-03.

- Include parameters as natural key on SOAP errors.
- Include text of inner exceptions in SQLERRM.
- Added all documented incremental tables.

Bug fixes:
- Fix NMBRS views.
- Avoid NullReferenceException in edge cases on OData.
- Fix synchronizing excluding columns on insert.
- Correct metadata for ecom orders
- Reduce number of columns in Exact Online XML API ItemPrices.

Version 20.1.109-BETA, released 2020-06-29.

- Added all documented incremental tables.
- Add division columns to incremental transaction lines table.
- Add logic to handle 422 errors on OData connectors.
- Add values to OData error.
- Add missing fields on Robaws.
- Make correction of invalid dates possible using invantive-sql-correct-invalid-date setting.
- Make unknown path and maximum discovered column count configurable on Swagger-based connectors.

Bug fixes:
- Do not include error code twice in ActiveCampaign connector messages.

Version 20.1.100-BETA, released 2020-06-26.

Bug fixes:
- Phone number in Teamleader V2 contact telephones is optional.

Version 20.1.99-BETA, released 2020-06-25.

- Remap greater equal combined with less equal filters on Data Dictionary queries into between for improved performance on date range queries.
- Added incremental table on EOL transaction lines.
- Add view EmploymentCompanyCars.
- Improve error handling on Loket.
- Add support for ignorable OData API server errors.
- Simplicate filtering.
- Allow use of license keys split across multiple lines.
- Add 17 new Exact Online tables and 400 columns.
- Reduce memory footprint of select Count(*).
- Update Roller.

Bug fixes:
- Exclude non-processed payroll runs.
- Avoid itgenrst007 on Employee Absences on
- Correct Yuki project balances.
- Interprete 0001-01-01 on Yuki as null.

Version 20.1.95-BETA, released 2020-06-19.

- Improved error message when an OData API server returns HTML instead of JSON.
- Add option to ignore checks on JSON path values with Swagger.
- Add Simplicate data model.

Version 20.1.89-BETA, released 2020-06-17.

- Inherit JSON serialization of default and null values from serializer for JSON custom serializer for Data Access Point.
- Reduce length of trace file names.
- Retry event registration on ActiveCampaign when it fails.

Bug fixes:
- Default user information to avoid itgendar042 error on ECB.
- Correct need for user/password on non-authorized connectors.
- Reduce lifetime of Swagger definition cache from 7 to 1 day.

Version 20.1.51-BETA, released 2020-06-08.

- Improve error message itgendid151.
- Add simulator for OData 401 errors.

Bug fixes:
- Make split_type on ActiveCampaign campaign optional.

Version 20.1.50-BETA, released 2020-06-05.

- Update Roller metadata.
- Improve error message when GL accounts are not accessible at all.
- Extend length of street to 120 characters for Teamleader despite UI limitation.

Bug fixes:
- Make some fields optional on ActiveCampaign.
- Fix optimized join on Exact Online divisions.
- Re-enable itgeneor137.
- Show partition codes with itgeneor131.
- Revert OData logic for like / not like.
- Rename Twinfield SubItems to SubItemsByArticle.

Version 20.1.48-BETA, released 2020-05-29.

- Enable filter on year/period in all transaction tables on Twinfield.
- Display errors returned as HTML from Twinfield.
- Raise error when a single/all column expressions have a label, alias or prefix intended for all/single column expressions use.
- Make join set available in more scenarios for better performance.
- Optimize large company volume queries on Exact Online and others.
- Include message codes in some errors.
- Improve filtering performance in OData.

Bug fixes:
- Avoid duplicate inclusion of message code in errors.
- End Twinfield delayed requests when the previous HTTP request is somehow not terminated automatically upon expiry.
- Fix intermediate file name duplication on complex OData URLs.
- Reduce use of IN for Exact Online OData queries.

Version 20.1.47-BETA, released 2020-05-26.

- Add client-side check on date/time range values for Exact Online.

Version 20.1.46-BETA, released 2020-05-26.

Bug fixes:
- Forward correct pool identity.
- Fix typo.
- Reduce number of columns on Robaws.

Version 20.1.44-BETA, released 2020-05-24.

- Add 300+ APIs.
- Log native calls also to disk.

Bug fixes:
- Fix missing and/or duplicate rows in ROBAWS.
- Avoid ArgumentException caused by handling another Exact Online REST exception.
- Fix path on Swagger.
- Fix changed page number semantics for
- Fix logging.

Version 20.1.43-BETA, released 2020-05-22.

- Increase default join-set size from 5.000 to 10.000.
- Reduce memory consumption for Twinfield.
- Enable custom I18N files using the environment variable INVANTIVE_I18N_FOLDER.

Bug fixes:
- company_id missing on table functions for Twinfield [ITGEN-4634].
- Fix compatibility with SQL Server 2014.
- Fix partition selection on Twinfield [ITGEN-4633].
- Fix request successful flag on SOAP providers [ITGEN-4895].
- Fix request successful flag on SOAP providers [ITGEN-4895].
- Fix Twinfield retrieving data from wrong partitions [ITGEN-5084].
- Also retry on HTTP 503 errors with OData.

Version 20.1.42-BETA, released 2020-05-20.

- Usage dashboard card.
- Add Teamleader views ProjectUsers and ProjectRelatedParties.

Bug fixes:
- Include all errors of aggregate exceptions for Data Hub.
- Fix problem with Business for
- Updated paging mechanism [ITGEN-5078].

Version 20.1.41-BETA, released 2020-05-18.

- Add more check on internal crashes of Exact Online.
- Materialize bind variables in large IN value lists.
- Re-add project_code_attr to itemprices on ExactOnline XML.
- Raise clear error when a column is listed multiple times with '* except ...'.

Bug fixes:
- Detect English version of no access to XML Exact Online.

Version 20.1.39-BETA, released 2020-05-15.

- Use finger print for SQL area instead of SQL statement.
- Improved performance of queries on Data Dictionary.

Bug fixes:
- Correct filter performance on Data Dictionary for performance.
- Correct upgrade customer service.

Version 20.1.36-BETA, released 2020-05-14.

Bug fixes:
- Correctly pass long values with L suffix in OData filters [ITGEN-5065].
- Retrieve more metadata, correct data types not provided with Swagger.

Version 20.1.34-BETA, released 2020-05-13.

- Improve performance of data dictionary queries with a filter on systemtablecolumns.
- Add 900 additional fields and 18 tables to Exact Online metadata.
- Exact Online columns becoming required.
- Relocate Nmbrs to Visma.
- Solely drop views for facts when running Data Replicator on PostgreSQL.
- Reduce length of disk cache file names.
- Reduce length of disk cache file names.
- Add sys_context iiid and iuid.

Bug fixes:
- De-duplicate service URLs found during OData discovery.
- Make Param_GLAccount for MatchSets, MatchSetLines, and all related tables a GUID [ITGEN-5060].
- Fix field position error when setting use-metadata-memory-cache to false.
- Add missing fields on ItemPrices and Items.
- Allow negative duration of I/O due to Windows clock going backward sometimes.
- Ensure message text fits even with long list of changes.
- Align version detection on Azure SQL Server with on-premsie SQL Server.

Version 20.1.27-BETA, released 2020-05-07.

Bug fixes:
- Fix moved Exact Online REST endpoints: GLAccountClassificationMappings, OfficialReturns, ReportingBalanceByClassification.

Version 20.1.23-BETA, released 2020-05-06.

- Add views to NMBRS.

Version 20.1.21-BETA, released 2020-05-04.

- Allow custom Bridge Online URL segments.
- Improve error itgenisr004.
- Dynamically switch Data Replicator between full loading and trickle loading depending on percentage.
- Reduce memory pressure when replicating to disk.
- Reduce memory pressure checking rows.

Bug fixes:
- Improve capability with SQL Server 2014.
- Fix data type of physical memory on Data Replicator.
- Show which connector can not register.

Version 20.1.20-BETA, released 2020-05-02.

- Differentiate discovered database per version.

Version 20.1.18-BETA, released 2020-05-01.

- Add registration of license code used for Data Cache to ease analysis of finger print issues.
- Add NMBRS views.

Version 20.1.16-BETA, released 2020-04-29.

- Improve message itgendch655.

Bug fixes:
- Correct type of itgenase098.

Version 20.1.15-BETA, released 2020-04-28.

- Do not disable lock escalation on external tables on SQL Server with Data Replicator.
- Require minimum level of SQL Server 2016 for Data Replicator instead of 2012.
- Add date formats.

Bug fixes:
- Only check on itgentln007 when translations have been loaded at least once.
- Revert to english for errors during startup.
- Correct type of exception itgenisr034.
- Automatically convert binary file to text for CSV tables.
- Fix Robaws paging issue on MobilityTypes.
- Rename ActiveCampaign TrackEvent to TrackEvents.

Version 20.1.11-BETA, released 2020-04-21.

- Allow specifying data container on SQL transactions.
- Improve error message itgensql201.
- Improve clarity of error message when user is disabled in Twinfield.
- ActiveCampaign: select site tracking white listed domains.

Bug fixes:
- Improve name matching on MySQL.
- Nullify nullable dates returned by NMBRS as 01-01-0001.

Version 20.1.10-BETA, released 2020-04-20.

- Include non-primary key field value of 'field' in update on ActiveCampaign contact custom field.
- Add value checks on TrackEvent insert on ActiveCampaign.

Bug fixes:
- Fix ITEM_CODE_ATTR error on TimeTransactionsExtended data object.
- Correct update on ActiveCampaign associations.
- Improve measurement of rows retrieved.

Version 20.1.9-BETA, released 2020-04-17.

- Add "continue on first ... errors" to synchronize statement.

Bug fixes:
- Improve handling of UInt64 on MySQL.
- Fix item field not correctly deserialized [ITGEN-5014].
- Change parsing of full qualified name in the case of schema.table.
- Implement rebuild dropped ANSI SQL connection (server down or so). Also retry automatically [ITGEN-5008].
- Instruct users updating custom fields to provide a value for field, even though it is already set. There is no technical solution to solve this yet [SUP-5725].

Version 20.1.5-BETA, released 2020-04-10.

- Raise clearer error when an ANSI SQL create table statement includes the Invantive SQL primary key column.
- Upgrade to Teamleader 2019-10 API version.
- Add event tracking to ActiveCampaign API (insert only).

Bug fixes:
- Fix itgengpr082 on synchronize with nulled values.

Version 20.1.1-BETA, released 2020-04-08.

- Add three SalesForecasts XML APIs of Exact Online [ITGEN-5014].
- Add consistency checks on completeness of catalog, schema and table.
- More accurate determination of data container ID for ODBC-based data containers.
- Add documentation to Swagger.
- Allow for I18N messages indicating no access to Exact Online company.
- Change default to return no rows instead of an error when the user is not autorized on Exact Online XML API.
- Add paging and structure table names on Robaws.
- Add paging to Robaws.
- Add optimization for binary operators with one side null.
- Add ADO.NET metadata tables to all ANSI SQL connectors.
- Add error handling for ROBAWS.
- Include catalog used in event log to ease debugging data cache repository resolution issues
- Add payrollPeriodDataId on PayrollPeriodDataByEmploymentID__embeddedPayrollComponents.

Bug fixes:
- Fix itgenrst004 on FoxPro long data type.
- Fix ignore memo values logic for offset problems.
- Fix itgenclr009 on MySQL metadata discovery.
- Fix Loket metadata retrieval [ITGEN-5012].
- Apply soft-limit throttle on Exact Online when configured lower than expected.
- Retry on 429 HTTP exceptions on OData.
- Enable query on SystemTableColumns@DataDictionary for SQL Server on ODBC.
- Fix itgenclr009 on inner select with 20.0
- Avoid itgendch796 error when a table partition is obsolete but does not yet have versions.
- Improve JIRA paging for Service Desk.
- Do not display Swagger URL by default.
- Lower-case email address.
- Pass full connector name instead of short name to logging.
- Fix connection to Multivers ODBC driver.
- Fix use of Data Replicator stored on same platform as an active data container.
- Revert synchronize from using batch to singleton inserts on ActiveCampaign.
- Fix itgenrst007 on custom field options of ActiveCampaign account.
- Fix itgenrst007 on custom field options of ActiveCampaign account.
- Consider databases invalid when multiple data containers and at least one without an alias.
- Evaluate true or null to true instead of null.
- Fix Teamleader language name column name with superfluous space.
- Avoid unnecessary itgenrst004 data integrity check error when the database data type is raw/object.
- Fix wrong mapping of byte dotnet data type in some scenarios.
- Fix SQL Server table lock escalation disablement for Data Replicator when used on table names with a space.
- Show error when a database user has access to multiple repositories instead of recreating repository.
- Fix synchronize not changing not null in target to null from source [ITGEN-5003].
- Remove check itgenase132 which can be triggered from Oracle metadata discovery.

Version 17.33.341-BETA, released 2020-03-27.

- Update and delete support on ActiveCampaign.
- Insert support on ActiveCampaign.
- Limit maximum runtime of purge old incoming messages per execution to avoid excessive runtimes after a calamity.
- Add default URL to Bridge Online connector.
- Improved detection of invalid databases.
- Exclude existing databases from the discovery databases file.
- Prioritize database definitions when multiple are found.
- Improve clarity of itgenoda221 message.
- Fine-tune PostgreSQL datamodel upgrades to enable solely column nullable change when column is used in view.
- Earlier checks on data quality.
- Allow deviating row delimiter on CSV.
- New RFC 4180 compliant CSV reader. Breaking change: column delimeter is now ',' instead of ';'.
- Improve clarity of error message on CSV incorrect value data types.
- Enforce rate limit of 1 call per 1100 ms for Roller.
- Allow setting text encoding on FoxPro and AccountView.
- Display 32-bit mode in version label.
- Reduce garbage collection frequency.
- Add hint to insert error when insert values and field names count differ.
- Raise comprehensible error when current/Me on Exact Online returns a negative current division.
- Improve search speed of table names.
- Assign logging level to HTTP request exception.
- Allow specification of 20 dimensions and values on AuditEvents, even when not used for monitoring.
- Update to .NET Core 3.1.
- Allow incorrectly sized text in XAF files.
- Extend maximum length of XML audit file tax registration identification for misbehaving applications.
- More extended implementation for PIVOT.
- Basic implementation for PIVOT.
- Allow batchsize specification for bulk inserts from Invantive SQL.
- Make message itgendch159 non-fatal.
- Add investigation methods on ADO.NET metadata for ODBC v3.
- Improve output queue handling of internettable.
- Improve file access to FoxPro files when file is still open for by another program.
- Improve file access to FoxPro files when file is still open for by another program.
- Improve clarity of error message itgenpsr061.
- Show source file for databases in tooltip.
- Differentiate error itgenfrt003 for easier diagnosis.
- Make pre-compiled expressions available through data dictionary to easier assess performance issues.
- Additional auto-repair on Data Cache repository.
- Drop Invantive maintained views on upgrade to ease upgrades with platforms such as PostgreSQL.
- Optimize away IS NOT NULL and required field.
- Include data type in itgenrst004 error message.
- Add view dc_sessions to datacache service connector.
- Add client sessions table for improved check on non-concurrent use.
- Include auto-repair on itgendch682 and itgendch683.
- Fine-tune SqlException with incorrect certificate setup.
- Include data type in string representation of parameter list to aid analysis.
- On SQL Server allow Data Replicator to use a deviating retry interval and count upon failed connections.
- Increase default number of retries for connection loss.
- Add connector attribute minimum-connection-timeout-sec on ANSI SQL and backing-minimum-connection-timeout-sec on Data Replicator.
- Force SSL data tansport on MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server and increase connection timeout from 15 to 60 seconds.
- Register error code for Oracle exceptions.
- OData/EDM: retrieve better metadata, added SharePoint custom table functions.
- Add retry on BadGateway HTTP error on OData sources such as
- Allow scheme in Jira server name.
- Merge two Jira providers so use on desktop is possible now too.
- Add parallel download to internettable.
- Reduce memory footprint for large internettable queries.
- Add parent URL to output of internettable.
- Extend unsigned int16/32/64 support.
- Improve handling of closing connection problems with MySQL in edge cases.
- Differentiate error message itgenoda046 on OAuth failure depending whether on log on or later on during the session.
- Allow option to ignore write errors to HTTP disk cache
- Add hint when PostgreSQL user is not properly authorized.
- Add more fields to internettable.
- Add bytes received and depth to internettable.
- Explicitly cancel ANSI SQL database commands that remain running due to ADO.NET driver bugs.
- Ignore Timeout when disposing ANSI SQL connection on a partially fetched result set; might occur on MySQL.
- Add internettable table function.
- Give hint for possible alternatives data containers on itgendch070.
- Auto-create data container ID on downloading replicator messages.
- Always return error code from Roller.
- Add Jira provider.
- Raise error when fetch single retrieves no data.
- Reduce maximum memory footprint of Data Replicator on disk caches.
- Return Exact Online errors as user type errors.
- Retrieval difference in date/time notation between platform and Invantive SQL engine using sys_context('USERENV', 'SESSION_TIME_OFFSET_SEC', 'alias').
- Allow multiple concurrent languages to be loaded and translated.
- Integrate Microsoft Graph, Salesforce and PayPal in Invantive Cloud.
- Make number of obsolete table partition versions to purge configurable as a ratio with actual work done on Data Replicator.
- Add [ITGEN-4652].
- Reduce number of columns in DocumentAttachment on Exact Online XML.
- Option to exclude Twinfield companies which are templates.
- Aggregate exceptions on XML-based providers across partitions before returning.
- Re-authenticate on Twinfield when parallel session is running.
- Allow multiple SQL batches in Startup SQL on Cloud [ITGEN-4641].
- Make execute script available to all license forms, including free
- Use error code for soap:Sender.
- Yield return on Twinfield Process XML endpoints to improve performance and minimize memory pressure.
- Improve clarity of error when a field can not be found in an ANSI SQL-based platform.
- Improve hint of itgenefn003 to include more alternative column names.
- Improve error message itgendid044 when the source by accident uses the wrong culture.
- Provide hint on alternative database names when an invalid one is specified.
- Add variant on check on row contents against metadata.
- Improve performance of parsing RFC3339 dates.
- Add Roller in Invantive Cloud.
- Rename Yuki tables.
- Yuki: all accounting APIs.
- Roller provider.
- Support SOAP v1.1 error messages such as on Twinfield.
- Twinfield: BudgetByCostCenter, BudgetByProject.
- Improve error message on missing user/password.
- Include date/time (UTC) in error message window.
- Ignore invalid connector names in discovery instead of raising itgenscg001.
- Ignore 'alter persistent cache refresh' when no table partitions have been registered instead of raising itgendch637.
- Make skip of client-side cacheable tables with Data Replicator configurable.
- Make default use of ODS in Data Replicator configurable.
- Alter connection label for Invantive Query Tool and others.
- Improve performance of Invantive Control tables.
- Improve performance by caching parsed SQL statements.
- Improve performance of GenericDataComparer.
- Improve performance of camel casing.
- Improve date/time and currency support on FoxPro.
- Improve OData4 connector for Bridge Online.
- Differentiate between OData 3 and OData 4 error responses.
- Bridge Online connector.
- Increase default packet size on SQL Server from 8.000 to 32.767.
- Reduce runtime of queries yielded the data partial from their result set on SQL Server.
- Foxpro: Add support for reading long, binary double and auto increment field values.
- Fine-tune whether to retry on HTTP 500 errors from AFAS Online.
- Allow ignoring milliseconds of absolute time when considering file replacement.
- Accept some timestamp difference when replacing timestamps on files.
- Disable Data Replicator on synchronize statement.
- Ensure lock escalation is disabled on Data Replicator with SQL Server starting repository version 24.
- Disable lock escalation when creating a table on SQL Server.
- Do not cache failures of DNS resolution and try multiple times.
- Fine-tune messages for locations where Invantive services are not available.
- Add consistency checks on Data Replicator.
- Make minimum number of remaining API calls till hard limit configurable.
- Make PostgreSQL logging configurable, improved DDL generation.
- Allow database group names to be empty.
- Specify which Exact Online table function parameters are required.
- Differentiate between Invantive SQL and MySQL semantics of non-nullable strings when handling the empty string ''.
- Improve performance of bulk loading by skip when the result set is empty.
- Add support for HH24:MI time format.
- Output PDF wage slips on connector.
- Measure HTTP disk and memory cache use in terms of size in bytes.
- Yield results in Teamleader.
- Enable configuration of page size for payrolling REST connector.
- Improve naming of connectors.
- Clarify license encryption error message itgenale013.
- Add environment_id to Data Replicator, while removing active version last from the repository.
- Improve error message when a named parameter is specified twice in a table function.
- Enable production use of REST connector.
- Enable replication of table functions with required but defaulted parameter values.
- Excel date time formatting.
- Make maximum metadata cache age configurable.
- Improve boot-strap installation.
- Add unreliable connection simulator for OData and REST connectors.
- Retry on timeout and other hard connection loss with Swagger-based connectors such as
- Indicate that encrypted value is a license key instead of the default 'password' text on decryption failure.
- Show different error code itgenexl109 when Exact Online returns an Object Reference not Set itself.
- Print directories scanned by FoxPro in error on object not found.
- Print better hint than NullReference when the custom exception function returns no exception.
- Provide more fine grained replication progress than table and partition [ITGEN-4507].
- Include table name in message itgendch380
- Include agreement code in message itgendch380
- Add partition ID to message itgendch384 when trickle loading is skipped on Data Replicator.
- Ignore more disk cache encryption problems.
- AFAS: server side filtering: support BETWEEN.
- Allow specifying columns to ignore on checking if a row should be updated.
- Allow specifying columns to ignore on checking if a row should be updated.
- Check that a unique AccountView data dictionary file DCT_FILE can be found.
- Enable specification of the Bridge Online client IP address list.
- Allow specification of Bridge access clients.
- Measure duration of encrypt/decrypt operations for HTTP disk cache.
- Merge provided execution options with pre-defined cache settings to increase proliferation of disk cache root directory.
- Reduce length of disk cache file names.
- Compose name from family name when not explicitly available.
- Raise clear error when the number of columns changes for trickle loading is different between old and new data set.
- Make recursing into FoxPro database directories optional.
- On FoxPro allow use of non-available database directories as long as one exists.
- Enable use of acceptance and test environment on AFAS Online.
- Add duplicate handling order registration detection for connectors.
- Add TeamLeader view DealNotesAll.
- Allow disk cache root folder to be specified as execution option.
- Rename Exact Online hour status code domains.
- Add Teamleader V1 APIs invoice_reminder_templates_by_invoice and invoice_reminder_template_content_by_invoice.
- Add new API V2 Teamleader fields and tables such as withholdingTaxRates, Products, Quotations, LevelTwoAreasByCountry, EventAttendees and EventLinks
- Enable use of tagged parameters.
- Add retry support to OData POST requests when retry is on to cover 429 recovery for Teamleader.
- Add domain ProjectTimeTransactionStatuses to Exact Online.
- Consider Invantive code parse errors of encrypted disk cache also as a signal for retry.
- Register date of last freshness check in Data Replicator repository to ease analysis of trickle loading.
- Add repository checks that version numbers are handed out in increasing order.
- Add SalesOrderLinesBulk to webhook tables.
- Improve TOTP to allow generation of shared keys.
- Add views for leaves, wages and working hours.
- Provide clear error when the AFAS token does not have the expected format.
- CBS: Enable paging and retrieval of more than 10000 rows.
- Optimize retrieval performance of metadata from Exact Online providers
- Added
- Improve performance by larger percentage of ConstantExpressions by avoiding conversion to object.
- Extend httpdownload table function by output of content-type header.
- Display a default label for partition when connector has none.
- Add Foxpro data types.
- Allow REST connector to clean data when swagger is invalid.
- Improve name resolution of Foxpro tables.
- Invantive Cloud SQL Editor.
- Improve performance by more scenarios in which a coalesce forwards to the use of a server-side filter.
- Make RLS ACL roles unique and upper case.
- Function based authentication.
- Include global state in event arguments to improve window ownership.
- Clarify error message when Data Replicator is not licensed [SUP-805].
- Show user icon.
- Retrieve connection info, access token, etc through API.
- Sort OData filters on selectivity.
- Allow specification of data container alias in SYS_CONTEXT for improved logging and analysis features.
- Add, edit and delete databases.
- Add analysis script for Teamleader incorrect custom field values.
- Add ascii_to_blob / unicode_to_blob to enable Twinfield office/password encoding.
- Display clearer context of SQL parse error.
- Add flatten views to Teamleader for easier deployment on replication.
- Enable forcing of custom field values to strings to aid analysis of number of wrongly typed values in Teamleader.
- Improve message on import XML when loading fails.
- Add provider attribute to specify whether to use Implict or Explicit encryption on FTPS.
- Add row level security.
- Make setting Oracle client information optional.
- Allow specification of SQL statement to execute upon open and close of pooled connection.
- Do not retry OData request when a HTTP 501 is returned, such as on 'select * from CommunicationNotes where statusdescription is null'.
- Accept that a configurable number of CBS tables raise an error when loading metadata.
- Increase granularity of deletes when purging orphaned facts using attribute orphaned-facts-delete-page-size-rows.
- Allow check on connection pooling active on ANSI SQL connectors using SystemDataContainerProperties view.
- Add picture for Exact Online user to be displayed in SystemDataContainers.
- Avoid fallback to OAuth headless log on when Exact Online incorrectly reports a 401 Unauthorized during Code Grant Flow.
- Add picture of user to SystemDataContainers as workaround for missing picture in SystemUsers.
- Add 25 extra columns to SystemTables.
- Add many fields to SystemProviders view.
- Add display_order and category to SystemProviderAttributes view.
- Allow specification of backing database bulk insert page size in rows and bytes for Data Replicator.
- Add Mac OSX support.
- Improve clarity of exceltable error messages
- Allow collection of Data Replicator repository contents for support purposes.
- Change redirect URL to for all Exact Online apps except Netherlands.
- Include error code from nested exceptions in message.
- Add analysis features for HTTP disk cache usage per connector in data dictionary.
- Allow specification whether to compress and/or encrypt facts stored in Data Replicator disk cache.
- Reduce length of HTTP disk cache files to more easily fit on length-constrained platforms.
- Check on maximum length of file name and path combined.
- Restrict number of times a user message is displayed in client editions.
- Add REST views.
- Reduce lookups on views for better performance.
- Enable analysis of connection manager statistics in data dictionary.
- Increase maximum number of rows to retrieve with free license from 1.000 to 20.000.
- Include origin in obfuscated columns to be shown on error reporting.
- Add FTPS support.
- Add gzip and ungzip SQL function.
- Add timeout options to FTP.
- Retry on invalid JSON received through OData [SUP-431].
- Add custom fields on product, call and subscription for Teamleader V1.
- Improve nameing of HTTP disk cache files to reduce length.
- Allow use of disk cache with Data Replicator.
- Split cache files for HTTP disk cache and Data Cache.
- Allow specification of minimum needed freshness interval for partition versions to be selected in refresh.
- Raise error when user tries to explicitly refresh a table or partition that isn't replicated yet [ITGEN-4345].
- Allow purge of orphaned facts on upgrades of Data Cache repository.
- Log additional information fields to the audit trail dc_event_log of Data Cache. [ITGEN-4344]
- Add refresh origin to table partition versions of Data Cache to allow prediction of whether pre-loading data is necessary.
- Add api-url parameter to Mendix.
- Make default primary key field name configurable per ANSI SQL connector.
- Avoid long hang on log on to AFAS with invalid credentials [ITGEN-4314].
- Allow table function parameters without placeholders on Facebook API for better selection.
- Reduce file I/O conflicts in massive parallel environments for backups of discovery database.
- Performance: Rewrite of retrieval from database cache so we can stream the results.
- Enable multi-tenant use of Data Cache objects within one database.
- Improve resilience against Facebook rate limit errors.
- Allow inclusion of retry mechanisms signaled through OData errors.
- Memorize content type of HTTP requests.
- Forward more filters on join sets for better performance on OData queries.
- When Data Replicator version loading database fails on first version, purge that version too automatically.
- Differentiate between maximum accepted and maximum desired URL length for HTTP-based platforms.
- Add extra column to display documents of Exact Online.
- Add Exact Online functions ThumbnailByUrl, ThumbnailByRow, AttachmentByUrl and AttachmentByRow.
- Enable retrieval of BLOB content from native scalar requests.
- Add view dc_fact_size_statistics_r for Data Replicator.
- Rename Owner Company to Subscription Owner in Exact Online.
- Give hint when on SQL Server the date tried to insert is outside of allowed value for SQL Server.
- Retry on itgenoda039 for Exact Online [ITGEN-4173].
- Update Exact Online bulk APIs fields that support server-side filters.
- Improve messages when Exact Online only returns partial data.
- Improve XML Exact Online error messages.
- Add views on Exact Online payroll APIs to ease replication.
- Add new Payroll APIs to Exact Online connector.
- Reduce minutely rate limit from 600 to 300 for Exact Online.
- Upgrade components.
- Improve performance by reduced use of DateTime.Now.
- Improve performance of determining balance type of GL account on Exact Online.
- Allow presence of not yet available connector names in database configuration files.
- Check URL for maximum lengths.
- Update Exact Online domain code values.
- Update Exact Online XML data model.
- Add table functions for Exact Online XML APIs for more fine-grained access.
- Support retrieving child rows on Swagger operations: naming resolution.
- Return number of transactions changed by Exact Online Upload XML instead of 0.
- Support retrieving child rows on Swagger operations.
- Default maximum length of partition code and name.
- Add 'exists(...)' SQL-condition.
- Display clearer message when Invantive Keychain file is empty.
- Exact Online: add App Center APIs.
- Improve retry mechanism on Exact Online when Exact Online crashes during retrieval of XML data.
- Add sql%rowcount, sqlerrm and sqlcode pseudo variables [ITGEN-3366].
- Add SQL functions sqlcode, sqlerrm and sqlrowcount.
- Add Visma eAccounting connector [ITGEN-1645].
- to_date and to_char functions updated to support RFC3339 dates.
- Add SQL function excel_day.
- Add SQL function months_between [ITGEN-4068].
- Add Data Replicator attribute 'facts-delete-page-size-characters' to limit number of bytes deleted per facts delete batch.
- Add SQL Server bulk insert option 'bulk-insert-page-size-bytes' to limit size in bytes on top of existing limit in number of rows.
- Enable use of connector-specific views in distributed databases.
- Improve recognition of CSV date/time export by Google Sheets [ITGEN-4071].
- Add CaseWare and AccountView databases.
- Set schema name to folder and correctly convert memo field values to long string on Foxpro.
- Add support on to_date for date mask 'MM'.
- Add hint to error message on unknown filter column on XML-based connectors.
- Add REST connector [ITGEN-3870].
- Default user name and password of credentials container to the defaults of the data container when no other are available.
- Improve handling of Data Replicator when the backend database fails.
- Update Octopus connector.
- Allow connector attribute specification of in-memory cache for event logs of Data Replicator
- Create Octopus InvoiceLines, DeliveryNoteLines and BuySellBookingLines tables [ITGEN-4045].
- Octopus: Add BookYearPeriods table [ITGEN-4044].
- Provide company code table function parameter when running queries [ITGEN-4051].
- Add columns for company code and name [ITGEN-4050].
- More clearly log externally triggered errors such as SQL Server crashes in dc_event_log of Data Replicator.
- Allow SQL syntax with 'except' as in "select t.* except col1, ..., coln" [ITGEN-3979].
- Add pre-defined views to Facebook connector.
- Add Foxpro connector.
- Add Firebird connector.
- Allow specification of alias using @xxx for table and partition refresh. [ITGEN-4017].
- Add new bulk Exact Online APIs to trickle loading.
- Add 18 new Exact Online bulk API tables.
- Update Mendix connector.
- Add Octopus connector [ITGEN-3613].
- Implement controltype, decimals and length for fields on AFAS [ITGEN-4008].
- Display partition code in error message [ITGEN-3990].
- AFAS Online connector: Subject, File and Version connector [ITGEN-2935].
- Include failing table name in itgenrst004 error.
- Do not fail on invalid column name when dropping it.
- Add AFAS Online connector [ITGEN-2935].
- Add connector attribute 'ignore-http-500-errors' for OData connector [ITGEN-3991].
- Simply null checks when one or both the operands are constants.
- Allow use of PSQL variable as value on billing id, billing reference and set value.
- Add partitioning on table functions on Swagger-based connectors [ITGEN-3963].
- Optimize SQL function execution.
- Reduce registration time of connectors by 150 ms.
- Reduce load time of Exact Online data model.
- Reduce start-up time of Dummy connector by 50%.
- Reduce time to initially load Data Replicator repository by 50%.
- Add check on maximum length on databasecolumn constructions, as on ColumnSpecification.
- Enable registration of billing ID using expressions.
- Include SQL fragment causing error in error message.
- Extend HTTP download in Dummy connector to enable more flexible online downloads such as JSON from secured web sites.
- Allow specification of glschemeid on Exact Online XML General Ledger tables.
- Allow configuration of maximum allowable age in seconds of Swagger specification disk cache.
- Improve performance of XPath element splitting.
- Unwrap XML OData errors.
- Improve Data Replicator special repository upgrades.
- Add Data Replicator attributes upgrade-force-execute, upgrade-force-repository-version-start and upgrade-force-specials.
- Add connector attribute 'page-size-rows' to
- Reduce number of rows per page from 5.000 to announced 500 rows.
- Require use of Azure SQL Server S1 or better with Data Replicator.
- Restrict number of audit events not only to a specific age, but also to number of entries.
- Use default translations where available when a lock exception occurs during translating.
- Add check that last used SQL engine version should at least be matched for Data Replicator.
- Restrict maximum length of various Exact Online columns.
- Add ensure view dropped and column dropped methods to ANSI SQL-based connectors.
- Add data dictionary view SystemDataContainerReservedWords.
- Allow installation of comment on PostgreSQL and Oracle.
- Limit lengths of various Exact Online text fields.
- Rename Data Cache repository columns to enable use on Oracle 11g:
seconds_before_obsolete -> sec_before_obsolete
seconds_before_droppable -> sec_before_droppable
seconds_retention_forwarded_ime -> sec_retention_fwd_ime
seconds_metadata_is_droppable -> sec_metadata_is_droppable
date_trickle_approach_activated -> date_trickle_activated
date_copy_approach_activated -> date_copy_activated
date_smart_approach_activated -> date_smart_activated
- Migrate boolean to char data types to ease portability of Data Replicator to less advanced backing database platforms.
- Check values for insert and update before actual transport in Invantive SQL for adherence to metadata.
- Validate rows before insert to match metadata.
- Add data dictionary view SystemMessages.
- Include automatic conversion between Char and string(1) dotnet data types.
- Enable out-of-band messages for PRINT on SQL Server.
- Register notifications from PostgreSQL.
- Add generic handler for connector notifications.
- Show clearer error message when implicit data type conversion for joins fails [ITGEN-3881].
- Limit number of table partitions obsoleted when partially refreshing.
- Add checks to Data Replicator on not (yet) installed database objects.
- Reduce time slot in which crash leads to inconsistent last active version registration and version creation.
- Reduce memory allocations when checking row integrity.
- Increase throughput of GLAccountClassifications XML API of Exact Online in scenarios with over 200 companies.
- Aggregate errors found during consistency check into 1 error.
- Increase maximum degree of parallelism for file operations.
- Add connector attributes to ignore Exact Online XML no access errors.
- Force regeneration of fact and history tables and logical views upon upgrade.
- Check consistency of installed table columns with table specification after executing DDL statements.
- Include name, type, nullable and origin of column in generated SQL DDL.
- Add consistency checks between table partition and versions.
- Add global support by basing times of Data Replicator on UTC instead of local time.
- Show clear error when data downloaded for Data Replicator does not match specifications [ITGEN-3860].
- Extend logging field names of result set rows by their origin.
- Retry HTTP timeout without payload as a Internet connection down with same retry mechanism.
- Upgrade Salesforce connector API from 37 to 39.
- Set partition for non-partition specific tables to 'DEFAULT'.
- Add consistency check on Data Replicator when purging data.
- Automatically have Data Replicator recreate facts and history tables when database object was removed by user [ITGEN-3836].
- Allow drop of Data Replicator partition without access to original partition [ITGEN-3821].
- Add paging on Visma .NET and all other Swagger-based connectors, preparing for 2019Q2 release of
- Add application controls on minimum/maximum number of rows in a table partition [ITGEN-3835].
- Add Exact Online APIs PayrollComponents, ProcessWarehouseTransfer, WarehouseTransferLines and WarehouTransfers.
- Structure table names for Visma.NET.
- Add various statistics to Data Cache table partitions and versions.
- Add Data Replicator sourcing_date column to store when a row was loaded from the original source.
- Throttle Exact Online API calls according to rumoured new limits for short-time rate limits.
- Add checks itgendch454 and itgendch455 to dc_warnings_r.
- Add manual purge of unneeded Data Cache incoming messages.
- Add partition based rate limits [ITGEN-3810].
- Add to_boolean SQL function.
- Allow specification of billing reference.
- Clarify error message when object definition could not be found when switching to trickle loading.
- Maintain statistics over time per table partition in Data Replicator repository.
- Add check on trickle loading not being activated within 30 days for Data Replicator.
- Add Facebook Marketing, Graph and Insights rate limits view.
- Add COMPlus_DebugWriteToStdErr environment variable documentation for .NET Core.
- Include more partition statistics on Exact Online for better performance of SQL engine
- Add Data Dictionary view SystemTableFunctionParameters.
- Add Facebook paging.
- Add Facebook Marketing tables: AdCreativesByAd, TargetingSentenceLinesByAd, AdRulesByAd, CopiesByAd, LeadsByAd and AdPreviewsByAd.
- Allow floats and doubles in to_number.
- Add Facebook Marketing API tables AdInsightsByAd, AdKeywordStatsByAd, AdCampaignsByAdAccount, OwnedPagesByBusiness, OwnedAdAccountsByBusiness, OwnedAppsByBusiness, OwnedProductCatalogsByBusiness and SystemUsersByBusiness.
- Show front-end and repository version numbers in Data Replicator error message when different.
- Add new Exact Online APIs such as BankSubscriptions.
- Display warning pop-up when a Data Replicator environment has tables not being maintained for too long time.
- Include name of source table when an error occurs in Data Cache upgrading a facts or history table.
- Add Facebook tables: ImpactingAdStudiesByAdAccount, AdInsightsByAdAccount and 8 others.
- Add Facebook rate limit statistics table.
- Support for table function parameters in Facebook.
- Clarify error message when partition is not found.
- Add Facebook tables AdPixelsByAdAccount and AdvertisableApplicationsByAdAccount.
- Add IsLicensed to SystemDivisions for Exact Online.
- Add support for retrieval of sub nodes in Facebook metadata. [ITGEN-3710].
- Add Facebook tables: AdCreativesByAdAccount, AdSetsByAdAccount, MyPublishedPosts, MyTaggedPosts, MyFriends, MyGroups and MySessionKeys.
- Add photos, likes and businesses to Facebook connector.
- Add Facebook table adStudies.
- Include 2nd order dependencies only once on Facebook columns.
- Add columns to Me on Facebook connector.
- Add profile picture on Facebook connector user.
- Simplify overall view maintenance for cross-country use of Exact Online with Data Replicator [ITGEN-3708]
- Disable retries by default on SOAP-based connectors.
- Only retrieve page number requested on
- Implement re-raise statement, only valid from within exception block [ITGEN-3690].
- Support MySQL and Teradata connector on non-Windows platforms.
- Add automatic time correction based upon Internet time of Invantive servers.
- Include fetch parameters in session I/O logging.
- Add memory and disk cache to Swagger-based connectors [ITGEN-3674].
- Optimize SQL coalesce operator [ITGEN-3671].
- Load connectors from settings file.
- Synchronize on identifying columns having all nulls [ITGEN-3681].
- Rename company columns to COMPANY_CODE and COMPANY_NAME for
- Add synchronize support for Swagger-based sources such as
- Allow generic provider-specific definition of partition name column.
- Add trace native calls to Swagger-based providers.
- Extend RateLimits view on Exact Online by several additional columns.
- Add trace-native-calls setting to all SOAP-based providers such as NMBRS, and
- Added Exact Online DocumentAttachments and DocumentAttachmentsBulk tables.
- Add EXPLANATION column to SystemProviderAttributes.
- Add Exact Online tables EmploymentConditionGroups, PayrollTransactions and PayrollTransactionsByPayrollYear.
- Avoid log on to customer 1 for Teamleader.
- Add overdue warnings as events on Data Cache to make it easier to manage for users.
- Display details of progress in Query Tool spinner.
- Auto-adapt on Exact Online API gateway which seems to use two types of UNIX epoch times.
- Increase resolution for refresh periods from days to seconds.
- Add view to query currently known Exact Online rate limits per partition.
- Add warning statistics on number of missed purges and obsoletions.
- Add Swagger grouping tables.
- Add day of week to_char format.
- Improve message code on raise_application_error in PSQL.
- Add Visma .NET provider.
- Require metric value when using custom monitoring events.
- Allow case-insensitive matching on service URL when retrieving OData service metadata.
- Add tables ItemBarCode and EmploymentInternalRates to Exact Online.
- Enable uploading across divisions of Exact Online document attachment files.
- Display context where an error occurs in exceltable data.
- Exclude settings.xml from session initiation procedure.
- Add ISO week number date mask YYYY-IW.
- Check Exact Online responses for inline error messages outside of standard.
- Handle changed parameter value correctly; do not keep using the default value [ITGEN-3562].
- Add clone methods for partitions.
- Reduce duplicate retrievals of partition information for better performance on ANSI SQL.
- Improve performance of SQL Server data model discovery by factor 5.
- Add data models.
- Extend Data Replicator statistics.
- Two-way synchronize SQL statement.
- Sync table statement uni-directional way.
- Require data container alias when using distributed databases.
- Reduce startup time of connection manager by 50 ms.
- Improve clarity of error messages when parsing Excel tables.
- Extend userenv by various folders such as for Templates.
- Display correct user name on [ITGEN-3477].
- Display results from consecutive pages and cache results [ITGEN-3478] [ITGEN-3476].
- Updated scopes for Teamleader API v2. Removed deprecated scopes.
- Add CompanyInfo data model.
- Restructure reading the WSDL SOAP definitions.
- Add AdAccounts to Facebook provider.
- Exclude short description from label in Log On Window when not present.
- Add table partition columns to view dc_table_partition_version_r.
- Store all discovery connections in settings-discovery.xml.
- Differentiate error messages on Exact Online for easier recognition of rotating refresh tokens.
- Add named table function parameters to Invantive SQL.
- Default casing of Invantive SQL identifiers is upper case.
- Add userenv sys_context variables: database_comment and database_short_description.
- Add short one-line description to database groups and databases for better human recognition of groups and databases with codes as names.
- Differentiate in logging between two types of view creation for Data Replicator.
- Add documentation on how to use free fields on Items with Exact Online.
- Register origin of database column for more meaningful error messages when using Data Cache.
- Better naming of view columns in Data Replicator mode for PostgrSQL.
- Show clear error when the backing database data model doesn't reflect the intended data model and can't be upgraded easily [ITGEN-3385].
- Memorize origin of Data Cache columns and show them in error message.
- Add SYNC and COMPARE syntax to Invantive SQL.
- Add explicit configuration of casing and length of logical view names and view column names.
- Add default rule for GUIDs in Data Replicator when upgrading to new backing database model version with required GUIDs.
- Update translations.
- Add TransactionLineVATs and SubledgerTransactionLineVATS to XML Audit File Financial 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2.
- Clarify error message on itgenttn159.
- Simplify event monitoring on duration tasks.
- Add columns to auditevents table in Data Dictionary for monitoring metrics.
- Introduce string_split table function.
- Improve performance of updating and deleting on the in-memory storage provider [ITGEN-2919].
- Enable insert ... values with multiple rows.
- Add group function ZIP (blob expression, file name) [ITGEN-3251].
- Data Cache: allow providing partition mode when setting the seeding approach, so you can set all, the currently selected or a specific partition.
- Add SQL statement 'alter session set billing id'.
- Update translations.
- Enable log on for Data Hub using a refresh token specified as command line argument.
- Restrict maximum length of itgenrst009 error message.
- Include additional license information in SystemLicenses view.
- Reduce size of individual delete statements on obsolete table partition versions to improve reliability on platforms such as PostgreSQL which don't support paged deletes [ITGEN-3321].
- Update Exact Online data model for REST APIs: creditedsalesinvoices, OAuthScopes and extensions to SystemDivisions and Accounts for GDPR.
- Add Exact Online domain view ReturnStatuses.
- Pivot Open Exchange rate tables.
- Include possible values for enumerable types in Invantive SQL error message.
- Update translations.
- Prepare encryption of HTTP disk cache.
- Improve formatting of errors with nested errors by adding line feed.
- Include label of division for which you might not have access on Exact Online in error message.
- Include label of division in errors when you specify an unregistered Exact Online division.
- Allow logical overall views with names exceeding 30 characters.
- Parallellize disable and enable on webhooks [ITGEN-3233].
- Enable web hooks from set options approach statement. Keep loading completely when receiving no messages [ITGEN-2985].
- Finetune warning views of Data Replicator.
- Add metadata to Open Exchange Rates provider.
- Aggregate exceptions occurring during disable/enable webhooks.
- Allow differentiation between generating JSON for trusted or untrusted readers.
- Increase maximum size of result set to above 4 billion rows.
- Add support for maintenance of webhooks when a data container other than Exact Online is also connected.
- Remove remaining support for apiclientid, apiclientsecret and apiclienturl without dashes.
- Add label to rows_affected column.
- Implement manage webhooks statement [ITGEN-2985].
- Allow specification for Data Replicator of index facts and/or history tables.
- Add cast SQL-function to cast values to another data type [ITGEN-3193].
- Check consistency of index names early on when creating tables on ANSI databases through Invantive SQL.
- Limit index name length based upon underlying platform restrictions for Data Replicator.
- Add set operator: 'union distinct on', allowing to match a union on specific fields.
- Optimize the registration of web hook statistics when downloading the feed on clients [ITGEN-3063].
- Add Exact Online subscription owner data to Me view.
- Add suggested filename for download an Exact Online backup
- Fill ActionInProgress field in Exact Online backups table.
- Avoid trailing underscore in custom field views of Teamleader.
- Add provider attribute 'backing-maximum-length-identifiers' to Data Replicator to specify non-default maximum length of identifiers for a platform.
- Add provider attribute 'maximum-length-identifiers' to specify non-default maximum length of identifiers for a platform.
- Extend data dictionary model to allow differentiation between read-only partitions and read/write partitions.
- Add support for JSON flattened output. Traditional format renamed to jsondataset.
- Introduce new table function exceltable, allowing to read Excel files [ITGEN-3065].
- Remove leading and trailing '_' for custom field names in Teamleader introduced due to non-alphabet characters being used.
- Combine consecutive set operators like 'union', 'union all' and 'minus' to improve performance with 100+ consecutive set operators.
- Upgrade components.
- Add optional specification of initial database on PostgreSQL log on window to simplify with AWS environments with no access to postgres and template1 database leading to PostgreSQL 3D00 error.
- Allow synchronous and asynchronous backups.
- Fix 'alter persistent cache purge obsolete table partition versions' not actually deleting rows when connected to multiple data containers [ITGEN-3145].
- Include event description in Data Cache's dc_event_log in addition to event code.
- Allow using expressions as input for the JSONTABLE and XMLTABLE table functions.
- Allow using expressions as input for the CSVTABLE table function.
- Simplify aggregated exceptions for clearer error messages.
- Include column name for which data type is missing in error message itgenfir003/4.
- Retrieve cookies from logon dialog.
- Clarify error message itgensql104 when no partition is selected for USE.
- Switch to production release.
- Update translations.
- Add group functions First() and Last() [ITGEN-2754].
- Add more context to error messages on Teamleader invalid data in custom fields.
- Add linefeed between attributes in settings.xml for easier manual maintenance.
- Add row context when Teamleader or other OData sources return corrupt data, not matching the agreed upon metadata.
- Add support for JValue in DataUtility conversion methods for better error messages on Teamleader corrupt data.
- Include row data in streaming result set checks on individual column values for easier resolution.
- Add serialization to string of a named array or spare array row.
- Improve uniqueness of HTTP disk cache file when a Windows user uses multiple cloud accounts to the same platform.
- Add Sample Dummy data source to Invantive Business.
- Clarify error message itgendid170 about missing alias.
- Register Data Container ID and Log On Code in HTTP response cache object to improve correct matching for re-use of disk caches.
- Extend Invantive Business metadata and Invantive SQL integration.
- Allow non-default casing column names on ANSI SQL providers.
- Reduce number of alternative provider attribute names to avoid confusion with users.
- Add number of HTTP disk and memory cache incorrect version and content counters to providers.
- Improve CPU performance of SQL LIKE.
- Reduce memory pressure when massively calculating API URLs.
- Improve performance of file name determination by factor 10.
- Improve performance of parallel MD5 calculation for HTTP disk cache.
- Cache Teamleader custom field definitions for 1 hour on disk for better performance under repeating connects.
- Add SQL_VARIANT SQL function.
- Add auto-maintained indexes on in-memory storage provider.
- Determine result set statistics on demand.
- Improve performance by streaming row checks.
- Streamed reading for ANSI SQL providers, like SQL Server and Oracle.
- Reduce CPU load due to compression of result sets.
- Use default user name and password when mode is read only.
- Check on presence of user and password/secret for Loket, NMBRS and Visma Severa.
- Clarify error message on Teamleader API group authentication.
- [ITGEN-3052] Add drop table support on MySQL.
- Add SQL function 'sign'.
- Change database data type of flags in dc_settings from char to varchar for better MySQL.
- Improve error message when repository view can not be installed of Data Cache.
- Add data dictionary views 'systemcatalogs' and 'systemschemas'.
- Add SQL function 'basename'.
- Update EDIFACT drivers.
- Add Outlook data model documentation.
- Add PSQL "alter data dictionary set ..." statements.
- Support encrypted connection strings when connecting to Data Replicator/Data Cache from a DDL statement.
- Include attributes as fields on XSD simple type extensions.
- Add ItemTranslations and GLAccountTranslations to Exact Online XML API.
- Add data dictionary provider connection string and encrypted to database definition [ITGEN-2832].
- Allow explicit column specifications with 'create or replace table'.
- Add execute native to PSQL [ITGEN-2963].
- Add dbms_lock.sleep PSQL procedure [ITGEN-2964].
- Add execute immediate INTO clause to PSQL.
- Add PSQL go to label and support <