Release Notes of Invantive® Cloud API Shared 23.1.230-BETA

Invantive® Cloud API Shared

Invantive Cloud Shared is a library for use across all Invantive Cloud products.

These release notes describe all bug fixes and enhancements on Invantive® Cloud API Shared per released version. The release number consists of three elements: major version, minor version and patch version. The latest version is listed on top of the list, with older releases further down. Notes are listed per patch release for the current minor release. Changes from patch releases are bundled for previous minor releases. The release notes include all changes deemed informative for use outside the product development team. Refactoring, logging, translations and internal code-only changes are not included in these external release notes. A change is considered a bug fix when it solves a problem with previously released functionality. A change is considered an enhancement when the software change extends previously released functionality.

This software, developed by Invantive, is designed to support a variety of business and information technology data processing functions, such as accounting, financial reporting an sales reporting. It is important to note that this software is not designed, tested, or approved for use in environments where malfunction or failure could lead to life-threatening situations or severe physical or environmental damage. This includes, but is not limited to:

Users must ensure that they understand the intended use of the software and refrain from deploying it in any setting that falls outside of its designed purpose. It is the responsibility of the user to assess the suitability of the software for their intended application, especially in any scenarios that might pose a risk to life, health, or the environment.

Invantive disclaims any responsibility for damage, injury, or legal consequences resulting from the use or misuse of this software in prohibited or unintended applications.

Version: 23.1.230

Released: 18-01-2024 15:59:07 (UTC)

State: Beta

Manufacturer: Invantive Software B.V.

Brand: Invantive

Operating systems:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Linux
  • MacOS
  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016 (64-bit)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2019
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2022


  • Requires Internet access.
  • Requires all required Operating System updates applied at most 1 month ago.

Software Requirements:

  • Microsoft .NET 6.0 or higher.
  • Screen resolution 1280x1024 or higher.
  • User license for databases used and/or business applications.

Limitations: For use in service area within important safety and usage conditions.

Category: Business


Forums (URL):

MSI Product ID: cd8921c5-aca6-4876-80c5-d125e7785789

Included Components:

Version 23.1.230-BETA, released 2024-01-12.

- Add 3 new user agents for AI to all robots.txt.
- Add background color to status 402 BOL.
- Add Dark mode for App Menu.
- Add exception message code in monitoring.
- Add Google-Extended & GPTBot.
- Add rate limiting to Cloud.
- Add row counts to session I/Os.
- Add selection dropdown on session I/Os and monthly session I/Os.
- Add spinner to chart dashboard card.
- Add SQL statement to Cloud monitoring.
- Add support page CSS.
- Add Teamleader Orbit provider.
- Add Teamleader Orbit Reporting provider.
- Add teamleader orbit reporting.
- Added caching properties to session I/Os.
- Allow BYOA and preauthenticated app on Visma .NET Financials.
- CSS for landing PBI Connectors.
- Dark mode select for filters monitoring.
- Enable service accounts to see statistics.
- Enable sorting on checkboxes in grids.
- Equalize site.css on BOL & Cloud.
- Fix accountview icon.
- Fix background light mode.
- Fix banner.
- Fix contact button.
- Fix CSS + Odoo icon.
- Fix dark mode / light mode landing page.
- Fix Disclosure policy Light mode & padding.
- Fix input Accountname input.
- Fix input new DB https input.
- Fix issue wit disappearing left menu.
- Fix layout.
- Fix margin 
    . - Fix pagination Bridge Online monitoring. - Fix related pages light mode. - Fix Simplicate logo. - Fix table & prices button. - Further clean CSS. - Improve internationalization on monitoring, add network compression calculation. - Improve license usage statistics chart readability. - No dark mode filter for QR code image. - Odoo: allow setting context language. - Remove duplicate CSS. - Remove duplicate lines. - Remove Google Analytics from Manual. - Show license usage statistics. - Split session I/O duration in CPU, I/O and sleep - Split session I/O duration in CPU, I/O and sleep. - Support page. - Teamleader Orbit Reporting: input postfix. - Teamleader Orbit: log on using a pre-authenticated token. - Update Cloud PDF & images (UniversalSQL logo & update Cloud 7 BOL logo/text). - support Visma Connect. Bug fixes: - Do not duplicate kind request in error message. - Fix boolean sorting. - Fix Bring Your Own App when no default app is available. - Fix BYOA option display. - Fix default sorting not sorting correctly. - Fix error not showing on app dashboard. - Fix session I/O filtering. - Fix sorting on date, date time and boolean fields in monitoring and other lists. - Fix sorting on date, date time and boolean fields in Universal SQL editor. - Remove white background from spinner for dark mode. - Show error message instead of just "Generic error" when creating duplicate user account. - UI selection bug. Details of Release Notes: Version 23.1.14: Split session I/O duration in CPU, I/O and sleep # src/Invantive.Cloud.Shared/Apps/AppsHelper.cs # src/Invantive.Cloud/Startup.Middleware.cs Version 22.1.295-BETA, released 2022-03-23. Enhancements: - Add Azure Data Factory images for ES, DE & FR. - Add Basecone icons. - Add Bouw7 and Fiscaal Gemak. - Add bouw7, fiscaal gemak, ndjson & fix gripp & sumatra. - Add CBS, HubSpot, PipeDrive & Tweede Kamer. - Add check itgenscr827. - Add check on require omit null values, require referer header and BYOA. - Add class to Responsible Disclosure. - Add cloud_http.get_request_form_file_header_value function. - Add Cloudflare specific error messages. - Add provider. - Add copy button. - Add CSS for 'Copied to clipboard'. - Add CSS for new provider icons. - Add CSS for newProviderImage. - Add CSS for overflowing tooltips % fix monitoring card tableheader alignment. - Add CSS for RTL. - Add CSS for RunOut page. - Add CSS for small provider images. - Add CSS Tixly [CSS] - Add db icons. - Add DocumentCloud, GitLab, Kadaster, Nasa, OpenArch, OpenSpending, RDW and Wikipedia. - Add Dropbox provider. - Add Easyflex icons. - Add ECB & OER to sprites. - Add ECB and Open Exchange Rates to Cloud. - Add Elastic variables. - Add Exact Online Premium ( - Add Exact Online Premium. - Add generic logo to sprite, move EOL to current last spot on 2nd sprite [ER}. - Add Gripp CRM. - Add Gripp icons. - Add hints. - Add HTML5 semantics. - Add icons missing providers. - Add images ja/it. - Add images to FR/ES/DE. - Add increase time-out handling. - Add IONbiz icons. - Add Italian images. - Add Japanese images. - Add KO, CS & PL. - Add language to signup page. - Add last gathering provider images CSS. - Add Legalsense. - Add min width to string columns. - Add minox icons. - Add Minox. - Add missing Azure images. - Add Mollie. - Add Monday.svg. - Add new provider icons CSS. - Add newProvider CSS. - Add open exchange + ecb logo's. - Add privacy link. - Add provider icons - Add provider icons (Gripp included). - Add provider icons. - Add provider sheet. - Add referer to the monitoring details. - Add responsible disclosure page. - Add ribbon to landing page. - Add RT & BR icons & CSS. - Add RTL CSS. - Add RTL styling. - Add runOut & gathering icons provider pages. - Add 'security.txt'. - Add Sendinblue. - Add Setup steps images AR. - Add Setup steps images DA/AR. - Add Setup steps images FI. - Add Setup steps images HI. - Add Setup steps images NB. - Add Setup steps images PT. - Add Setup steps images ZH. - Add Setup steps images. - Add SnelStart provider. - Add SQL company logo. - Add styling for LowestPricingQuote. - Add Sumatra Connector. - Add Sumatra icons. - Add Swedish images. - Add Tableau connector icon. - Add Tableau. - Add Teamleader Orbit & Jortt. - Add Tixly icons. - Add transaction icon. - Add Tweede Kamer Public Data driver. - Add version number in menu. - Add VirusTotal provider. - Add Visma svg. - Add WEBP en images. - Add YouTrack provider. - Add Youtrack. - Add zh Chinese support. - Align version right in settings menu. - Allow canceling query execution. - Allow downloading binary data from SQL editor. - Allow logging in using pre-authenticated authorization code. - Async improvements on session state. - Bouw 7. - Bouw7: Add company name in database. - Change alignment labels on forms to flex-start. - Change filename for EOl SVG. - Change order of buttons on mobile. - Change Trial/logon buttons color scheme. - Cloud HTTP package: read files from HTML forms. - Dark mode contrast 'cancel execution'. - Differentiate Dropbox for personal use and Dropbox Business. - Differentiate OLAP/OLTP queries and optimize caching. - Display "Renew Autorisation" on itgenoda184 when Exact Online refresh token has expired. - Display city, CoC number and email address of data owner. - Easyflex: Sandbox.. - Enable action button on user messages. - Enable cancel on EDM models. - Enable click on BYOA texts. - Enable configurable edit of On Startup SQL. - Enable credit card payments using Rabobank Smart Pay. - EOL: implement logging on using One Exact Identity. - Extend CloudWatch logging. - Extend invoice information on receiving OmniKassa payment. - Fix alignment DB form Firefox. - Fix alignment 'Search' for monitoring row popup and expand height for table to use full height of popup. - Fix anchor underline in connectorlist h3. - Fix app application documentation color. - Fix Arabic postal Code. - Fix aside for provider pages. - Fix background menu in dark mode. - Fix banner on resizing window. - Fix breaking required label. - Fix CBS & Tweedekamer, add ECB & OER. - Fix CLS Cloud Power BI setup page. - Fix color 3xx BOL. - Fix color light mode Copied URL. - Fix color logon screen dark mode. - Fix color Related Videos header in Dark Mode. - Fix Connector pages. - Fix contrast 304. - Fix contrast documentation icon product compare. - Fix contrast logo in footer Dark Mode. - Fix contrast product compare. - Fix 'Copied link'. - Fix copy to clipboard icon. - Fix country select Cloud new DB. - Fix cs language. - Fix CSS for ION & Minox. - Fix documentcloud icon landing sprite. - Fix error spacing. - Fix filename. - Fix first icon on run out page. - Fix font-size Community Forums button. - Fix gathering form. - Fix hintswrapper color. - Fix icons Fiscaal Gemak & Gripp. - Fix IUID bottom error. - Fix layout Responsible Disclosure page. - Fix 'Machine Translated' connector setup page. - Fix machine translated. - Fix menu color dark mode. - Fix menu color mobile dark mode. - Fix messagebannertext/code. - Fix min-height. - Fix missing NL images. - Fix modal on mobile (more width/height). - Fix naming Sugar CRM. - Fix naming. - Fix new providers layout mobile * menu top mobile. - Fix overlap 'more..' monitoring card. - Fix padding checklist Cloud Provider Landing. - Fix padding Usage Details card. - Fix partition selector in dark mode. - Fix path fonts. - Fix phone number RTL. - Fix plain text content contrast DarkMode. - Fix policy URL. - Fix position popup. - Fix Price Guarantee mobile. - Fix pricing button mobile. - Fix related videos CSS. - Fix Related Video's landing page. - Fix Related Videos on Mobile. - Fix related video's on power bi connector setup page. - Fix related videos. - Fix related video's. - Fix snelstart logo. - Fix spacing Cancel button. - Fix spacing error message. - Fix spacing 'version' settings menu. - Fix SQL & path columns. - Fix styling communityForums section Light Mode. - Fix table anchors in connector list. - Fix TL Orbit logo. - Fix tooltips. - Fix tweedekamer icon. - Fix various runOut & gathering CSS issues. - Fix videos on landing page. - Fix white line behind 'stop' icon - Fix width error message SQL editor. - Fix wrapping table name Monitoring. - Fix wrong logo's. - Fix z-index delegation menu/sql-editor Cloud. - Focus on email input gathering pages. - Forum tips CSS. - Get sample SQL statements from provider. - Gripp CRM provider. - Handle 503 server unavailable during activation of fresh token as "not activated". - HubSpot BYOA. - Ignore HTTP response disposed exceptions during error handling. - Improve caching on static files. - Improve copy link feedback. - Improve email format. - Improve error message on retrieval of database metadata. - Improve error message when deleting organization with delegated users. - Improve Exact Online first token exchange when Exact API down. - Improve Knack log on flow. - Improve language recognition in dropdown by using current and proposed language in its label. - Improve layout of SQL statement in email. - Improve online payment. - Improve online payments. - Improve performance by logging on multiple data containers at once. - Improve performance of monitoring. - Improve retry mechanism on API server. - Improve RTL support. - Improve search matching on Cloud lists. - Improve SQL grid layout. - Improve title of created database. - Improve title of SQL editor. - Improve UI of setting up SnelStart using own coupling key. - Include tips in system error messages. - Introduce Free Plan and Free Plan for Exact Online. - Introduce itgenscr827 for expired consulting agreements. - Invantive only class color. - IonBIZ. - Make Cloud API RLS more resilient when changing Code during on-boarding. - Make CloudWatch log size configurable. - Make database setup responsive in browser on smaller screens. - Make default language configurable. - Make itgencode selectable in error SQL editor. - Make pricingTrial more eyecatching, fix readMore button & add CSS for pricingFree, pricing4YrFree & pricingPublicData. - Make Trial button more bright in Dark Mode. - Minox en ionprojects. - Mollie. - Mollie: add tables. - Monitoring. - More right margin improve container. - Odoo. - PostgreSQL: allow configuring trusting any certificate. - Providers complete. - Reduce CLS. - Reduce number of warning mails. - Remove margin from loading bar. - Remove support number and fix free session link. - Remove Visma eAccounting. - Render image in SQL editor results. - Replace HI Skip image. - Replace images for correct language. - Replace Skip Organisation images. - RunOut CSS make fitting. - Send security emails. - Send system event itgenboe147 to user instead of system manager. - Sendinblue. - Show 'Copied to clipboard' in DB view. - Show itgenboe224 when the old GUID Bridge Online user format is used. - Smaller carousel images. - Sort languages in dropdown. - SQL rotators on data container. - Style cancel button SQL editor. - Switch test URLs. - Tixly. - Update Sendinblue tracking code. - Upgrade from .net Framework 4.7.2 to 4.8.0. - Use email address on itgenboe031 when available. - Use up less space for 'Lowest Price' quote. - Various buttons 'Related', mobile fix Price quote. - Various RTL Arabic. - Word break on exception Monitoring. - Wrapping for IP list databases. Bug fixes: - Add checks on token and client ID/client secret on ionBIZ startup. - Add missing diagnostics menu. - Add mobile number/phone number lists on error when signing up. - Avoid download starvation when an error occurs on communicating with the API-server. - Avoid NRE when direct attaching to a new database operation after log on. - Cloud: Improve download button. - Correct salutation in mails. - Decrease number of email messages for audit events. - Default error message when missing. - Disallow default values of ID fields when selecting, inserting, updating, deleting. - Do not display power bi, power query and ADF for RSS, XAA, XAF and XAS. - Do not fail on failing to read current/Me. - Do not show tips when no criteria are specified. - Fix carousel images. - Fix connection string formatting. - Fix data type issue that breaks searching on known data container. - Fix error raised when a Cognito access token is acquired for an user which is required to change their password. - Fix error that causes data containers not to be visible. - Fix finding user model for audit events. - Fix ionBIZ database creation raising error. - Fix itgenboe020 on calling /odata4. - Fix itgenclr000 on creating a new Loket Database. - Fix itgenclr149 on Invantive Cloud SQL Editor. - Fix itgenemd054 on database registration. - Fix javascript errors. - Fix JSON serialization error on skip organisation. - Fix Norwegian culture. - Fix not able to log in on Exact Online due to changed login screen. - Fix NRE on sign up without company. - Fix postfix spacing after inputs. - Fix reloading DataTable resulting in mouse click to have double action. - Fix retrieval of OAuth token on Invantive Cloud not returning any OAuth token. - Fix Roller OAuth token retrieval. - Fix scrolling of Path column. - Fix sitemap for providers with spaces. - Fix StackExchange log in issue. - Fix too high address bottom bar. - Fix undefined error. - Fix updating startup SQL. - Fix video title with {0}. - HubSpot: Fix scope entry and passing. - Improve determination of applicable subscription type when multiple subscription types apply. - Improve handling of SVG data type. - Improve retrieving translations on BOL/Cloud. - Improve security by removing DNS prefetch when not necessary. - Include entire error message when registering failed log on attempt. - Include line feed in salutation of emails. - Left align tooltips when overflowing. - New logic for loading translations. - Phone number styling. - Prevent retrieving IP address usage repetitively. - Raise error when not able to retrieve available objects in SQL editor. - Redirect when providing an unsupported language. - Remove duplicate footer with company name in emails. - Remove Google fonts. - Required tag missing on IonBiz instance. - Restore Bouw7. - Set language code on editing user. - Show actual SQL error on database open instead of itgenhcr006. - Split phone number in country code and phone number. - Translate Data Guard messages. - Translations in SQL editor. - Use correct return page in case of error on executing application module. Version 22.0.12, released 2020-05-22. Enhancements: - 2 spaces indentation and fix alignment 'See more...'. - 404 error page, other styling. - ActiveCampaign provider. - Add abort request icon. - Add actions to not found page. - Add ActiveCampaign & Robaws icons. - Add additional cache control profiles and enable cache control on static files. - Add alias and execution order to new data containers. - Add alt to big images. - Add Apple icon & theme color. - Add apple touch icon. - Add Application icon. - Add application modules. - Add application, module and database to exception data on running apps. - Add arrow to home item. - Add audit event for registering MFA. - Add Autotask icons for new Database Cloud. - Add AutoTask provider. - Add Autotask to sprite. - Add back link to item not found page. - Add background for documentation button. - Add barcode to product comparison. - Add base script for product coverages. - Add binary HTTP output as cloud_http.set_response_body_binary. - Add BOL response cache max age. - Add BOL set password button to profile. - Add Bridge Online response cache only mode. - Add button to open database in Cloud from BOL monitoring. - Add button to refresh data container authorization when receiving invalid token. - Add change password icon. - Add Chargebee. - Add check icon. - Add checks on delegation. - Add class to Parameter LoggingParameterValues.cshtml. - Add clearing the profile picture. - Add cloud_http.get_request_relative_path_to_module function. - Add cloud_http.set_response_status_code PSQL procedure. - Add columns to session I/O. - Add company name in header. - Add Concept Invoice Lines. - Add configuration options. - Add Confluence & Jira Service Desk to Cloud. - Add copy buttons to Bridge username & Bridge URL. - Add copy of values to Cloud data containers. - Add COR provider. - Add country selector to link organisation page. - Add CSS & change HTML for setup page. - Add CSS & icons for collapse menu. - Add CSS & images for new carousel and pricing columns. - Add CSS & images for password validation. - Add CSS for wizard. - Add CSS for Youtube video's. - Add CSS from BOL to Cloud to make them match. - Add CSS monitoring-stats. - Add Dark Mode fixes. - Add Dark Mode. - Add data containers button to organisation page. - Add database platforms. - Add default sorting order on various forms. - Add definition for cache lifetime constraints in license. - Add delegation icon to dashboard. - Add delegation icon. - Add disable reason to license key list of Invantive Cloud. - Add Discourse provider. - Add Discourse. - Add documentation on enter/exit read lock. - Add documentation. - Add documentation.svg. - Add email, phone and mobile registration for coordinator and signatory. - Add endpoint to get logging message on message UID. - Add execution order to data containers. - Add external-link icon when anchor has target. - Add fading image slideshow, add possibility to zoom, fix single column in product compare, fix public review, add white space after label without content. - Add fallback font for swapping. - Add fields to database connection information. - Add 'Find a Dealer' icon. - Add first data container ID on data container. - Add font-display swap to google fonts for faster page speed. - Add forum topic suggestions to error in Cloud. - Add forums icon. - Add Google Play badge (SVG). - Add higher contrast for default headers. - Add hint on environment name for Simplicate. - Add hyperlinks on phone, email address and website on organisation and user cards. - Add hyperlinks to organization. - Add I/O + FB icons. - Add icon for components. - Add icon for database groups. - Add icon for password. - Add icon for 'Pay'. - Add icon to SQL editor dashboard card. - Add icon. - Add icons for app menu. - Add icons for 'delete' and 'copy to clipboard'. - Add icons for exporting tables. - Add icons for Microsoft Graph, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft & Microsoft Dynamics CRM. - Add icons for Salesforce, PayPal & MS Graph. Fix slideshow on landing page, add PDF to slideshow. - Add icons Robaws, ActiveCampaign & Atlassian. - Add icons. - Add if statement around image carousel. - Add 'info' icon. - Add Invantive Authenticator image. - Add IP address V6 handling. - Add IP image. - Add JIRA pre-authentication. - Add Jira provider. - Add JS to make tooltip appear on the left when it's too close to the edge. - Add knack. - Add Knack. - Add known data container icon. - Add landing page. - Add language-specific alternatives in addition to sitemap. - Add last log on attempt date, error code and message on databases. - Add last login columns to user list. - Add Logius Cor icon. - Add Logius COR to banner and add theming. - Add logo to contact footer & center properly. - Add maintained by Invantive indicator in organisation and user list. - Add menu item for collapse. - Add message bus icon. - Add message code column in monitoring. - Add messaging tables to Invantive Cloud. - Add missing check on hack attack on WP. - Add missing provider icons. - Add modified date to module list. - Add monitoring for regular users, updated UI. - Add monitoring icon. - Add monitoring menu items. - Add monitoring-stats CSS. - Add more extensive retry on Data Guard and Open ID connections. - Add more padding for cards. - Add multiple data containers to database, edit and delete data container. - Add name and description to party database data containers. - Add needs repair checkbox. - Add new fields to application. - Add new icon sprite. - Add new OG images. - Add NL small images. - Add OG images. - Add outbound message pages. - Add overlay to DB icon if there's more options after clicking, just for EOL now, needs to be generic. - Add parameter values icon and resize icon. - Add parameters to cloud_metadata.execute_module_* functions. - Add password checks. - Add payment holiday. - Add permissions. - Add post-fix to setup pages. - Add preload of fonts for CLS. - Add product barcode. - Add product comparison page. - Add products to comparison. - Add published applications. - Add quantity and SEO elements of components. - Add refresh icon. - Add relationship to person in Vision to Cloud. - Add resize icon. - Add Robaws, Simplicate and Active Campaign to Landing Page sprite. - Add rows column in session I/Os. - Add Salesforce. - Add 'select all' and 'select default' in partition selector in SQL editor. - Add session I/O dashboard card. - Add session IO pages. - Add Session IO's icon. - Add shorter home screen title. - Add shown to user flag to logging overview. - Add Simplicate to databases (image, sprite + css). - Add Simplicate. - Add sitemap option to internettable table function. - Add Snelstart & Yuki. - Add sorting order to module languages. - Add sorting order to settings.xml download. - Add spacing for anchors in ol. - Add sprites & CSS for Usage Details. - Add stale-while-revalidate to static files. - Add status CSS. - Add styling for anchor inside landingPinPoint. - Add styling for related videos Cloud TL landing page. - Add styling for tooltips to center align on all form inputs. - Add super user column to users, translation. - Add support for AFAS environments. - Add support landing page for IE 11. - Add theming for Chargebee & Discourse. - Add theming for Cloud landing page and add JS for tooltips. - Add theming for connect setup page. - Add theming landing page. - Add tips. - Add tooltip and short key to button title. - Add tooltips. - Add translations for message bus. - Add Trial button to banner and move log on button. Also add phone and email to Cloud. - Add Twinfield to databases. - Add UID to Logging Line page. - Add usage statistics [ITGEN-4944]. - Add username and password to Knack database registration. - Add Visma Advisor and Download License Key icon. - Add Visma eAccounting icons for databases. - Add Visma Eaccounting to landing page and add CSS for Trial Button lading page. - Add Visma Severa icon. - Add Visma Severa to Cloud and Bridge Online. - Add Visma Severa white icon. - Add warning message CSS, fix colors of errors in corners for all messages, change icon for modal in SQL editor. - Add wrap for description column in monitoring. - Add zoom icon. - Add Zoom provider. - Add zoom to details on middle mouse button. - Add zoom. - Add/edit/delete applications. - Added cloud package functions for setting content type, template, getting request form values and query string parameters. - Additional logging for users when the Cloud ID is available on a logging message. - Align profile, help icon & my messages icon to the right on IE11. - Align tooltip to baseline. - Allow aborting requests in Monitoring. - Allow all authenticated users to see the products and components. - Allow BYOA on Facebook. - Allow changing user language. - Allow choosing previously defined app for OAuth on Exact Online. - Allow custom Bridge Online URL segments. - Allow email address without a DNS-A record. - Allow executing modules from within another module. - Allow logging in using Cloud username and password on Bridge Online. - Allow more space for IP address. - Allow resetting user cache. - Allow skipping creating a new organisation. - Allow switching UI language based on browser Accept-Language header. - Allow to generate refresh token for support purposes. - Allow to set trust this computer on MFA setup. - Allow using own Client ID and secret in EOL configuration. - Also log authentication events to Customer Service. - Altered determining license restrictions for Bridge Online. - App launcher less visible & fix icons home & setup. - Applications. - Autotask: add integration code as provider attribute. - Avoid Google Chrome defaulting user log on code in auto-recovery. - Better clean email addresses. - Better error messages. - Better represent main items as clickable. - Better request localization. - Breadcrumbs. - Cache delegations, optimizations. - Cache EDM model. - Calculate message code in SQL Editor. - Cancellation on pending requests. - Center grid on mobile. - Change AccountsBulk to AccountsInceremental. - Change all date labels to include UTC when applicable. - Change application icon en add module icon. - Change Bridge Online configuration, password, etc. - Change Cloud icon in sprite. - Change Cloud logo. - Change country and language label on profile and organisation. - Change decryption failure to an end-user readable message. - Change destination of database and data container cards when there is just one database/data container. - Change level to text. - Change metadata for flyers. - Change order on mobile. - Change width of grid items for New Databases & fix word-wrap ellipsis for h3 titles. - Changes to make tooltip possible for ALL forms, on mobile too. - Charts. - Cleared Nullables - Clearer message on open invoices. - Clearer OAuth errors. - Cloud: Add ability to add users. - Cloud: run application modules. - Compress all SVG's used for Cloud. - Copy button on user name at Bridge Online configuration. - Copy license key. - Copy on MFA secret. - CSS for delegations. - CSS for partition selector. - Cursor to pinter on copy button. - DBMS output. - Default more fields for party. - Default to use all on new databases when applicable. - Delay search, preserve search on toggling min/all. - Delegation updates, mails on changing the effective organisation. - Delegation. - Delegations: show expiration. - Delete database when inserting the first data container gives an error. - Differentiate Amazon error codes. - Differentiate between type of error. - Differentiate error messages on invalid email addresses. - Differentiate itgenacc004 with itgenacc096. - Differentiate itgenscr196. - Differentiate messages for end of subscription with Bridge Online. - Differentiate results for on-premise and support use. - Differentiate system and security errors. - Dimmer when executing query in SQL editor. - Display clearer error message when an inaccessible database number is chosen. - Display copied data container information in Cloud. - Display creation date of data container. - Display domain name instead of email address in itgeneuy043. - Display message on duplicate email address use. - Display more context on license keys. - Do not display Loket environment type selector when part of definition is missing. - Do not display task canceled in Cloud SQL Editor when user interrupts a query. - Documentation image link. - Don't allow editing the profile when the profile is maintained by Invantive. - Download license file. - Download settings.xml for cloud database [ITGEN-4659]. - Edit link colors. - Email address validation. - Empty new line on ENTER in SQL editor. - Enable configuration of debug options on Cloud API. - Ensure data container name set. - Execute application instead of module. - Export grids. - Extend client IP-address list from 240 to 4.000 characters on Invantive Cloud. - Extend cloud_http package by get_header_value, get_url and get_pool_identity. - Extend log of errors on Cloud. - Extend maximum length of module and application code. - Extend payment conditions on Cloud: up to 5 days late. - Extend text of security warnings. - Facebook in Cloud. - Failover on jQuery. - Fine-tune error display. - Finetune timeout on Data Guard API. - Fix alignment buttons in banner. - Fix alignment menu items and make Home button more apparent. - Fix alignment of dashboardcards. - Fix alignment of error icon. - Fix alignment of item on Preauthenticate page. - Fix alignment of menu items. - Fix alignment on mobile. - Fix application documentation span Dark Mode. - Fix background size bulb image hintswrapper. - Fix 'Bank' line under Contact for Cloud breaking. - Fix breadcrumbs on mobile for provider pages Cloud. - Fix 'BV'. - Fix Cloud pages icon grid on iPhone. - Fix color generic header color video section Cloud. - Fix color hyperlinks related pages theming. - Fix color urgent button. - Fix contact footer contrast. - Fix contrast back button Dark Mode. - Fix counter steps. - Fix database icons. - Fix delegation list with '(30 days remaining)'. - Fix disable MFA icon, fix ellipses overflow for card h3's. - Fix Discourse icon landing sprite. - Fix font-size CODE. - Fix forms. - Fix h3 icons for providers based on data-url. - Fix h3's for new databases, icon before and when titles are too long. - Fix heading authenticate page. - Fix height issue menu scrolling. - Fix height of DB cards and button start DB card. - Fix hints wrapper margin. - Fix hintwrapper margin. - Fix hintwrapper width. - Fix home icon. - Fix hover and active background home button - Fix icon for modules. - Fix icons mobile. - Fix images usage Details. - Fix JSON icon. - Fix keyframes. - Fix language selector rounded corners on focus and add more margin. - Fix layout delegationList. - Fix layout IE11. - Fix layout listFooter. - Fix length login screen Cloud. - Fix margin on mobile related videos. - Fix menu dark mode. - Fix missing image cloud-provider-sprite. - Fix mobile for new buttons. - Fix mobile issues Cloud with buttons and Exact online Themed page. - Fix mobile issues Partition Selector. - Fix monitoring CSS. - Fix non-breaking of license key in Edge. - Fix order for mobile. - Fix overflow Cloud. - Fix overlay searching system messages Cloud. - Fix padding for non-list cards. - Fix parties/users icon. - Fix print issue. - Fix responsive collapse menu and mobile. - Fix scrolling issue Cloud. - Fix scrolling issue Mac. - Fix sizing pricing columns. - Fix sizing Product Compare. - Fix spacing username. - Fix spacing. - Fix sprite. - Fix styling H1 for Cloud landing. - Fix testing an OAuth connection after creating a data container. - Fix text-align for figure cards. - Fix tool tips for product compare, Cloud better printable, fix logon text for mobile landing page, padding for landing page on mobile, fix width of alert icon messages, fix layout product compare for mobile. - Fix typos. - Fix various Dark Mode. - Fix width buttons landing page. - Fix width of tables & columns button power bi connector setup page. - Fix width when 1 item. - Fixed styling of DBMS output, add copy and clear buttons. - Formatting in BOL monitoring. - Forward application name and version from App Online to logging. - Forward token attributes. - Function based authorization on change delegation. - Further compress carousel images. - Further enable configuration of Exact Online refresh token analysis logging. - Generate more user-friendly Bridge Online URL segment. - Give better error messages on Cloud. - Grant support access to the statistics. - Handle too many incorrect password attempts instead of itgenac004. - Highlight home menu when selected. - Highlight selected group in left menu. - Hover menu button dark mode. - Icon for requests. - Icons & CSS dbSteps Setup. - Improve audit trail. - Improve buttons for Google App stores. - Improve checks on HTML controls. - Improve clarity of set Bridge password. - Improve database dashboard card, better handling of delegation change, rights, styling. - Improve display of errors. - Improve ease of recognition for ActiveCampaign - Improve error handling. - Improve error message itgenlcr043. - Improve error message itgenscr555. - Improve first time experience. - Improve handling of Ctrl + click on hyperlinks. - Improve handling of itgenuuy045. - Improve IP address determination behind CDN. - Improve label on OAuth configuration. - Improve language determination. - Improve logging of marketing event on creation of new company. - Improve monitoring. - Improve payment reference for OmniKassa. - Improve usability of contents of downloaded settings.xml. - Improve usability of logging screen. - Improve user creation and error messages. - Improve user message layout. - Improve user message when leaving a delegated organisation. - Improved defaulting of language code. - Include party name in user label. - Increase default setting for disk cache and OData response cache. - Increase distance H1/H2. - Increase precision of datetimes. - Indicate when user name and password has already been set on data containers. - Insert checks. - Integrate payment gateway. - JIRA Cloud free on Invantive Cloud. - Jira: split provider into separate providers for Core, Service Desk and Confluence. - Jump to right step when clicking step. - Layout fixes. - Lighter blue from cache table row. - Limit privileges when there is an overdue invoice. - Limit tips to 3. - Link to Power BI setup on marking pages from Cloud app. - Log exceptions of App Online in Monitoring. - Logging by organization. - Logging line text multiline. - Loket - enable use of test environment [ITGEN-4638]. - Maintain pool data in database. - Make arrows bigger. - Make Bridge Online URL a link. - Make Chamber of Commerce optional. - Make code required on application. - Make company name more unique on skip. - Make correction of invalid dates possible using invantive-sql-correct-invalid-date setting. - Make default language more configurable. - Make display of cash register configurable. - Make end date of delegation required. - Make first column anchor to data-link. - Make footer link bold, just like others. - Make invantive-only class grey. - Make js generic for first TD in each row. - Make locker readonly. - Make menu items look more like buttons and create passe-partout for Applications. - Make more clear that you can click on cards en card items. - Make 'new organization and 'existing organization buttons gray. - Make 'refresh authorization' more urgent in design. - Make selected delegation clearer, also on hover. - Make tooltip overflow parent for new user form. - Memorize original UTM data. - Monitoring icon. - Monitoring: add compressed/uncompressed response size. - More horizontal margin external link icon. - More logging available on user and organisation. - More persistently retry when the Data Guard is down for some time. - More. - Move copy icon. - Multi-line on SEO fields of products and components. - New CSS DB Steps. - New design powerbi connector setup. - New icon for Data Sent. - New icon Microsoft. - New icons & CSS for DB steps. - New image for web apps & order 2 on all platforms. - New monitoring sub dialog. - Non-complete line support dbms_output. - Outline fonts for DB2 icon. - Parameter values, MFA. - Partition selector styling. - Partitions selector in Cloud SQL editor. - Partitions selector in SQL editor. - Performance of Cloud apps. - Pre-authenticate email templates for support and on-premise. - Preauthenticate for Teamleader Focus. - Preauthenticate for Twinfield. - Preauthenticate on Facebook. - Preauthenticate: translations and remove unnecessary fields. - Prevent delegation on service accounts. - Product page changes. - Products, components, product components. - Put label & input closer together for forms on mobile, remove logon/register on landing page & add icons for Sharepoint. - Raise clear message when a data container with OAuth can not be opened. - Raise clear message when password contains a space. - Raise error when an invoice document can not be downloaded. - Recover from EOL broken refresh tokens. - Reduce duplicate audit events occurring when users fail in parallel entering credentials. - Reduce GC. - Reduce size of images Cloud Landing. - Reduce spacing between steps. - Refresh OAuth token on multiple platforms. - Register first and last login dates, login count. - Register marketing events. - Register secret key date of events. - Remove code for anchor in first cell. - Remove color-scheme CSS, goes wrong with Tawk. - Remove rights on service account. - Remove schema from signup Cloudvideo. - Remove spaces from confirmation code. - Renaming SQL to Development. - Renaming user endpoints, new/edit organisation/user. - Replace and add provider icon sprites with all hand drawn icons. - Replace articles from contact footer Cloud by div's. - Replace REST for XML on Reporting Balance. - Require profile information after 7 days of use. - Required field indicator. - Required labels. - Restyle text of link organization window. - Retain sorting when changing show all/show mine. - Retry when API server temporarily down. - Revert vertical alignment changes dashboard cards for now. - Right align integers in list. - Robaws provider. - Save unique IP addresses. - Scoping on pre-authenticate and new database flow. - Searching case-insensitive on lists in Cloud. - Send mail on user creation. - Send mail to super users and delegated user on creation of an delegation. - Send mails on new user. - Set class names on new database dashboard cards. - Set height for collapse button in menu. - Set super user on new organisations. - Set UID of users. - Shorthand for column and row templates grid. - Show access token in pre-authenticate page. - Show AutoTask. - Show database startup SQL to all users. - Show date disabled with license keys. - Show date when a license key expired. - Show documentation in application and modules. - Show error message when logging on from non-supported country. - Show 'group icon' for Atlassian in New Database view. - Show number of data containers to repair in dashboard. - Show success message after refreshing OAuth token. - Show usage statistics, even when there are no statistics. - Sitemap for Cloud. - Slideshow. - Small CSS change Cloud Landing. - Smaller spacing monitoring stats card so 'More' fits. - Stacking charts. - Standardize error messages on Exact Online log in form. - Start for PBIT. - Style invantive-only class. - Styling connectors grid. - Styling for 'Return to company'. - Styling. - Support Chargebee on Cloud and Bridge Online. - Support Roller in Invantive Cloud. - Switch Data Cache Connection String and Startup SQL fields for 'Edit Database' and enlarge height for text area 'Startup SQL'. - Switch to IPv6. - Switch to tawk. - Tool tips. - Tooltips. - Translate security incident. - Translation of action codes. - Translations, authorization. - Translations. - Trim and clean Cloud user name even. - Trim more whitespaces from confirmation code. - Turn off spell check on textarea 'edit module'. - Twinfield. - Unwrap aggregated validation exceptions into a meaningful error. - Update CSS for connector list. - Update PBIT with parameter filtering. - Update PBIT. - Update sample reports. - Update styling of profile and delegations dropdown. - Update to .NET Core 3.1. - Updated fields. - Upgrade to .NET 6. - Usage dashboard card. - Use Bridge URL segment in data container ID for BridgeOnlineOdata4ZipOutCache instead of ID. - Use min-content for height of content wrapper. - Use OAuth on Twinfield provider. - Vertical center content in dashboard cards. - Visma E-Accounting for Invantive Cloud. - Visual indicator on warning and error dashboards. - Wizard for setting up MFA for the first time. Bug fixes: - Add missing dashboard cards on licensing. - Add scope to Visma OAuth. - Avoid error when MFA can not be configured due to missing GDI+. - Avoid having to enter MFA verification code after one hour. - Avoid missing value error when on-boarding with skip organization. - Avoid NullReference [SUP-9582]. - Beautify layout, fix layout of code editor. - Better check if session is in use to prevent trashing an active session. - Better error message when no token present. - Correct bug in blocked customers. - Correct calculation of profile completenss for parties. - Correct canonical URL for setup pages. - Correct data type of start/end date on invoice line. - Correct extension of settings.xml download in Invantive Cloud - Correct international phone extension determination on sign up. - Correct layout of SQL editor error window. - Correct logic. - Correct login start time for new users to avoid UTC clock differences between nodes. - Correct maximum daily rows default by factor 1.000. - Correct RLS for logging lines without license contract code. - Correct typos. - Correctly display whether a data container needs repair. - Determine unique license contract code for Bridge Online. - Disable too frequent autofill by Chrome. - Display cents of expected invoice. - Display last seen open date in invoices. - Display multi-line text. - Do not rewrite Exact Online client ID; use hard-coded application. - Do not show MFA code as password. - Do not show mobile menu when not authenticated. - Do not wrap Invantive SQL exception on opening SQL editor into anonymous error. - Don't use multi-org mode for API calls from users that do not have this privilege. - Enable detection of wrong association of email address. - Enlarge client ID to fit default value length. - Ensure message text fits even with long list of changes. - Error handling. - Fill data container ID when (re-)connecting. - Fix * text in preauthenticate. - Fix 404 on apple-touch-icon-precomposed.png. - Fix ActiveCampaign login. - Fix adding on delegated organisation. - Fix being blocked when logging in for this first time. - Fix bug displaying logging parameter values. - Fix cache control headers. - Fix casing for Linux. - Fix click on collapsed menu. - Fix Cloud adding a production database. - Fix compilation error. - Fix complete configuration. - Fix creating a database with an existing Bridge Online URL segment resulting in an error. - Fix creating connection to Yuki. - Fix dark mode on application template. - Fix database /data container counter. - Fix delegation rights. - Fix disable MFA redirects issue. - Fix disconnecting apps. - Fix discovery showing username and password login for OAuth client credentials providers when it shouldn't. - Fix double history on list pages. - Fix duplicate entries in user audit events. - Fix edit database error. - Fix email address validation. - Fix error message. - Fix error on executing SQL statement in SQL editor. - Fix error onboarding. - Fix error page handling. - Fix escaping tooltips. - Fix form validation bug, added some tooltips. - Fix gravatar. - Fix incorrect redirects. - Fix incorrect usage of client_id as provider attribute. - Fix invoice button in agreement. - Fix invoices button in agreement details page. - Fix issue saving empty username/password values. - Fix itgenclp029 error on executing a module. - Fix itgenmcr003 error when selecting "Skip for now". - Fix itgenoda191 error message (wrong client_secret). - Fix itgenscr555 error during onboarding new user. - Fix javascript bug on IE. - Fix layout of preauthenticate result page , - Fix layout on password forms. - Fix line breaks on Cloud. - Fix link. - Fix log off button. - Fix MFA redirect to unauthorized page instead of logon page when not logged in. - Fix module language code TXT. - Fix navigation issues on Invoice page. - Fix non-unique IDs on signup. - Fix not found error on setup/databases/xxx. - Fix NRE. - Fix NullReferenceException on Bridge configuration. - Fix OAuth setup picking the wrong mode when having only 1 option , - Fix organisation links. - Fix overdue invoices indicator. - Fix page not found. - Fix party super user flag. - Fix pre-authenticate on Exact Online UK and US. - Fix preauthenticate support platform selector. - Fix pre-authenticate: remove max-length on URL field. - Fix redirect to link organization. - Fix registering new user bug, determine correct language. - Fix renamed properties. - Fix rights issue. - Fix saving sorting order to state. - Fix search issue [ITGEN-5066]. - Fix see more.... - Fix select issue in data container partition model [ITGEN-5400]. - Fix sorting on lists. - Fix SQL editor doesn't render correctly on IE 11.0.175. - Fix SQL view definition error. - Fix stack overflow on expired cookie. - Fix styling on ul. - Fix super user column in users. - Fix translation error. - Fix truncation of email address for payment gateway. - Fix typo. - Fix users page showing own user in delegated organisation. - Fix width of MFA password entry. - Fixate anti-forgery cookie name. - Fixed filtering and showing products, components and product components. - Fixes for tooltips. - Get more concrete SQL exceptions in SQL editor. - Improve click area on top right menu. - Improve error message on DataTable errors. - Improve error message on duplicate single authentication identifier. - Improve error message on itgenscr564. - Improve error message when confirmation code is invalid on reset password. - Improve error message when entering a non-business email address. - Improve error message when item is not found. - Improve error message when not able to refresh token on Exact Online. - Improve error messages. - Improve error on invalid user name. - Improve layout of connectors list. - Improve performance of retrieving unpaid invoices. - License check on Freshdesk fails due to typo. - Lower-case email address. - Make skip for now on new account work again. - Make start and end date optional in concept invoice line. - Move URL segment. - Obsolete LinkedIn. - Pass language on signup. - Prevent connect on disconnect. - Prevent HTTP 405 response when redirecting to /disconnect after logon. - Prevent itgentan002 on starting Excel when editing a cell. - Properly escape table labels with HTML-codes such as on Visma eAccounting. - Provide scope to - Raise correct error on failed OAuth logon on Exact Online. - Redirect to confirmation when user needs to be confirmed before password reset. - Refactoring needs repair. - Remove copy button with client IP addresses. - Remove duplicate title. - Remove duplicate titles. - Remove duplicate user ID. - Remove obsolete check on connection string being required. - Remove sorting in grid. - Remove spell check on connection string. - Remove user messages on ended contracts. - Rename request password change button. - Restrict Bridge Online password to 128 characters instead of 60. - Revert. - Set autocomplete to new-pasword to circumvent Chrome bug. - Set correct titles on New Data Container. - Set Kind of UTC date/time values. - Show date last modified of partition. - Show dates as UTC in table. - Show error when user is blocked [ITGEN-5057]. - Show license active as checkbox. - Storing a value in vault becomes atomic section per unique ID. - Test username/password/TOTP-secret on setting credentials for a data container. - Tooltips, better error messages. - Translate. - Update log in times on Cloud , - Update SQL code editor, remove code that triggers auto completion bug. - Validate email address on new users. Version 17.33.167-BETA, released 2019-10-11. Enhancements: - Add audit events page. - Add audit view. - Add bread crumbs. - Add central check on right number of rows returned on single-row fetch. - Add client IP address. - Add Cloud API. - Add columns to party and contract. - Add CSS for buttons in menu. - Add CSS for dashboard cards grid. - Add CSS for dashboards. - Add CSS for scrolling problem. - Add data container icon for Dashboard Cards, fix invoice icon. - Add database, view logging, restylingm etc. - Add documentation. - Add dummy provider icon. - Add dummy provider. - Add feature to read back stored value in Vault and match it. - Add fields to audit events form. - Add fixed audit email address for audit events being sent to. - Add help button to top menu so that Footer can be removed. - Add help. - Add icon for Afas DB. - Add icon for Exact Online 48x48px. - Add icon for Refresh Authorization. - Add icon for 'Show All Databases'. - Add icon for SQL Editor. - Add icon for user audit, fix text alignment for sorted columns. - Add icon. - Add icons for App Launcher. - Add icons for SQL editor in CLoud. - Add icons for SQL editor, remove most of menu except SQL Grammar for SQL editor. - Add icons, fix various spacing and aligning, fix collapsing Available Objects in SQL editor, fix error modal icons. - Add IE11 hack to make word-break on
     element work for license key page.
    - Add images for modals.
    - Add job title to user identity.
    - Add logged in user in Exact Online database name.
    - Add margin.
    - Add my organisation page, added license key fields.
    - Add organisation and mine/all filtering on logging.
    - Add organisation in profile.
    - Add pages and API for Agreements.
    - Add parties and pool identities.
    - Add provider type.
    - Add registration of audit events.
    - Add rendering for date, date time, and time.
    - Add responsive CSS for forms on mobile device, make items appear underneath each other.
    - Add sample folders.
    - Add setup to Invantive Cloud Shared.
    - Add SQL editor icon.
    - Add styling for dashboard in IE11.
    - Add styling for dashboards in IE11.
    - Add styling for menu items.
    - Add useful fields to data containers.
    - Add, edit and delete databases.
    - Added license keys.
    - Adding connection string in the secure vault and exception handling.
    - Additional checks for settings file definition.
    - Align items for SQL results table.
    - Allow changing profile picture, styling.
    - Allow clicking menu headers.
    - Allow editing of Bridge client IP address list.
    - Allow editing of client IP address in Cloud and validation in Bridge Online.
    - Allow pre-authenticate for everyone, even without a party coupled.
    - Allow refreshing OAuth token on data containers.
    - App launcher.
    - Approximate location of IP address for user audit events.
    - Authorization on page navigation.
    - Better labels on breadcrumbs. Loading indicator.
    - Breadcrumbs and navigation.
    - Breadcrumbs and translations.
    - Breadcrumbs.
    - Bridge Online configuration.
    - Change class name of Preauthenticate content div to avoid conflict.
    - Change translations.
    - Check that an ID is returned from the API server.
    - Clear error once shown.
    - Cloud to Bridge Online settings page.
    - Country code in EOL database name.
    - Databases, data containers.
    - Delay request when previous authentication requests failed.
    - Delay request when previous authentication requests failed: Log in customer service.
    - Deviating sorting on lists.
    - Disallow access to Query Tool for delegated users.
    - Display overdue invoice count.
    - Edit profile language.
    - Edit profile.
    - Enter exactly 6 digits for MFA verification code on setup.
    - Extend MFA cookie expiration period to 7 days.
    - Extend pool identity fields.
    - Fix alignment for table headers.
    - Fix alignment multi-line menu items, vertical align top. Add Bridge Online configuration icons for dashboard and Databases top menu.
    - Fix data container card, add IP address to Bridge configuration overview.
    - Fix dataTables label for entries.
    - Fix icon for Bridge Online Configuration in database window.
    - Fix icons for App Launcher menu and resize QR code for MFA on mobile.
    - Fix icons for support dashboard, fix dashboards on mobile devices.
    - Fix layout.
    - Fix link for Online Assistance and add styling for execute button SQL editor.
    - Fix mobile issues SQL editor, add icons for available objects, add icon for notifications.
    - Fix mobile portrait responsive CSS.
    - Fix scrolling problem for menu on smaller devices.
    - Fix 'Search' for tables outside of the SQL results table.
    - Fix sizing for error modal SQL editor.
    - Function based authentication.
    - Further style contact us page.
    - Group databases in SQL editor when viewing the multi-org view.
    - Home default breadcrumb translation.
    - Implemented row level security.
    - Improve handling of vault RSA key file.
    - Improve text.
    - Improve traceability of error messages from cloud API to Cloud.
    - Improve translations.
    - Include all Invantive Bridge Online connection data also on top of manual.
    - Include invoice lines.
    - Include model in error report.
    - Increase MFA cookie life time from 7 to 30 days.
    - Inherit UID from ValidationException on error.
    - Integrate layout patches.
    - Integrate SQL Editor into Cloud.
    - Invantive Cloud compatibility with .NET Core 2.1 and 2.2.
    - Layout.
    - Load available objects through AJAX to improve startup speed of query tool.
    - Load cognito settings from appsettings.json [ITGEN-4361].
    - Load profile from AWS Cognito [ITGEN-4306].
    - Log unique message ID.
    - Logging lines and several other fixes.
    - Make App Launcher scrollable on smaller screens.
    - Make casing consistent of appsettings.json.
    - Make images more compact and style headings for steps in guide.
    - Menu styling.
    - MFA reuse generated secret key.
    - MFA: remove MFA cookie on logout.
    - Mobile styling.
    - More payment status on invoices.
    - Move buttons.
    - New icon sprite, better icons, for example data containers.
    - New layout for Data Containers, Database Identities.
    - New layout for Database Identities.
    - Open documentation in separate browser.
    - Paging, no sorting or filtering yet.
    - Paging, sorting, filtering.
    - Parameterize sample reports.
    - Redesign.
    - Redirect help to
    - Redirect to main page after MFA setup.
    - Register audit event when user changes email or phone.
    - Register change of Bridge Online password as audit event.
    - Remove ads from SQL editor, fix help menu for SQL editor.
    - Remove breadcrumb changes.
    - Remove CSS for sorting icons, sorting icons are added with :after in site.css.
    - Rename Cognito user ID to pool identity.
    - Require password when disabling MFA.
    - Restyling.
    - Retrieve connection info, access token, etc through API.
    - Return to page when clicking beside app launcher.
    - Second layer of authentication for Invantive Bridge Online.
    - Show and edit data containers. Split secured and unsecured part of the connection string.
    - Show log in label for mobile (small screen) when not logged in and only user icon when logged in.
    - Show real database count in dashboard.
    - Show selection menu options.
    - Show user icon.
    - Split error messages in 4 elementary parts and include unique ID.
    - Start of implementation of Visma .NET and Freshdesk.
    - Style error message; top-align message code and drop UID to its own line.
    - Style for add new database.
    - Styling, uniform rendering of details pages.
    - Styling.
    - Text overflow ellipsis for breadcrumbs on mobile devices and fix help menu for SQL editor.
    - Thicker border around help menu icon.
    - Translate app launcher.
    - Translate pre-authenticate.
    - Translations.
    - Unify styling of SQL Editor and option to disconnect a database.
    - Unify styling of SQL Editor.
    - Update documentation for Preauthetication with Invantive Cloud.
    - Update sprite + update icons.
    - Upgrade to .NET Core 2.2.
    - Use logical name for SQL Editor internal data connection.
    - Use secure store to save sensitive data.
    - User messages.
    - Validate IP address
    - Validate IP address.
    - Various changes for dataTable layout to make it more compact, especially for mobile layout.
    Bug fixes:
    - Add missing message code.
    - Avoid error on missing user context when called API server from Bridge Online.
    - Avoid that MFA configuration causes a HTTP 500 for new users.
    - Avoid use of checkbox to signal set/unset of MFA.
    - Better error message when token expired.
    - Do not send an email for every Bridge log in.
    - Expand database name in SQL editor.
    - Fix database card in dashboard.
    - Fix editing issue: field values removed reappear.
    - Fix HTTP 400.
    - Fix HTTPS redirect on production.
    - Fix missing translations and invalid user.
    - Load and check license [ITGEN-4399].
    - Make upgrade of nuget packages in Invantive Cloud V2 working [ITGEN-4362].
    - MFA improvements: hide large part of the menu, don't require new MFA setup when not linked to a company.
    - Only search existing user by email address on Cognito provider.
    - Properly escape spaces as %20 instead of + to ensure compatibility with Microsoft Authenticator.
    - Remove duplicate label in party form.
    - Replace 'provider' by 'connector'.
    - Return error response on Me when something goes wrong.
    - Revert to SHA1 for MFA since Google Authenticator on Android, and many other platforms, do not support SHA256 or SHA512.
    - Show label (which might include email) instead of solely name in the top-right of the window.
    - Styling issue.
    - Use custom RSA keys for vault instead of user or device specific key.
    Version 17.31.2-BETA, released 2019-02-28.
    - Pre authenticate button green on Safari.
    - Upgrade to 4.7.2.
    Bug fixes:
    - Properly escape company names with an ampersand in XML output.
    Version 17.29.0-BETA, released 2018-10-26.
    - Fix scrolling for IE10.
    - Improve layout.
    - Improve startup performance [ITGEN-451].
    - Increase maximum size of result set to above 4 billion rows.
    - Simplify ping alive.
    - Update manual.
    Bug fixes:
    - Ignore errors when sending mail.
    Version 17.24.17, released 2018-06-27.
    - Add unencrypted connection string.
    - Show right layout for error. Remove unnecessary margin on Content and remove unnecessary CSS for H2.
    Bug fixes:
    - Remove superflous spaces in output.
    Version 17.20.16-BETA, released 2018-04-10.
    - [ITGEN-2482] Allow retrieving other app's refresh token through their code return URL.
    - Add class to Results page, make responsive for all devices.
    - Add CSS for contact page on mobile.
    - Add http to https redirection.
    - Add styling for warning section.
    - Add styling to read-only field.
    - Adjust max-height for mobile devices for footer.
    - Default is checked, not unchecked for deviating redirect URI [ITGEN-2550].
    - Fix labels/inputs, also for mobile devices.
    - Improve tool tips.
    - Improve tooltip texts.
    - Improve tooltips.
    - Media queries specifically for IE10+.
    - Send mail to signatory on click button [ITGEN-2548].
    Bug fixes:
    - Avoid word wrap in local encrypt statement.
    - Include api-redirect-url in local encrypt statement.
    - Minor layout fixes
    Version 17.0.9-BETA, released 2018-03-21.
    - Add background image and set width for logo IE.
    - Add styling to Validation error span.
    - Clean CSS, removed 

    from Settings page, added new HTML for Contact page. - Final logo fix IE. - First version. - Fix IE