Release Notes of Invantive® SQL for Windows 22.1.70-BETA

Invantive® SQL for Windows

Invantive SQL for Windows is the Windows version of Invantive SQL that allows access to over 75 platforms, all acting together as one global database. Compared to the platform-independent version it adds support for MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB/2, LDAP, Teradata, Windows ODBC, Invantive Web Service, LDAP, Windows WMI and Windows OS.

These release notes describe all bug fixes and enhancements on Invantive® SQL for Windows per released version. The release number consists of three elements: major version, minor version and patch version. The latest version is listed on top of the list, with older releases further down. Notes are listed per patch release for the current minor release. Changes from patch releases are bundled for previous minor releases. The release notes include all changes deemed informative for use outside the product development team. Refactoring, logging, translations and internal code-only changes are not included in these external release notes. A change is considered a bug fix when it solves a problem with previously released functionality. A change is considered an enhancement when the software change extends previously released functionality.

Version: 22.1.70

Released: 30-07-2022 19:47:53 (UTC)

State: Beta

Manufacturer: Invantive Software B.V.

Brand: Invantive

Operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Microsoft Windows 11
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 (64-bit)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016 (64-bit)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2019
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2022


  • Requires Internet access.
  • Requires all required Operating System updates applied at most 1 month ago.

Software Requirements:

  • Microsoft .NET 4.7.2 or higher.
  • Screen resolution 1280x1024 or higher.
  • User license for databases used and/or business applications.

Category: Business


Forums (URL):

Manual (URL):


  • db2
  • ldap
  • mysql
  • odbc
  • oracle
  • teradata
  • wmi

MSI Product ID: e0415ce3-a127-4906-b6d6-c72067ed22e1

Included Components:

Version 22.1.68-BETA, released 2022-07-02.

- Add Danish, Finnish, Norwegian Bokmal and Swedish.
- Add increase time-out handling.
- Add Japanese.
- Capability to ignore error when accessing a non-existing file with file_info.
- Extend file copy by additional options.
- Get sample SQL statements from provider.
- Ignore InvalidOperationException when checking highest version of resolved assembly of ANSI SQL provider.
- Reduce number of Outlook accesses on startup.

Bug fixes:
- Add timeout on getting Outlook application to prevent hanging Control/QueryTool on startup.
- Avoid COMException on enumerating Outlook stores.
- Fix itgenclr060 DllNotFound on Linux when querying SystemProperties@DataDictionary.
- Fix Outlook partition selection.
- Fix regexp_split_row to return multiple columns.
- Fix superfluous occurrence of itgenour021 on Outlook stores opened multiple times.
- Ignore COM exceptions more often in Outlook provider.
- Register Oracle client IP address.
- Workaround Oracle bug 17337250

Version 20.2.242, released 2022-01-17.

- Add datetime2 for SQL Server.
- Add Oracle .NET Core driver.
- Add timezone functionality.
- Cancellation on pending requests.
- Centralize rate limit information collection in DataDictionary.
- Disable check itgensuy032.
- Improve Linux directory separator and CR/LF compatibility.
- Loosen checks for itgensuy032 on Windows 10H2.
- Move incremental data to cache folder.
- Raise error itgenour021 when duplicate code on Outlook partition.
- Reduce garbage collection.
- RFC 3339 with timezone Z defines kind UTC.
- Switch to IPv6.
- Upgrade to .NET 6.

Bug fixes:
- Better handling of invalid Outlook configuration.
- Fix broken automatic retrieval of dbms_output lines on Invantive Estate.
- Improve error message to see what store is failing on startup.

Version 20.1.537-BETA, released 2021-04-12.

- Add compiler options to error itgenshr009.
- Add drop table for Oracle.
- Add ignore_errors to read_file and read_file_text on OS-connector.
- Add log file and trace file name path to Data Hub end-user failure reports.
- Add main category to providers.
- Add more ODBC data types.
- Add Oracle support for derived data type INTEGER.
- Add partition registration on Outlook driver.
- Add public query parameters to session I/O in data dictionary.
- Allow use of aliases for connection string key values to fix PostgreSQL SSL mode configuration.
- Better clean email addresses.
- Clearer hint on 32-bit only ODBC.
- Enable application mode authentication on Oracle.
- Enable configuration of FoxPro memo value errors configuration from within AccountView connector.
- Enable free space on system disk check during startup using environment variable INVANTIVE_MIN_GB_FREE_SYSTEM.
- Improve data container ID determination.
- Improve error length checks on Oracle parameter names.
- Improve handling of disk full.
- Improve performance of web service discovery.
- Improve real, float and double Oracle support.
- Include non-primary key field value of 'field' in update on ActiveCampaign contact custom field.
- Introduce INVANTIVE_CONFIGURATION_PERMANENT_CACHE_FOLDER and INVANTIVE_CONFIGURATION_INCREMENTAL_DATA_FOLDER environment variables for configuring location of permanent cache (such as Swagger specifications) and incremental data (such as Exact Online sync APIs).
- Log native calls also to disk.
- Make check of OS upgrades applied configurable using INVANTIVE_CHECK_OS_UPGRADES.
- Make locker readonly.
- Make many early compatibility checks fatal.
- Materialize bind variables in large IN value lists.
- Memorize last action.
- More accurate determination of data container ID for ODBC-based data containers.
- Rename Open Data to Public Data.
- Replace return value to exception.
- Return primary key, row count and native answer from insert.
- Support for SQL Server with case-sensitive collations.
- Switch object size resolution from KB to bytes.
- Switch to Invantive's own RSA implementation.

Bug fixes:
- Avoid error when upgrade service is not enabled.
- Avoid itgenclr119 error on Data Access Point.
- By default enable user and password entry on ODBC data containers.
- Clarify error message itgeneuy004 what application to restart.
- Correct name of Last Resort on Windows.
- Correct need for user/password on non-authorized connectors.
- Do not check for recent Windows updates on Windows 10 20H1 due to broken API, avoiding itgensuy033/itgensuy034.
- Fix connection to Multivers ODBC driver.
- Fix determining primary key columns on Oracle.
- Fix missing expansion on message itgensuy012.
- Fix Oracle metadata discovery.
- Fix Outlook breaking partition selection.
- Fix Producer repository log on using managed Oracle driver.
- Fix race condition in determining IUID.
- Forward ignore-memo-value-errors from AccountView to FoxPro.
- Improve concurrency.
- Improve support for Multivers ODBC.
- Improve Windows 10 detection
- Make GetObjectMetadata more thread-safe.
- Make text fields always nullable on ODBC, since MySQL can be accessed through ODBC.

Version 17.33.337-BETA, released 2019-08-21.

- AccountView provider.
- Add [ITGEN-4652].
- Add basics for retrieving difference in date/time notation between platform and Invantive SQL engine.
- Add Mac OSX support.
- Add Outlook connector.
- Add RLS labels.
- Add row level security.
- Add SAGE50 ODBC support.
- Add search directories for AccountView replicated databases.
- Add support for generation of ksh scripts.
- Add support for rooted paths in AccountView.
- Allow check on maximum length of file name and path combined.
- Allow disk cache root folder to be specified as execution option.
- Allow setting text encoding on FoxPro and AccountView.
- Allow skip on inaccessible AccountView partitions.
- Allow specification of data container alias to derive IUID from in settings.xml on database level using 'iuidSource' attribute.
- Allow specification of SQL statement to execute upon open and close of pooled connection.
- Bridge Online provider.
- Check that a unique AccountView data dictionary file DCT_FILE can be found.
- Exclude grouping by directory path from AccountView partitions.
- Exclude virtual and inactive tables from AccountView metadata.
- Fine-tune PostgreSQL datamodel upgrades to enable solely column nullable change when column is used in view.
- Improve ODBC level 3 support.
- Improve support for copied AccountView environments.
- Increase criteria for required Windows update to ensure proper security of devices running Invantive products which typically handle personal and financial data to last search 32 days ago and last Windows update installed 95 days ago.
- Increase default connection timeout from 15 to 60 seconds.
- Indicate that encrypted value is a license key instead of the default 'password' text on decryption failure.
- Make batch size for delete and insert configurable.
- Make bulk insert batch size configurable.
- Make setting Oracle client information optional.
- Show source file for databases in tooltip.
- Skip AccountView companies that have not been set up complete.
- SQL: Add htmltable table function.
- Twinfield connector.

Bug fixes:
- AccountView: Fix partition selection bug.
- Add discovery for ODBC data sources.
- Also deliver messages from last 15 seconds of session to Customer Service.
- Avoid 'itgenlic457 User too vague' by improved algorithm.
- Avoid NullReference instead of a decent error when a describe is done on a non-existing table.
- Correct numeric precision of specific AccountView number data types.
- Correctly display inner exceptions on Oracle.
- Exclude AccountView tables which have no active columns.
- Exclude inactive fields on AccountView.
- Fix ADO.NET version resolve issue.
- Fix character set encoding for AccountView Euro.
- Fix data type issues. Do not raise exception when an administration is missing a specified table file.
- Fix discovery showing username and password login for OAuth client credentials providers when it shouldn't.
- Fix retrieving wrong values for AccountView tables.
- Give stock_type on AccountView's article a precision.
- Improve naming of partitions on ODBC.
- itgenrst004 The metadata of the column XXX in '' must have the same .net type as the actual data. [ITGEN-4356]
- Make compliant on SQL Server 7 [ITGEN-4355].
- Make read_file_text return identical Incapable to read_file when file doesn't exist.
- Map Oracle data type date to Invantive database data type 'datetime' instead of 'date'.
- ODBC correct float data type.
- Only take AccountView's system table location path from system.ini when present [SUP-977].
- Raise correct error when Windows Update is not running instead of a COMException.
- Switch new ODBC databases from native SQL to Invantive SQL.

Version 17.31.133-BETA, released 2019-02-12.

- Add ensure view dropped and column dropped methods to ANSI SQL-based connectors.
- Allow configuration of cache folders on Windows.
- Allow overrule of configuration folder location with environment variables.
- Consider length in conversion from string to char or varchar database data type on Windows-based connectors.
- Improve performance by reduced use of DateTime.Now.
- Include name, type, nullable and origin of column in generated SQL DDL.
- Memorize content type of HTTP requests.
- Recover broken Oracle connections transparently.
- Split cache files for HTTP disk cache and Data Cache.
- Upgrade to .NET Framework 4.7.2.
- Validate data against metadata when rows are transported over Invantive Web Service.

Bug fixes:
- Avoid itgeniuy003 error when not logged to Office 365 [ITGEN-3789].
- Avoid message on missing license variant code when default license variant code when not present in top-level assembly.
- Avoid unnecessary LOB cache can not be saved error when there is nothing to save early in boot phase.
- Correct Microsoft .NET Framework version check.
- Fix error itgeniuy003: Platform user is missing in construction of IUID [ITGEN-3789].
- Fix itgendca005 error when NativeScalarRequests view is registered twice.
- Fix number and datetime metadata issue.
- Fix System.Runtime not found exception  [ITGEN-3857].
- Fix use on Oracle of Data Replicator with upper casing
- Improve .NET Core compliance.
- Reduce impact of crash during calculation of stack trace.
- Remove dependency on System.Net.Http to avoid itgensuy016 error.

Version 17.29.54-BETA, released 2018-12-04.

- Add file_path parameter to read_file and read_file_text table functions.
- Add maintenance of indexes for MySQL.
- Default casing of Invantive SQL identifiers is upper case.
- Include fetch parameters in session I/O logging.

Bug fixes:
- Avoid repeatedly loading same metadata on SQL Server [ITGEN-3458].
- Fix itgendca002 on discovery on MySQL data model.
- Fix itgendca002 on discovery on Oracle metadata.

Version 17.28.1, released 2018-10-22.

- Make standardization with SQL identifier escape optional.

Bug fixes:
- Enable forwarding of application across Invantive Web Service.

Version 17.27.38-BETA, released 2018-09-09.

- Add provider attribute 'maximum-length-identifiers' to specify non-default maximum length of identifiers for a platform.
- Cache field metadata to improve performance of ANSI providers.
- Exclude data from external companies depending on subscription for accountants.
- Extend data dictionary model to allow differentiation between read-only partitions and read/write partitions.
- Standardize Oracle sequence and primary key naming.

Bug fixes:
- Add proper escaping of reserved words across all SQL platforms.

Version 17.26.8, released 2018-09-07.

Bug fixes:
- Handle column data model upgrade from limited length to unlimited length.
- Incremental evaluation of file access privileges to reduce false negatives when checking file permissions.

Version 17.25.36-BETA, released 2018-08-13.

- Add create or replace table support for MySQL and support for MySQL on Data Cache/Data Replicator [ITGEN-2083].
- Add 'drop table' on MySQL [ITGEN-3052].
- Allow ignore errors from File Access Information determination to avoid itgenube078 errors in Query Tool on restricted Windows environments.
- Allow non-default casing column names on ANSI SQL providers.
- Improve performance by streaming row checks.
- Performance improvements SQL engine: faster returning data, cache some system table functions.
- Performance improvements SQL engine: faster returning data, less memory pressure.
- Reduce number of alternative provider attribute names to avoid confusion with users.
- Streamed reading for ANSI SQL providers, like SQL Server and Oracle.

Bug fixes:
- Fix get object metadata not working for SQL Server and PostgreSQL [ITGEN-2276].

Version 17.24.20, released 2018-07-01.

- Add group function 'product'.
- Invantive Business for XAF files.
- Only try once to write to event log when not privileged.
- SQL: Allow specifying the timeout on a specific action.

Bug fixes:
- Filter failure itgendid048 "The value %123123% is not a valid integer".

Version 17.23.61-BETA, released 2018-05-30.

- Add Data Replicator support for Oracle.
- Add display names to all providers for use in new login screen.
- Add more context when license key can not be decrypted.
- Add support for table or view synonyms in available objects  [ITGEN-2604].
- Default user log on code to database value when not specified on connectionstring.
- Enable configuration of internal consistency checks.
- Improve upgrade scenarios for Data Replicator new not-null columns.
- Move providers.xml to settings.xml.

Bug fixes:
- Better support for specifying password on IBM DB2 UDB  [ITGEN-2498].
- Fix database version query DB2.
- Improve double data type mapping for Oracle.
- Password DB2 UDB is incorrectly handed over and not obfuscated [ITGEN-2498].

Version 17.22.9-BETA, released 2018-04-04.

Bug fixes:
- Fix concurrency issue in webhook receiver causes itgenwrr005 [ITGEN-2108].
- Update web service exception conversion.

Version 17.21.31-BETA, released 2018-03-30.

Bug fixes:
- Not found table 'FileSystem..file_actions' [ITGEN-2407].

Version 17.19.67-RC, released 2018-02-18.

- Add file insert/delete/move tables with audit file_actions to OS-provider.
- Add support for file copy actions to OS-provider.
- Determine version number of database platforms for certification checks.
- Include documentation column on providers in Data Dictionary.
- Make use of connection pooling configurable per data container in settings.xml.
- Updated partitioning in Control and Composition to allow selection of the partition when having multiple data containers opened, like two Exact Online accounts.

Bug fixes:
- Fix NRE and other bugs in Os provider.
- Improve performance by reducing number of lookups on processes.
- Joining with read_file_text yields invalid results [ITGEN-2246].
- Set nullable property on Oracle-based columns correctly, were always false.