Release Notes of Invantive(R) Studio 20.1.537-BETA

Invantive(R) Studio

Forms for Invantive Producer such as the Query Tool and Studio.

Created: 17-8-2021 10:15:55 (UTC, deploy002)

Version: 20.1.537

State: Beta

MSI Product ID: f4efe587-aa58-463a-b95f-a5cbc8deea6f

Manufacturer: Invantive Software B.V.

Brand: Invantive

Category: Business

Permissions: Software Requirements: Tags:

Included Components:

Version 20.1.534-BETA, released 2021-08-06.

Bug fixes:
- QT/Control: Fix partition selection.

Version 20.1.532-BETA, released 2021-08-05.

- Extend license agreement configuration options in Data Hub.

Version 20.1.530-BETA, released 2021-08-04.

- Make changing refresh token from settings.xml file take effect in logon.

Version 20.1.526-BETA, released 2021-08-03.

- Add save KeyChain.
- Save refresh token in Invantive KeyChain.

Version 20.1.495-BETA, released 2021-07-18.

Bug fixes:
- Fix calculation of number of physical cores.
- Fix typo in 'is64bitoperatingysstem' to read 'is64bitoperatingsystem'.
- Re-establish Execute All button in Query Tool.

Version 20.1.489-BETA, released 2021-07-17.

- Memorize last output of OS statement.
- Add new SID types.

Bug fixes:
- Fix infrequent occurring itgendid058 during log on.

Version 20.1.483-BETA, released 2021-07-12.

- Add timeout on "local host" and "${local:host...}" variables.
- Return stderr, stdout and exit code to caller of local host unless an error occurred.
- Show an error on 'local host' when it exited with code unequal 0.
- Add registration of 'on error default' applications.

Bug fixes:
- Avoid NRE on reconnect with WebView2.
- Avoid NullReferenceException on Teamviewer version determination.

Version 20.1.467-BETA, released 2021-06-30.

- Make locker readonly.

Version 20.1.461-BETA, released 2021-06-28.

Bug fixes:
- Fix ArgumentNullException on email address checks.

Version 20.1.455-BETA, released 2021-06-25.

- Improve DBMS output on Query Tool.

Version 20.1.452-BETA, released 2021-06-24.

Bug fixes:
- Fix error generating SQL on proxy column Logo$$image.
- Fix issue where unescaped redirect URL causes error message as if there was a log on failure.
- OAuth: Clear cookies on log in to prevent credentials to be carried over. Automate log in on Visma.NET.

Version 20.1.450-BETA, released 2021-06-23.

- Ensure the web view control is installed.

Bug fixes:
- Add new line to output of dbms_output.
- Make OAuth working in Control.

Version 20.1.449-BETA, released 2021-06-18.

- Replace OAuth window by new version which embeds Chrome to improve support.
- Improve data container ID determination.

Version 20.1.435-BETA, released 2021-05-28.

Bug fixes:
- Improve provider attribute handling when default value is not null.
- Fix determining the data type of loaded data into the data tab.

Version 20.1.432-BETA, released 2021-05-26.

- Extend email address verification.
- Add source to email address validation.

Version 20.1.423-BETA, released 2021-05-13.

Bug fixes:
- Fix superfluous itgenube015 error on Online Assistance.

Version 20.1.407-BETA, released 2021-04-26.

- Better clean email addresses.

Bug fixes:
- Improve performance, layout describe panels.
- Fix missing label translation column values.

Version 20.1.378-BETA, released 2021-03-12.

- Do not replace connection string settings of data container on log on by memorized value.
- Increase maximum width of columns in grids.
- Differentiate logging for Invantive Script.

Version 20.1.372-BETA, released 2021-03-03.

- Register date/time of occurrence of dbms_output.
- Clear DBMS output.

Version 20.1.371-BETA, released 2021-02-26.

Bug fixes:
- Exact Online: Select all divisions on consent to prevent errors.

Version 20.1.356-BETA, released 2021-02-10.

- Display license window even when trial keys are corrupt.

Bug fixes:
- Improve Data Replicator event log window.
- Fix data retrieval in multi-data container virtual database.

Version 20.1.354-BETA, released 2021-02-06.

- Print time for messages when in headless mode.
- Add channels to dbms_output.
- By default enable dbms_output in Query Tool.

Version 20.1.352-BETA, released 2021-02-04.

- Make many early compatibility checks fatal.
- Differentiate translation cache file formats.

Version 20.1.345-BETA, released 2021-01-28.

- Add handler for problems with getting enabled setting of Split Button.

Version 20.1.340-BETA, released 2021-01-25.

- Rename Open Data to Public Data.

Bug fixes:
- Fix changed indicator on new documents.
- Make last NK in error dialog selectable.

Version 20.1.339-BETA, released 2021-01-20.

- Add Logius COR icons.

Version 20.1.335-BETA, released 2021-01-18.

- DBMS output.
- DBMS output.
- DBMS output.

Bug fixes:
- Fix edit indicator text.

Version 20.1.325-BETA, released 2020-12-28.

Bug fixes:
- Fix "itgenouy003: Unsupported partition chooser type" error when selecting "All" states, cities, etc.
- Fix "itgenouy003: Unsupported partition chooser type" error when selecting "All" states, cities, etc

Version 20.1.301-BETA, released 2020-12-09.

- Add main category to providers.

Bug fixes:
- Avoid error on describe tab data when no data container aliases are used.

Version 20.1.296-BETA, released 2020-11-30.

- Separately handle kind request and natural key in message windows.

Version 20.1.288-BETA, released 2020-11-24.

- Add free license icon.
- Ignore error on invalid logon types when listing Windows users.

Version 20.1.284-BETA, released 2020-11-19.

- Re-enable data tab in object browser.
- Show discovery button more prominently.
- Show discovery button more prominently.

Bug fixes:
- Fix retrieving and saving of partition selection.
- Do not throw exception when no summary form is available to open item.
- Avoid NRE on 'local exit 0' in Query Tool.

Version 20.1.278-BETA, released 2020-11-13.

- Memorize chosen partitions by a hashed key of user and data container ID and database instead of solely database.

Bug fixes:
- Fix "itgenmcl005: Source not set." error.

Version 20.1.271-BETA, released 2020-11-06.

- Memorize last action.

Version 20.1.270-BETA, released 2020-11-05.

- Add Discourse icons.

Bug fixes:
- Handle byte values returned for Windows user data.

Version 20.1.267-BETA, released 2020-11-04.

- Add Chargebee icons.

Bug fixes:
- Fix storing open Query Tool documents.

Version 20.1.266-BETA, released 2020-10-30.

- Add option to close application on console menus.

Bug fixes:
- Change error dialog caption to include version and message code.
- Show license dialog without asking when license is invalid.

Version 20.1.258-BETA, released 2020-10-21.

- Memorize last used partitions on a database for Query Tool.
- Straighten XML configuration file serialization
- Flash OAuth dialog when not having focus.
- Save and restore selected partitions.

Version 20.1.256-BETA, released 2020-10-19.

Bug fixes:
- Fix not being able to close server license dialog.
- Rewrite Office partitions dropdown.
- Fix itgenclr008 on saving user settings.
- Fix itgenclr008 on saving user settings.
- Fix itgenclr008 on saving user settings.
- Fix icon on details pane.
- Try to prevent ArgumentException on opening forms.

Version 20.1.243-BETA, released 2020-10-07.

- Improve error message itgenarn021.
- Add local host statement.
- Enable overrule of UI language by environment variable INVANTIVE_ALLOWED_LANGUAGE_CODES.

Bug fixes:
- Fix saving user settings.

Version 20.1.230-BETA, released 2020-09-25.

- Add zoom icons.
- Add Zoom icons.

Bug fixes:
- Improve handling of expired trials with Invantive Data Hub.
- Avoid NullReferenceException due to bug in Microsoft Excel library implementing ribbon split menu.

Version 20.1.226-BETA, released 2020-09-21.

- Add knack icons.

Version 20.1.179-BETA, released 2020-08-06.

- Fix 32px icon teamleader.

Version 20.1.154-BETA, released 2020-07-15.

- Allow selection of output type when creating Data Hub batch script.

Bug fixes:
- Control: Add check workbook structure tool button to check if all required worksheets are registered.

Version 20.1.143-BETA, released 2020-07-08.

Bug fixes:
- Fix Producer repository log on using managed Oracle driver.

Version 20.1.118-BETA, released 2020-07-05.

- Switch object size resolution from KB to bytes.

Version 20.1.87-BETA, released 2020-06-17.

- Upgrade from Teamviewer 10 to Teamviewer 15.
- Default user settings from installation user data.

Version 20.1.57-BETA, released 2020-06-15.

Bug fixes:
- More logical sorting of actions.

Version 20.1.52-BETA, released 2020-06-09.

- Add menu with pre-defined scripting variables to Query Tool.

Bug fixes:
- Avoid parse errors with old SQL history files.
- Avoid duplicate inclusion of message code in errors.

Version 20.1.44-BETA, released 2020-05-22.

- Enable custom I18N files using the environment variable INVANTIVE_I18N_FOLDER.

Bug fixes:
- Enable display of itgentln003 error.

Version 20.1.39-BETA, released 2020-05-15.

- Add Jira Service Desk icons.
- Simplify text-based preferences form.

Bug fixes:
- Default extension to SQL for query tool
- Fix invoke error.

Version 20.1.21-BETA, released 2020-05-03.

- Improve error handling during boot on GUI products.
- Improve error handling during boot.

Version 20.1.20-BETA, released 2020-05-02.

- Differentiate discovered database per version.
- Add Confluence icons.
- Register date of creation of settings files.
- Reduce size of log on messages on console.
- Translate.
- Include non-primary key field value of 'field' in update on ActiveCampaign contact custom field.

Bug fixes:
- Fine-tune get container form title need.

Version 20.1.9-BETA, released 2020-04-16.

- Also sort databases by name in log on window after sorting on order.
- Add Robaws icons.
- Add Robaws icons.

Bug fixes:
- Avoid InvalidOperaitonException in license window.
- Raise error when a data container on a database with multiple data containers has no alias.
- Display correct connector attributes when there is no alias on multiple data containers.
- Do not select all text when opening a previously used file in Query Tool.
- Avoid display of itgenube151 on Data Hub when there are no messages.

Version 17.33.340-BETA, released 2020-03-22.

- Improved detection of invalid databases.
- Exclude existing databases from the discovery databases file.
- Prioritize database definitions when multiple are found.
- Include license contract code in error window to ease support.
- Allow translating labels from plugins.
- Auto close discovery when forced.
- Auto-close discovery when running a required discovery
- Make bulk insert batch size configurable.
- Install Invantive Producer Runtime plugin samples on upgrade.
- Add Runtime samples.
- Display documentation of parameters of Producer Plugins in list.
- Performance optimization of queries for list search a null value in a required field.
- Aggregate errors across tab during opening a summary form.
- Online assistance in license window.
- Signal HTTP 404 in error messages when logging in to OAuth connector.
- Default save file dialog to a good location.
- Download Anydesk using HTTPS instead of HTTP.
- Show relevant hint when exporting to a file in a non-existing folder.
- Indicate that encrypted value is a license key instead of the default 'password' text on decryption failure.
- Print expiry date message in Data Hub when loading a time-limited license.
- Allow disk cache root folder to be specified as execution option.
- Exclude non-user visible partition tags from partition choosers.
- Differentiate between successful and erroneous execution all steps in Query Tool.
- Refactor TOTP to allow generation of shared keys.
- Display warnings in Data Hub in yellow instead of red.
- Include global state in event arguments to improve window ownership.
- Don't translate image name for errors.
- Add Invantive Script statements [ITGEN-4447].
- Auto-discovery for multi-platform products.
- Improve language determination for Mac.
- Add Mac OSX support.
- Display log on user in Data Hub console window title to ease user navigation.
- Prevent Open, Edit and Copy dialogs to close the child form when closing the parent form.
- Increase limit on number of rows selected by defaulted on Invantive SQL.
- Reuse TeamViewer 10 download across support sessions for reduced bandwidth needs.
- Enable high-dpi with Infragistics 19.1 [ITGEN-4220].
- Use .NET 4.7 auto scaling for high DPI [ITGEN-4219].
- Add edit Producer Runtime plugin [ITGEN-4132].
- Improve performance by reduced use of DateTime.Now.
- OAuth for REST
- Generically solve problem of footer being overflown when elements are hidden. Now changed to CSS flex for web.
- Display partition code in error message [ITGEN-3990].
- Include SQL fragment causing error in error message.
- Aggregate exception on utility startup.
- Print final error to console for console apps when the exit code is not equal to 0.
- Restrict number of audit events maintained not only to a specific age, but also to maximum number of 100 entries.
- Display personal information in preferences even when gender code is invalid or missing.
- Include natural key in verbose progress messages.
- Reduce frequency of Office version checks.
- Add version running on Mac OSX, Linux and Windows.
- Changes due to adding support for Linux/Unix/Mac OS on Invantive Producer products.
- Support for Linux/Unix/Mac OS.
- Display clearer message when user tries to save a file under a name already in use by a folder.
- Add automatic time correction based upon Internet time of Invantive servers.
- Improve error message when distributed database has no aliases.
- Add documentation on 'stat:' scripting variable name space.
- Raise clearer error when a user is not authorized to log on on Exact Online since the client ID is unpublished and based upon another subscription.
- Better error message when trying to unprotect a sheet that is locked with another password than known by Invantive Control.
- Updates to OAuth dialog for Visma.NET.
- Allow drag/drop license file to license window.
- Return clearer error message when a plugin can not be loaded.
- Clarify message when export documents to disk.
- Improve handling of ANSI upper-case SQL identifiers for Invantive Producer-based products.
- Upgrade data model.
- Tool button, Discovery Ribbon Company Info.
- Theme for Company Info XAML.
- Background for Company Info logon screen.
- XAML theme for Company Info.
- Several layout improvements on Invantive Producer Runtime.
- Different controls on parameters based on their .NET data type.
- Support conditions for Producer Runtime.
- Add more context parameters [ITGEN-3560].
- Correctly handle changed parameter value, do not keep using the default value. [ITGEN-3562].
- Correctly handle changed parameter value, do not keep using the default value. [ITGEN-3562].
- Add new splash screen image with larger text, 256 colors and thicker border.
- Add splashscreen.
- Retrieve plugins from %USERPROFILE%\invantive\plugins folder and display in gray area. Extension: *.ipn. [ITGEN-3517].
- Reduce likelihood of needing loaded Producer Windows assembly early on.
- Ignore errors on isolated settings*.xml files during discovery.
- Only show partition chooser in Office add-ins when there is something meaningful to list.
- No longer write out settings files besides discovery
- Improved start up performance when using providers with over 1 million columns with each a long translation to be made.
- Add short one-line description to database groups and databases for better human recognition of groups and databases with codes as names.
- Add workarounds for Globe audit files.
- Make standardization with SQL identifier escape optional.
- Add plugin parameters.
- Memorize most recent SQL and LOG folder in Query Tool.
- Raise warning when user runs on Office 2010.
- Limit number of entries in SQL history to 2.500.
- Memorize SQL statements even when Query Tool is terminated before completion of SQL.
- Increase maximum size of result set to above 4 billion rows.
- Add support for JSON flattened output. Traditional JSON format renamed to jsondataset.
- Add icons to Invantive Business for Exact Online.
- Improve addition of double quotes across line feeds in CSV export when using another line feed as record separator.
- Update translations.
- Run discovery on software version change to automatically update provider attribute 'apiurl' to 'api-url'.
- Retrieve cookies from logon dialog.
- Print active data containers on text-mode log on.
- Add functionality to open web-based release notes.
- Prepare release.
- Add explanation of tool tip to license window button text for ease of use.
- itgensdf054 Detect adding worksheets in Invantive Control where not allowed [ITGEN-821].
- Improve performance by streaming row checks.
- Expand first group and select first database on first open.
- Add "alter data dictionary set ..." PSQL statements.
- Add alter persistent cache set backing connection string [ITGEN-1678].
- Add execute native PSQL statement [ITGEN-2963].
- Improvements on Exact Online import for Twinfield.
- Allow ignore errors from File Access Information determination to avoid itgenube078 errors in Query Tool on restricted Windows environments.
- Set default target folder of 'local export results' statement to the current working directory for Data Hub and Query Tool.
- Enable use of $C, $X, $P, $R in where clause of pick list for Excel cells [ITGEN-2842].
- Separate use of Invantive Keychain and save password.
- Always require an alias in an Invantive SQL query when using distributed database [ITGEN-2870].
-  Extensive rewrite of logon dialog styling to allow scrolling the database properties [ITGEN-2629].
- Allow specifying the timeout on a specific SQL back-end provider action through execution option.
- Improve upgrade scenarios for Data Replicator new not-null columns.
- Inherit message code of inner error when running queries in Query Tool.
- Allow filtering on data container ID when downloading feeds on Data Replicator.
- Hide log on information in tooltip on connect for Control and Composition when not connected.
- Use new syntax for Data Hub command line arguments.
- Enable specification of days retention for forwarded incoming messages in text mode.
- Add pagination to Online SQL Editor [ITGEN-2640].
- Do not display >, >> when at last page. Do not display <, << when at first [ITGEN-2639].
- Shorten column for picture Base64 string [ITGEN-2641].
- Show tool tip in logon screen.
- Show also explanation on provider attributes on logon.
- Enforce specification of export password for Invantive Keychain.
- Implement 2FA token generator.
- Hide error message window area when it has no contents [ITGEN-2261].
- Obfuscate settings not honored [ITGEN-2608].
- Make hamburger menu have same margin all around on mobile in landscape.
- Increase limit to 1000 due to increased limits for all enterprise drivers when used in free product.
- Add support for table or view synonyms in available objects [ITGEN-2604].
- Display alias and display name in partition choser of Invantive Query Tool.
- Improve configure provider attributes question in Data Hub when there are some provider attributes already set.
- Expand provider attribute category when having at least one attribute with a value.
- Memorize and use multiple credentials per data container alias.
- Add Invantive Keychain tools window.
- Enable toggle of save logon settings in text mode applications.
- Save log on settings in Invantive Keychain for interactive products.
- Data Hub: Set provider attributes through command line.
- Data Hub: Set data container credentials.
- No description paragraph when no description is given.
- Allow specification of label and unencrypted value in Invantive Script.
- Implement safer way to write default values to the console.
- Clear credentials on request.
- Move providers.xml to settings.xml.
- Save credentials new logon dialog.
- Improved logon dialog -> Update auto discovery.
- Remove superfluous precision below day from name of log file for generated Data Hub scripts.
- Add use of encrypted Invantive Script variable values [SECURITY].
- Simplify partition choser when there are no meaningful options for state, city and owner.
- Improve defaults for saving of encrypted connection string.
- Log on to EOL using client Id and long term token for developers ITGEN-1761.
- Support encryptedtoken in settings.xml, include some tips on use in generated settings.xml of Invantive Cloud. -> We support encryptedConnectionString now [ITGEN-2480].
- Add test button to Data Cache connection string in editor window [ITGEN-2271].
- Display audit fields (read-only) ID, created by / on / date on Database editor WPF window [ITGEN-2221].
- Editable Connection Pooling and Rewrite property on Data Container [ITGEN-2209].
- Send all logging in one go instead of one each time [ITGEN-1161].
- Add support for force native to Invantive Web Service definition [ITGEN-2429].
- Change min. height for login screen.
- Expand/collapse query for mobile landscape, maximum height for query input, better padding and width of query input for landscape.
- Adjust exporting to accommodate related changes to export formats.
- New version of Online SQL Editor, including all necessary changes since the more rigid ResultSet checks.
- Teamleader: log off before connecting.
- Teamleader fill in credentials.
- Data Loader: Add partition chooser.
- Allow both lower and upper case input in text mode on Yes/No questions.
- Include documentation column on providers in Data Dictionary.
- Replace 32x32 partition icon with 64x64 image.
- Add 'local on error ignore' and exit with error on 'local on error continue' when an error occurs.
- Added Data Loader in Query Tool menus.
- Add "local column xxx heading" syntax for GUI applications.
- Allow space in actions with local export documents statement.
- Raise no longer an error on export of empty data set.
- Support executing a file through @@ in Query Tool as in Data Hub. Also add support for it to Data Access Point [ITGEN-2009].
- Data Cache: event log panel in Query Tool.
- Added tabs for Data Replicator and table function parameters.
- Added documentation panel to available objects overview.
- Added documentation panel to available objects overview.
- Load license file from text mode configure license form.
- Added more fields in table describe.
- Add requested fields.
- Add statistics on my incoming messages for Data Replicator.
- Query Tool: Add general tab in describe windows when pressing F4 in the query editor.
- Check that Windows Update has installed updates at most 180 days ago.
- Extend export options by TSV format in menus and Invantive Script.
- Open documents from Exact Online and other sources in Invantive Composition.
- Open documents from Exact Online and other sources in Invantive Composition.
- Allow deviating license contract code for authentication on Customer Service on behalf of Data Replicator.
- Add view maintenance: install business views on PostgreSQL and SQL Server [ITGEN-1918].
- Add additional domains and values for Exact Online.
- Added Accountancy endpoints to Exact Online provider.
- Reduce length of call stack printed in console window for Data Hub.
- Show number of messages downloaded by trickle loading after download feed in Data Replicator.
- Show URL to configure webhooks for trickle loading in console user interface.
- Add domain tables for Exact Online.
- Updated ExactOnline REST metadata.
- Correct outcome of equals sign when selecting on code in accounts in Exact Online REST [ITGEN-104].
- Add option to export technical headers (column names) instead of user-friendly labels [ITGEN-1937].
- Allow use of COMPRESS as a column name [ITGEN-1936].
- Add EZ-Base provider.
- Add fixed days to run methods for Exact Online plus new LOV IntrastatTypes.
- Improve error message on 403 Forbidden for Exact Online XML by including division number.
- Enable group functions on Open Data and with premium license in Invantive Query Tool.
- Add create or replace table support for ANSI SQL providers: PostgreSQL and SQL Server.
- Log downloaded messages in event log for Data Replicator.
- Display metadata droppable days in Data Cache text form.
- Fill new fields on Exact Online transaction lines / bulk with GL account information.
- Allow configuration after how many days the table partition version metadata is dropped from Data Replicator.
- Optimize memory usage when joining with an empty row in a left outer join.
- Add unique entry ID to every XML element [ITGEN-1898].
- Add extensive GL Account information on Exact Online GL transaction lines.
- Allow download feed from Data Cache menu in Data Hub.
- Allow Data Replicator messages from feed to be deleted.
- Enable data model upgrade without restarting Data Replicator.
- Change default of maintain partition views to false.
- Upgrade Data Replicator data model to support date occurrence at server local time.
- Add date of event occurrence for Data Replicator in server local time.
- Add GLAccountClassificationMappings for Exact Online [ITGEN-1891].
- Store in-memory table directly from result set to improve performance.
- Invantive SQL: Return correct return type for parameters.
- Clarify error message itgenprr005 with actual string value.
- Force garbage collection on disconnect to database.
- Collect garbage after dropping in memory storage provide table.
- Show in diagnostics whether a 32-bit application is large address aware (3 GB addressable).
- Reduce memory footprint of results.
- Cache HTTP requests on disk when requested.
- Instrument software with measurements, available in SystemProperties@datadictionary.
- Improve speed of HTTP cache.
- Reduce memory footprint of OData EDM data types.
- Reduce memory footprint by trimming sparse arrays.
- Improve hints on password manager suggestions on log on.
- Correct calculation of century and era in calendar of Data Dictionary.
- Add table function regexp_split_row to split text according to regular expressions.
- Improve suggestions for user names from password manager.

Bug fixes:
- Fix XAF 3.1 plugins for Invantive Runtime not appearing.
- Reduce unnecessary discovery scans when switching between lower and higher versions.
- Avoid superfluous question when last statement in batch fails in interactive mode.
- Show confirmation window after requiting to be called.
- Move support button to left side to avoid accidental application.
- Avoid NullReference when a problem occurs with Teamleader interactive log in.
- Add edit plugins for Producer Runtime.
- Default user interface language for Producer Runtime.
- Only display available plug-ins in Producer Runtime.
- Avoid non-persistent file access error when changing Producer Runtime plugins
- Fix empty columns in SQL history with UTC dates.
- Improve error message itgenube042.
- Avoid database access when querying for null value in required column.
- Fix itgencmr010 on describe table.
- F4 raises itgencmr010 IsApplicationRunning [SUP-1439].
- Estate: Fix no license issue
- Make insensitive for seldom occurring problem during OK pressing in error window.
- Fix possibe NullReference when no primary key value is included for lists.
- Fix describe of tables with non-Invantive Producer.
- Use correct timestamp in UTC instead of local TZ for Teamviewer and Anydesk download.
- Set minimum and maximum length for char columns in Windows grids.
- Fix evaluation of Invantive Script system variables upon first use.
- Silently ignore when another product used database not available on this product.
- Improve message when window helper is missing on edit/add connection [ITGEN-4311].
- Thread safety.
- Reduce impact of error during retrieval of available object in Windows forms.
- Fix threading issue.
- Always enable main tab, don't show license dialog when function is not licensed.
- Correct functionality of cancel button in register product window.
- Highlight which user specification fields are required for use of Invantive products.
- Fix threading issue Auto Discovery window.
- Return exit code from Data Hub on exit from generated batch script instead of 0.
- Avoid suppressing of error window in Invantive Control for Excel in specific situations.
- Discovery is re-run on every execution [ITGEN-4429].
- Sort available datas type in edit parameter form of Invantive Query Tool.
- Fix progress indicator [ITGEN-4403]
- Fix spacing for log in button [ITGEN-4402]
- Fix issue owner Studio [ITGEN-4393].
- Register correct database name when not using Invantive Keychain.
- Reduce impact when initialisation of search panel fails.
- Reduce number of translation requests for better performance.
- Don't repeatedly ask for personal information [ITGEN-4270].
- Search window wrong owner [ITGEN-4206].
- Broken license window [ITGEN-4227].
- Set WPF window as owner for WF form.
- Set WF as owner for WPF windows.
- Restore close command in License window.
- Fix itgentwn001 error in Invantive Estate when editing in a form.
- Correctly hand over owner of a window [ITGEN-3704].
- Improve .NET Core compliance.
- Avoid confusing error window when closing Excel when Invantive Control is still starting.
- Allow use of unencrypted passwords again.
- Query Tool: Don't hide progress notifier.
- Fix Alt+F4 in Query Tool.
- Query Tool: Add save documents.
- Query Tool MDI: prevent Escape to close the window [ITGEN-4005].
- Remove natural key since we have no meaningful value [ITGEN-4024].
- Improved opening and closing logic. Loads documents from internal cache.
- Fix DateTime metadata issue.
- Add vertical scrollbars to various locations when screen is too small or Windows renders incorrectly.
- Repair F4 on table functions in Query Tool [ITGEN-3732].
- Only memorize search results that can be opened later.
- Ensure Data Container ID is available for use with open recent entries.
- Include email address entered from step 1 in step 2 of registration process.
- Execute early compatibility checks at most once.
- Fix System.Runtime not found exception [ITGEN-3857].
- Prevent losing current Office-based partition selection when opening Query Tool from Office product.
- Only ask whether to save SQL editor contents when it has any contents.
- Restore adding product properties to exceptions.
- Some console colors turn black on SSH using Putty [ITGEN-3768].
- Fix auto logon from Visma NET
- Show correct icon on progress warning messages instead of always Error icon.
- Fix crash
- itgenclr003: The calling thread cannot access this object because a different thread owns it. [ITGEN-3620]
- Display message box during initialization even when initial display fails.
- Show correct icon in Producer Runtime pop-ups [ITGEN-3576].
- Fix editing issue Producer Runtime.
- Render unknown image as placeholder when PDF file can not be rendered into thumbnail in Query Tool.
- Fix selective column export for Excel when create multiple Excel sheets in one go.
- Control/Composition/Business: Solve grouping issue with a lot of partitions.
- Enable export of grouped grid contents.
- Hide online assistance in Preferences wizard when online assistance is not licensed.
- Replace title and move user to bottom. Remaining gray area is reserved for script tiles [ITGEN-3516].
- Only display partition choser in Query Tool when there are at least 2 partitions.
- Fix casting errors in Query Tool parameter definition window.
- Fix Null reference when an error occurs and no error policy is set in Invantive Script.
- Show actual error instead of NulLReferenceException when Invantive Web Services returns itgencmr008.
- Show actual error instead of NulLReferenceException when Invantive Web Services returns itgencmr008.
- Ask whether to save changed contents in Query Tool before opening a recent file.
- Display missing database name in Query Tool when connected using refresh token.
- Reduce minimum height of facts window to half of current value [ITGEN-3141].
- Do not close Data Loader main window when solely ESC is pressed [ITGEN-3152].
- Reduce chance of read lock blocking reading files through OS provider.
- Reconnect after disconnecting in the license dialog [ITGEN-3134].
- Add proper escaping of reserved words across all SQL platforms.
- More often show a WPF error window instead of default box [ITGEN-3130].
- Show excluded Invantive SQL components in License Components tab.
- Differentiate for callback URL between implicit grant and code grant flow when logging in interactively using OAuth.
- Enable running export to Excel even when the previous export was canceled.
- Display default user name when the log on mode is read-only.
- Only show partition selector when there are any partitions.
- Remove unsupported data containers data dictionary, os, mail, ... on native connections [ITGEN-2597].
- Describe not working on table functions [ITGEN-1877].
- Exclude ClickOnce checks for desktop file access.
- Open SQL through menu from query tool doesn't do anything [ITGEN-2880].
- Improve performance of large IN clauses by sharing comparers.
- Dragging a nullable boolean column to a group crashes the grid [ITGEN-2957].
- Avoid argument exception on block code.
- Make order of fields for translations editing more logical.
- Regression bug itgenugs035 [ITGEN-2861].
- Filter failure itgendid048 The value %123123% is not a valid integer [ITGEN-2860].
- Correct source of Use Invantive Keychain log on option.
- Fix 22P04: missing data for column "dc7373f753c9d25181c009f6217177" [ITGEN-2825].
- Guard against NullReferenceException in Invantive SQL pseudo-code.
- Hide data containers with no selectable partitions in Query Tool partition selector.
- Reduce memory footprint [ITGEN-2582].
- Fix issue with missing fields on insert from clipboard.
- Ensure the WPF application context isn't closed halfway the program. This is possibly due some changes in .NET 4.7.x.
- Changed garbage collection output into a report message instead of error window.
- Unsupported partition chooser type [ITGEN-2634].
- Incorrect code inserted on double click in available objects [ITGEN-2610].
- Right-align numbers in Diagnostics [ITGEN-1020].
- Hide Query Tool partition chooser on platforms with no partitions such as Oracle.
- Avoid itgenrst009 on klm_nk for platforms with column names exceeding 61 characters.
- Current thread must be set to single thread apartment (STA) mode before OLE calls can be made. Ensure that your Main function has STAThreadAttribute marked on it [ITGEN-2568].
- Place cursor focus on first enterable field (user name or whatever) on login [ITGEN-2571].
- Avoid NullReference when opening Preferences window through Diagnostics before connecting.
- Fix length of ftn_code in Invantive Producer to meet new function codes.
- Avoid runaway when email address is not valid and running in headless mode (itgenuty545).
- Error itgencun016: Could not determine Data Replicator messages [ITGEN-2487].
- Fix can't find resources.xaml error [ITGEN-2492].
- Avoid itgenlow002 error when there is no KeePass driver licensed [ITGEN-2467].
- Disable new database discovery window for production release.
- Settings-xxx.xml is overwritten by Invantive software instead of being only merged [ITGEN-2451].
- Jumping context in log on database chooser [ITGEN-1930].
- Partition chooser no longer working in Online SQL Editor [ITGEN-2430].
- Enable use of Invantive Studio across Invantive Web Service.
- Correct version label in Online SQL Editor.
- Fix error on double clicking available objects in Query Tool.
- Fix partition chooser in Invantive Control [ITGEN-2362].
- Data Loader: Fix selected divisions.
- Correct escaping of & in WPF partition chooser.
- Show correct count of rows processed in Data Loader. It was off by 1.
- Describe not working on table functions [ITGEN-1877].
- Updated partitioning in Control and Composition to allow selection of the partition when having multiple data containers opened, like two Exact Online accounts.
- Improve performance of Oracle Invantive Producer-based products by reducing audit trail when running on platform with no audit trail.
- Only show supported databases in log on window, depending on product.
- Avoid error on describe window pop-up when columns can not be determined.
- Do not allow use of data containers with connection pooling on Invantive Studio.
- Fill required fields of Invantive Producer provider.
- Do not freeze parent window of Data Loader due to repairing parent window.
- Correctly generate environment variable INVANTIVE_LOG_FILE_OVERWRITE value when set to false.
- Add missing picture to Invantive Data Loader.
- Fix Invantive Data Loader started from Excel.
- Reduce duration of audit events in configuration files from 100 to 7 days for better performance.
- Improve performance of function license checks.
- Avoid UI error when exporting CSV to a file from within Query Tool [ITGEN-2062].
- Fix creating multiple files with export results without split column specification.
- Enable user language to be set from windows products before connecting.
- Prevent errors in logon window on STA applications such as Query Tool.
- Prevent crash when entering wrong user name or password on OAuth providers.
- Correct layout of Data tab in Diagnostics. Numbers fit again.
- Diversify errors on early compatibility checks.
- Trim composed labels after translation to ensure readable labels even when the prefix translates to empty string.
- Show error on multiple statement execution in the correct format.
- Raise error when a settings.xml has no version defined.
- Allow connection string to be empty for trivial providers such as ECB.
- Avoid NullReference in Data Hub for provider attribute with null default value.
- Clarify error message in Data Hub and Query Tool when Exact Online wrong password entered.
- Offer discovery in Data Hub when an undefined connection is specified.
- Reduce length of call stacks.
- NullReferenceException on query when not adding alias to default/first provider [ITGEN-1948].
- itgenemd007: An element with the key 'P_ACCOUNT_CODE' already exists in the dictionary [ITGEN-1939].
- Slow or OutOfMemoryException on parameter pick lists [ITGEN-1940].
- Fix invalid parameter binding Invantive Studio on log on [ITGEN-1863].
- Stability improvements to the SQL engine. Calculations with DateTime return the right data type now.
- Remove temporary code that caused bulk insert on SQL Server to fail.
- Enable more than 100 rows result sets with full Invantive SQL license in Query Tool.
- Merge Open Data license and free license on Invantive Query Tool.
- Avoid NullReferenceException when the KDBX database could not be decrypted.
- itgenmsy001 The index position 525 is not in use. The last index used is 304 [ITGEN-1906].
- Date subtract gives wrong outcome by factor -24 [ITGEN-1910].
- itgenoda093: At least one division is missing in your filter. Missing divisions: [ITGEN-1907].
- Return fields in the correct order when passing select fields to the OData/ODataProvider.Fetch method.
- Fix data type error on column ALLOW_DISPLAY for query for SystemProviderAttributes.
- Ensure vital messages are sent to the customer service on a failing program.
- Lower-case views for partition and overall storage in Data Replicator.
- Avoid error on Invantive Web Service trying to rewrite connection string.

Details of Release Notes:

Version 20.1.325:
Fix "itgenouy003: Unsupported partition chooser type" error when selecting "All" states, cities, etc
#	src/Invantive.Producer.Office/OfficeUtility.cs

Version 20.1.258:
Straighten XML configuration file serialization
#	src/Invantive.Producer.Base/Settings/ProductUserSettings.cs

Version 20.1.39:
Default extension to SQL for query tool
#	src/Invantive.Producer.Windows.Forms/SourceCodeEditorBase.cs

Version 17.10.172:
Reduce length of call stack printed in console window for Data Hub.
Also delay a few seconds after an error to allow the user to read it.

Version 17.10.115:
Add create or replace table support for ANSI SQL providers: PostgreSQL and SQL Server.
Include bulk insert from result set of query.
Allow configuration after how many days the table partition version metadata is dropped from Data Replicator.
Upgrades Data Replicator / Data Cache repository to version 4.

Version 17.10.37:
Improve suggestions for user names from password manager.
Define INVANTIVE_EXCLUDE property on KDBX entry to exclude it.
Define INVANTIVE_HINT property or tags with matching texts to make it more likely to match.