Release Notes of Invantive® Estate for Windows 22.1.79-BETA

Invantive® Estate for Windows

Invantive Estate for Windows

These release notes describe all bug fixes and enhancements on Invantive® Estate for Windows per released version. The release number consists of three elements: major version, minor version and patch version. The latest version is listed on top of the list, with older releases further down. Notes are listed per patch release for the current minor release. Changes from patch releases are bundled for previous minor releases. The release notes include all changes deemed informative for use outside the product development team. Refactoring, logging, translations and internal code-only changes are not included in these external release notes. A change is considered a bug fix when it solves a problem with previously released functionality. A change is considered an enhancement when the software change extends previously released functionality.

Version: 22.1.79

Released: 17-09-2022 20:34:34 (UTC)

State: Beta

Manufacturer: Invantive Software B.V.

Brand: Invantive

Operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Microsoft Windows 11
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 (64-bit)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016 (64-bit)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2019
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2022

Memory Requirements: 1 GB


  • Requires Internet access.
  • Requires all required Operating System updates applied at most 1 month ago.
  • Installation needs administrative privileges.

Software Requirements:

  • Microsoft .NET 4.7.2 or higher.
  • Screen resolution 1280x1024 or higher.
  • User license for databases used and/or business applications.

Category: Business


Download (URL): (164 MB)

Forums (URL):


  • project control
  • real estate
  • real estate development

MSI Product Name: Invantive Estate for Windows 22.1.79

MSI Product ID: 0273c06d-0b61-4c57-87d5-a4e50d7a400b

MSI Version ID: 0273c06d-0b61-4c57-87d5-4f0001001600

Included Components:

Version 22.1.69-BETA, released 2022-01-12.

- Add new splashscreen.
- Add timezone functionality.
- Improve user interface language defaulting.

Bug fixes:
- Fine-tune person merge options.

Version 20.2.196, released 2022-01-03.

- Add forums buttons to various ribbons and make online assistance configurable.
- Add images.
- Add new OG images.
- Add Oracle 21 support.
- Switch to IPv6.

Bug fixes:
- Correct translation.
- Fix IPv6 issue.
- Improve file handling of session IO log.

Version 20.1.532-BETA, released 2020-07-10.

- Add barcode to units and end payment holidays to parties.
- Add barcode.
- Add option to close application on console menus.
- Add price lists to explorer.
- Add search on person identity.
- Add unt_datum_start_gebruiksrecht and unt_datum_einde_gebruiksrecht fields to unit search.
- Allow mail not to be sent.
- Avoid UTF-8 encoding of mail subjects when there are no special characters in them.
- Check country of license owner.
- Default the language code when adding a person to an organisation.
- Disable check bubsute041.
- Extend SMTP conversation by message codes.
- Improve data container ID determination.
- Include non-primary key field value of 'field' in update on ActiveCampaign contact custom field.
- Make non-dependent of tasks for licenses.
- No longer send copy of license key to support mail.
- Search on barcode.

Bug fixes:
- Do not also close search result window when search window is closed automatically.
- Fix log on bug.
- Fix ORA-06502 on large emails.
- Permanently disable strong name verification.
- Remove superfluous spacing in error message.

Version 17.33.89-BETA, released 2019-08-09.

- Improve error handling when URL of report server can not be reached.
- Perform check that customer is not temporarily blocked when generating a license.

Bug fixes:
- Add missing view element to GIS.
- Always enable main tab, don't show license dialog when function is not licensed.
- Fix bubsuty024 to exclude check on session ID from report server.
- Fix installation of database requiring settings.
- Improve handling of internal NullReferenceException in Office VSTO.
- Re-enable use of TLS 1.0 in combination with Invantive Estate and Vision.
- Refactoring for case sensitive column of Oracle driver.

Version 17.31.87-BETA, released 2019-04-16.

- Add new splash screen for Estate.
- Add references to organization and unit.
- Add support for Oracle 19 client drivers.
- Changes due to adding support for Linux/Unix/Mac OS on Invantive Producer products.
- Display splash screen on startup of Invantive Business.
- Improve performance by reducing use of DateTime.Now.
- Move to Office Starter for faster start-up.
- Reduce chance of internal Office NullReferenceException.
- Use .NET 4.7 auto scaling for high DPI [ITGEN-4219].

Bug fixes:
- Correct default button in message boxes.
- Fix default button on sync.
- Fix itgenefd004 error on 3 entities having number with maximum length in characters.
- Include user information from middle tiers such as Producer or Estate in connection state.
- Only memorize search results that can be opened later.

Version 17.29.7-BETA, released 2018-12-05.

- Add elaboration on what currencies are used.
- Exclude settings.xml from session initiation procedure.
- Increase maximum size of result set to above 4 billion rows.
- Update business layer.

Bug fixes:
- Correctly determine user name from credentials container.
- Correctly hand over country to Exact Online.
- Fix native log on [ITGEN-3595].
- Make referenced code table primary keys updateable again.
- Remove settings from session log ons.

Version 17.27.0-BETA, released 2018-09-09.

- Support Oracle 18c RDBMS client drivers.

Bug fixes:
- Add proper escaping of reserved words across all SQL platforms.

Version 17.24.1, released 2018-06-21.

Bug fixes:
- Reduce maximum load on UNDO tablespace when there are many messages to purge.

Version 17.12.1-BETA, released 2018-04-09.

Bug fixes:
- Prevent using connection pooling on Estate through the web service.

Version 17.11.29-BETA, released 2018-03-29.

- Add check on connection pooling in Estate.
- Add fields for temporarily blocking parties as customer or supplier.
- Add VAT Purchase fields for organisation.
- Column for split VAT sales/purchase.
- Improve startup with errors.
- Indicate with search unit whether it is still active.

Bug fixes:
- Add Copy function to Unit Relations form.
- Avoid duplicate file names for saving attachments from emails to Invantive Vision.
- Avoid JSON errors by making email address cache public.
- Avoid Null Reference error when changing license key after logging on.
- Avoid pop-up for license window in Outlook on startup and re-connect.
- Clarify error message when HTTP fetch fails.
- Correct file names for multiple attachments in one mail when archiving.
- Correctly upload gender and title to Exact Online through XML API.
- Fix parameter binding.
- Raise error when an Invantive SQL Oracle connection is used instead of native SQL.
- Show correct product name in Diagnostics window.